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  1. I am selling all current stock for £275 in order to release cash, (Orginal Prices were around £500) the individual pieces are below, and also are attached pictures. 1. Wootz Gold Khanjer: 9-10 inches. 2. Wootz Gold Pesh Kabz, with a swollen tip 10-11 Inches Long. £275 price includes shipping. pictures attached, more pictures can be seen here: http://s1106.photobucket.com/albums/h369/AntiqueCollections/ The hide Dhal, punjabi hilted Kukri is sold. to buy please contact me on: antiquecollections@hotmail.co.uk Thanks. Jas
  2. on Sale on behalf of a client, for £325 ono including postage and packing to UK A good 18th century Indian black lacquered hide shield, Dhal. This shield is of rare form, with 5 bright copper bosses with geometrically pierced borders and a large brass crescent. Total diameter is 15". In good condition. The shape is very good, you often to see with Hide Dhals/Shields that they loose shape very easily if not kept properly. few nicks on the dhal, as you can see in the pictures/ Nice Piece. Pictures attached. Contact: Antiquecollections@hotmail.co.uk www.antiquecollectionsuk.blogspot.com PL
  3. For Sale, Is a Wootz Gold Khanjar. With more recent gold work, and slabs. the blade has some pitting on it. Asking Price: £250 NEW PRICE: £200 AntiqueCollections@hotmail.co.uk www.antiquecollectionsuk.blogspot.com I am willing, for a quick sale to sell both gold pesh kabz and khanjer/kirpan for £300 in order to make room for more stock! Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, ALL Current Leftover Stock has been REDUCED! Gold Kirpan/Khanjer was £250 NOW £215 Gold Wootz Pesh Kabz NOW £215 Wootz Spearhead/Katar - NOW £200 CONTACT ME: ANTIQUECOLLECTIONS@HOTMAIL.CO.UK MORE PICTUREs + Deatils: www.AntiqueCollectionsUK.blogspot.com http://s1106.photobu...queCollections/
  5. Shaster for sale here: http://www.AntiqueCollectionsUK.blogspot.com/
  6. All offers to Jas: AntiqueCollections@hotmail.co.uk The blog: www.AntiqueCollectionsUK.blogspot.com has been updated!!!
  7. For Sale, a Beautiful Newly Made (looks like an antique, is infact newer) Damascus Pesh Kabz, with Gold Koftgari Work. Very Nice!!! 26cms long - not too big, not to small! Pictures say a thousand words!!!! It is also has this feature of having a small bell king of thing in the handle, which makes a sound, seen im some antiques. Price: £100 including shipping to UK. To buy contact me: AntiqueCollections@Hotmail.co.uk Thanks Jas, AntiqueCollections@hotmail.co.uk www.AntiqueCollectionsUK.blogspot.com Pls Note: The Spear Head on the Blog is now on SALE! for £250!
  8. This is SOLD. But have another similar peice. Msg me: antiquecollections@hotmail.co.uk
  9. Hi, if you email me, i will send you bigger images tomarrow morning. Thanks
  10. Bump, Any offers? Payment by Paypal - Safe and Secure, quick shipping. and VERY cheap!
  11. For sale: Is a silver and gold koftgari Kirpan. Length: 30cm Damascus Blade with a wavy pattern. Great to wear on occasions, such as weddings, rainsbai etc. Price: £65 Pictures attached. To Purchase: AntiqueCollections@Hotmail.co.uk for more Antique Arms: www.AntiqueCollectionsUK.blogspot.com
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