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  1. Plz think about them who sacrifices their lives for one drop of amrit , if he truly want to u in his life he will get amrit also
  2. Wht i can say , u r a stupid , i think there is no big reason thn bhai mani singh g bhai taru singh g nd other shaheed singhs , they sacrifices their lives for the sake of dharma nd u want to leave ur for worldly reasons
  3. It is all about company , u can join this path again , u shuld go to punj pyare , Aage samjh chlo nand lala pacche jo biti so biti ,
  4. But if I want to recite punj granthi with my nitnem , should I read japji sahib and Kirtan sohila ,rehras sahib anand sahib twice in a day ?
  5. our gur sikhi is also against boyfriend and girlfriend relationship
  6. Can we read rehras sahib and Kirtan sohila morning time , if someone want to read full panj granthi at that time
  7. I have a panj granthi, it has nitnem banis with other banis . I want to know about those banis , which actually panj granthi have . Plz tell me name of banis of panj granthi , because main problem is , japji sahib and anand sahib is already in nitnem, I want to start panj granthi path with my nitnem , plz help
  8. They make it three or two time in a day, as a pain killer ? I don't understand this . In war time you can say it's ok .but now I think it is a addiction
  9. Why nihungs drink Sukha ,I know they said , that it is maryada and five patte are allowed. But I think it is not good for any singh who is member of Khalsa army.
  10. I want to do Santhyaa of Sri Guru Granth Sahib from damdami taksal. But I don't know anything, can anybody tell me about this . Where I can take it and in how much time . I am from Ludhiana area . Can I stay there for Santhyaa.
  11. no , justice is not done. it will done when we will take the justice of delhi genocide
  12. bach bure halatan ton patta patta singhan da vairy bach bure halatan ton patta patta singhan da vairy
  13. khalsa ji. if someone do wrong with our guru granth sahib. plz tell me ,how we can see it. in andra pardesh they attacked on gurudwara sahi and they have burnt our guru ganth sahib . they show there disrespect for our sikhism every day. where is warrior khalsa
  14. we should distribute sweets in our people on 31 oct. we should remember the sacrifices of our shaheeds and we should give knowledge of our history to the children.
  15. bcoz hindus celebrate the ravana's death. indra was <banned word filter activated>. she was the bad lady of whole world.
  16. dekh bibi, modi is same like sajjan kumar, lalit makin, who killed many sikh in 1984, lalit makin was killed by Shaheed harjinder singh jinda and Shaheed Sukhdev singh sukha, in the same way modi is waiting for death
  17. dekh veer jad koi bnda kise dooje dharm di kudi naal viaah krda, ta kudi da ohi dharm hunda jo osde husband da hunda, so ta main keh riha k j sikh kudi kise hor dharm de munde naal viaah kerdi aa ta ohda sanu lose aa, but j asi dooje dharm di kudi naal viaah ker de haan ta oh ta sikh hi banauni paini aa, saaf aa oh sikhi ch aau, ............ asi loka nu sikhi ch shamal karna k bahar kadna, ha j koi hindu munda amritdhari hove oh hor gal aa, per kudiya hi hamesha dharm badal dyan, guru gobind singh ji ne rajpoot raje aa nu kiha c k tusi apne hathi gavaa buchda de hath fdaunde ho, oh ke
  18. apni kudi kise gair sikh naal viah deni galat hai,,,,,, pehla os ladki di khaber laine aali aa jo sikh ho k hindu munde naal viah de supne dekhdi aa
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