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  1. Cheap air travel! That’s the other elephant. Everyone is out there clocking up air miles and filling up their Passport. It’s considered trendy to travel everywhere and anywhere nowadays. This depletes the disposable income which ultimately leads to maxing out the credit card, so marriage gets pushed further back.
  2. We don’t need to breed ourselves into significance! All we need is ‘one’ Parcharak/Leader that can connect with the masses and before you know it, the numbers will multiply faster than anything you have seen. Sounds familiar to the great leader that emerged in the 1980’s and changed the landscape of Punjab and the Diaspora. Have faith and pass on Sikhi to your children and spread it to those who know nothing about us and watch everything that happens before your eyes. Stay Chardikala!
  3. Really good photos! It’s quite refreshing to see Dastaaran wale as the majority back then, but equally sad to see the complete opposite to present times.
  4. ‘Portraits are only sold of those whom have not sold themselves’
  5. What the same uniform those haraamis use to harass common folk whether they are young, elderly or female. That same uniform that they use for the extrajudicial killings throughout Punjab. They can ‘F’ Off out my homeland and take their hand 🖐 with them. You can do one too!
  6. Yeh I agree! Those Criminal Police Officers completely used disproportionate force with their Lathis, especially now that you just pointed out that the Singhs were just out looking for Vegetables to feed their families.
  7. I’m sure the Khaki Kutteh were armed and were outnumbering the Singhs. Some people actually know how to use their Shastar and not just play dress up on weekends.
  8. Those wooden things are called ‘Persian Clubs’ which are used to strengthen hand grip and shoulders. Dangal Wrestlers (Pehlwans) still use them as part of their daily training. Bodyweight momentum squats and ‘Hindu pushups‘ as they are known are the core exercises used to develop strength. Also pushing and pulling trees is also an old exercise which was used to develop strength. The key to getting strong was always to do massive quantities of repetitions with these exercises, have daily massages and consume lots of nuts, milk and gheeoh!
  9. Good point! Belonging to a Punjabi background and being born into Sikhi, I forget that all races and ethnicities could potentially become Khalsa. Tadpole in a small pond mentality sometimes kicks in.
  10. Yeh definitely do that. Also go and see the horses that never make it to shows or the mandi, which are kept by the Nihungs. Baba Bakala Nihungs or Harianwala Nihungs have some of the best horses. Those Nihungs have a wealth of knowledge too.
  11. Maharaja Ranjit Singhs Horse Laili! Looks like a Arabian in the illustration. Still to this day the most expensive horse in history. 12000 troops sent to war with the Afghans and RS 6,000,000 the cost to capture this horse.
  12. I think your right! I know our Singhs have strong resilience and the mindset is to succeed in all situations. Chardi kala wherever or whatever the situation ahead of them.
  13. I don’t think the Nihungs would be able to cut it in that environment. Probably need about a couple of hundred years to evolve to endure such a harsh cold and bitter climate.
  14. They have these all over Punjab. The one in Amritsar used to be held once a year and you can purchase horses as well as rent out your Stallion for breeding purposes. Some people just turn up to show off their horses, after a long year of hard graft looking after these animals. Good place to see and talk to experienced individuals about breeds.
  15. Nice looking horse! Inward ears again probably from the Marwari/Kathiawari breed stock.
  16. Another unique breed the ‘Fresian’. It reminds me of Singhs after Keshi Ashnaan. Look at the length of their hair.
  17. Very little differences amongst the breeds but Marwari is the most sought after breed. Probably because the way it has been marketed by the breed club. Theres also huge rivalry amongst the two breed groups as to who has the best horse.
  18. With the power and strength the horses possess, I doubt the horse would even notice. The saddle is only for the comfort of the rider really. Also the weight is distributed between two horses so that lessens the load and also experienced riders know exactly where to place the foot without causing discomfort to the horses.
  19. Yeh these horses now used for shows and parades to make a presence. You see these types of breeds in the Queens parade with the military drummer on them. They aren’t really that good for riding because they have a really broad back, you’ll end up walking like John Wayne if your not careful. Great for pulling carts and heavy loads like the old time beer drayman and coal wagons.
  20. Beautiful example! These are really majestic horses. The interesting thing about Arabians is that there skin under their hair is black. So when you see a white Arabian the muzzle, eyelids and brows are always black. You’ll never see a completely white Arabian.
  21. Shire Horses! They are huge horses that were used to pull ploughs working the farmS. Really strong breed but gentle in nature. Problem with keeping a horse in the UK is the running cost. Buying them is relatively cheap but the food costs and stable costs would bankrupt most people.
  22. Another rare breed the ‘Akal Teke’ which is a Turkmen breed. This horse is the only horse which has a coat that appears metallic in appearance.
  23. It would have been amazing to view the collection of horses. The most amazing thing is that most of the most rarest and valuable possessions of Guru Sahib, such as the white elephant, blue horse and white falcon were gifted by people who’s hearts were filled with the most love for their Guru.
  24. The blue Horses are sometimes referred to as dappled grey or blue. Nobody really knows what the exact breed was that Guru Gobind Singh Ji possessed, but it would have been the best and most sort after breed of it’s time whether that be Persian, Arabian or Turki. I actually remember visiting a horse mandi near Amritsar many years ago and remember seeing a dappled blue Marwari stallion. The horse was stunning and was hot blooded which is also a trait of the breed. Unfortunately I’ve never seen one like it again.
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