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  1. Plz think about them who sacrifices their lives for one drop of amrit , if he truly want to u in his life he will get amrit also
  2. Wht i can say , u r a stupid , i think there is no big reason thn bhai mani singh g bhai taru singh g nd other shaheed singhs , they sacrifices their lives for the sake of dharma nd u want to leave ur for worldly reasons
  3. singhdhillon

    Ruined my Jeevan

    It is all about company , u can join this path again , u shuld go to punj pyare , Aage samjh chlo nand lala pacche jo biti so biti ,
  4. singhdhillon

    Panj Granthi

    But if I want to recite punj granthi with my nitnem , should I read japji sahib and Kirtan sohila ,rehras sahib anand sahib twice in a day ?
  5. our gur sikhi is also against boyfriend and girlfriend relationship
  6. singhdhillon

    Panj Granthi

    Can we read rehras sahib and Kirtan sohila morning time , if someone want to read full panj granthi at that time
  7. I have a panj granthi, it has nitnem banis with other banis . I want to know about those banis , which actually panj granthi have . Plz tell me name of banis of panj granthi , because main problem is , japji sahib and anand sahib is already in nitnem, I want to start panj granthi path with my nitnem , plz help
  8. singhdhillon

    Before Anand Karaj.. Phy Relation

    Daang di Kasar aa bus ?
  9. singhdhillon

    Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Lookalike

    Sant Ji Di ik akh (eye) chhoti ( small) si doji nalo
  10. singhdhillon

    Sukhnidhan (Bhang)

    They make it three or two time in a day, as a pain killer ? I don't understand this . In war time you can say it's ok .but now I think it is a addiction
  11. singhdhillon

    Sukhnidhan (Bhang)

    Why nihungs drink Sukha ,I know they said , that it is maryada and five patte are allowed. But I think it is not good for any singh who is member of Khalsa army.
  12. singhdhillon

    Taksali Santhiya

    How much time it takes ?
  13. I want to do Santhyaa of Sri Guru Granth Sahib from damdami taksal. But I don't know anything, can anybody tell me about this . Where I can take it and in how much time . I am from Ludhiana area . Can I stay there for Santhyaa.
  14. no , justice is not done. it will done when we will take the justice of delhi genocide

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