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  1. Waheguru Ji!

    I need some help!! I started keeping my Kesh last Vaisakhi and with Maharaajs Kirpa it's been going well. Recently tho I've noticed when I wash my hair or comb it a lot comes out and it's really upsetting me :'( . I've noticed a lot of dry skin on my head to as in dandruff, but I wash my hair thoroughly and apply coconut oil! What can I do???



  2. Fateh!

    So recently I found out my parents have been calling a "baba" in India. When I confronted them about it and asked whether he was practicing Sikh I was told he was not but he wore a he's given them roof and tells them to put water out to the sun etc! In my previous posts I wrote how I have so much live for Maharaaj and with his blessings I have kept my Kesh!

    I really do to ow what to do, I'm pretty sure that other than Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj we shouldn't go to any human?




  3. Gur Fateh Jeeo!

    I'm also studying law and am in my third year. Recently I went to a legal fair and enquired about the course, at first it seems a good route to take however after speaking to cousins that have also taken law a LPC would be a better option. Yes it costs more however with a inlets you will never be a solicitor!

    Hope this was of some help!



  4. Waheguru Ji!

    I hope with this post I can find some kind of solace with fellow Singhs and Singhneea!

    Since April of this year I decided to keep my Kesh, my dad is a keshdhari Singh however cuts his dhari. I come from a moderately religious family, however everyone's drinks and eats meat within my family. So anyway I decided too keep my Kesh however continued I cut my dhari a I did before. In July I went to Punjab for a holiday by myself and visited numerous Guru Ghar and decided to also keep my dhari, a point to note is that I listen to loads of Kirtan and diwans I also do a lot of jaapand path. When I returned home my family told me to cut my beard saying that I look too old, so instinctively I listens to them and cut it. A few weeks ago undecided to keep my beard again as I beleive that there is no point me doing all this jaap and listen to all our ithiaas if I am not going to act upon it. Since then I have been ridiculed by my parents and my brother. constantly I hear "gyaniJi" as now they call me this. Sayin I will not get a job etc!

    I have explained To them that it is my choice and that I feel it is the right time or me but try still disagree!

    Please help!


  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    I am a 21 year old Uni student from the Uk. I have always had love for Sikhi and read my Paath and go to the Gurudwara. This last Vaisakhi I decided to keep my Kesh, previously my parents wouldn't allow me, I also kept my Dhari. In August my parents told me to cut my dhari as they thought i looked to old. I argued however as all know satkaar has to be done of our parents. I was so upset :( . Now I have decided to keep my dhari again, all I need is support from other young Sikhs and Gurmukh pyaare so I don't find myself in the same position! please help!

    Bhul Chuk Maaf!

    Guru Nanak Teri Vadhiyaaee!


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