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  1. I think your right! I know our Singhs have strong resilience and the mindset is to succeed in all situations. Chardi kala wherever or whatever the situation ahead of them.
  2. I don’t think the Nihungs would be able to cut it in that environment. Probably need about a couple of hundred years to evolve to endure such a harsh cold and bitter climate.
  3. They have these all over Punjab. The one in Amritsar used to be held once a year and you can purchase horses as well as rent out your Stallion for breeding purposes. Some people just turn up to show off their horses, after a long year of hard graft looking after these animals. Good place to see and talk to experienced individuals about breeds.
  4. Nice looking horse! Inward ears again probably from the Marwari/Kathiawari breed stock.
  5. Another unique breed the ‘Fresian’. It reminds me of Singhs after Keshi Ashnaan. Look at the length of their hair.
  6. Very little differences amongst the breeds but Marwari is the most sought after breed. Probably because the way it has been marketed by the breed club. Theres also huge rivalry amongst the two breed groups as to who has the best horse.
  7. With the power and strength the horses possess, I doubt the horse would even notice. The saddle is only for the comfort of the rider really. Also the weight is distributed between two horses so that lessens the load and also experienced riders know exactly where to place the foot without causing discomfort to the horses.
  8. Yeh these horses now used for shows and parades to make a presence. You see these types of breeds in the Queens parade with the military drummer on them. They aren’t really that good for riding because they have a really broad back, you’ll end up walking like John Wayne if your not careful. Great for pulling carts and heavy loads like the old time beer drayman and coal wagons.
  9. Beautiful example! These are really majestic horses. The interesting thing about Arabians is that there skin under their hair is black. So when you see a white Arabian the muzzle, eyelids and brows are always black. You’ll never see a completely white Arabian.
  10. Shire Horses! They are huge horses that were used to pull ploughs working the farmS. Really strong breed but gentle in nature. Problem with keeping a horse in the UK is the running cost. Buying them is relatively cheap but the food costs and stable costs would bankrupt most people.
  11. Another rare breed the ‘Akal Teke’ which is a Turkmen breed. This horse is the only horse which has a coat that appears metallic in appearance.
  12. It would have been amazing to view the collection of horses. The most amazing thing is that most of the most rarest and valuable possessions of Guru Sahib, such as the white elephant, blue horse and white falcon were gifted by people who’s hearts were filled with the most love for their Guru.
  13. The blue Horses are sometimes referred to as dappled grey or blue. Nobody really knows what the exact breed was that Guru Gobind Singh Ji possessed, but it would have been the best and most sort after breed of it’s time whether that be Persian, Arabian or Turki. I actually remember visiting a horse mandi near Amritsar many years ago and remember seeing a dappled blue Marwari stallion. The horse was stunning and was hot blooded which is also a trait of the breed. Unfortunately I’ve never seen one like it again.
  14. Most likely central Asian and Middle Eastern breeds such as the Turki, Persian and Arabian. They had the best breeding stock of the time and would have made there way into Hind by Mughal rulers of the time. Marwari horses would have naturally been used locally by the Rajputs so I’m sure Sikhs would have used these also but the most sort after would have been the horses used by the Mughals and Persian invaders. The breeding programme was introduced by Maharajah Ranjit Singh during his reign, and again he favoured the most sort after breeds of the time, most likely Arabian just like his most
  15. There’s only one other breed which has the inward pointing ears, the Kathiawari horse. Similar to the Marwari but with a more longer and broader neck. Same gene pool but slightly different in the way they look. They are both beautiful looking breeds but I don’t think these breeds were the war horses that were used by the Puratan Singhs.
  16. We stand with truth. We speak up for the down trodden. We stand up to the oppressor. That’s what our Guru has taught us!
  17. This has been brewing since Kashmir and the new discriminatory act which puts Muslims at disadvantage. Modhi wants to put Muslims in their place and at the same time empower the Hindu mobs to carry out cowardly acts, we see this every 2 decades or so against minorities. Gunda Raj is here and we will see a lot more of this, whilst the world turns a blind eye to forge new trade relations.
  18. By entering the gym you are not discarding your articles of faith or turning your back on your beliefs. When you take a flight on a plane you have to remove your Kirpan, but this is not considered as turning your back on your Guru. All you are doing is removing your Kakkars for a short period of time, to allow you to participate without injuring those around you. You could have your Kakkars close by to you, so that you are reminded of your obligations to your faith during a bout or training. If you become successful you would inspire a whole generation of young Sikhs to take up the spor
  19. No I’m alright bro! These are not ‘Singhaan de kam’. Big time besti, matheh te kalank, moo kala karauna, nak vadhouna, shitraan walian kartoottan, kanjarpuna to the next level. See all the benefits of watching Punjabi Cinema.
  20. Samurai armour was really quite deceptive when it came down to appearance, it looks really fragile and not fit for purpose, but was extremely tough. The Samurai developed a special lacquer which was used to toughen natural materials. This enabled the armour to retain toughness and lightweight properties which enabled the Samurai to move with speed and agility. They wore face masks that were intended to frighten the enemy whilst masking ones own expressions during battle.
  21. I don’t know what your talking about!.. I’m a ‘eighties kid’. Homos and alphabetties didn’t exist in the eighties. You know that, you’re old enough to remember!
  22. Only the masculine ones like ‘Mama Mia’ and ‘Grease‘!
  23. I watch nearly all Punjabi movie releases. Recently I watched ‘Chall Mera Putt’. It’s a good comedy about the struggles of ‘Fauji’s’ in England. It also has a message of better community cohesion with PakistanI Punjabi’s, who are also acting alongside our people. Seems like since the opening of ‘Kartarpur Langa’, a major effort is being made on both sides of Punjab to embrace each other’s similarities. Punjabi film industry seems to be growing, but there seems to be too many releases flooding the market, with the same copy and paste storylines and repetitive use of the same actors. A
  24. Mate! You think Mr Chada would have lost some ‘tids’ before agreeing to be the groom in this movie. Wardrobe department messed up with his tailoring and lighting spot boy could have dimmed the shadows on his double chin a bit. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the popcorn. When’s the sequel? My only way of processing all this is with lighthearted banter. The only thing that is missing is CGI but I’m sure that will happen as well at some point, just like that Babbu Maan video where they CGI’d a six pack on him. Total Cringe! You’d think some ‘sianna banda’ would have told the
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