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  1. Have you heard of the sakhi when guru nanak dev ji went to mecca and the mullah asked him to not point his feet at the khaba. God is every where. Guru is shabad the guru granth sahib is a vehicle to deliver it. Do you think you are doing beadbi of guru granth sahib when sitting at home as Im sure your back will be to a guru granth sahib somewhere in the world.
  2. Just a quick question Why was the Liverpool Gurdwara thread closed?
  3. To be fair I think if there was a mass migration to the Punjab of western Sikhs then the condition of Punjab could only improve. They would obviously improve the political parties as they would not stand for the atrocities that are committed by the current parties and also they would take it on the selves to improve the infastructure and other aspects of the beauracatics process as they would want it to the standard that they are used to. As said the power of the pound compared to the rupee would mean that there would definately be more money in the punjab so farmers could charge more and so
  4. I have stood up. The issue we have with the committe is that the Guru Granth Sahibs Parkash and Sakasan is not done every day and guru is kept "asleep for days on end. This is partly due to the fact that the committee feel the need to change our Giani Ji every 4 weeks without notice or any reason given to the sangat. The sangat has never complained about a Giani Ji. The daughter of the Vice President said openly that the Giani Ji did not know how to do his job. I would like to ask what is her qualification that she can comment that he does not know how to do his job. Certain people are not
  5. So not really investigated properly? Is it not beadbi to call the police into the guru ka darbar when the granthi is trying to address the sangat to tell them that he was threatened by the commitee?
  6. My first step would be to make sure every gurdwara in the world has a copy of the 1945 sikh rehat maryada and make sure it conducts itself according to that and that the gurdwara do not deviate from this.
  7. I would like to ask the Satkar Sevadars again what has been the outcome of these meeting and discussions. It would seem that not much is being done to resolve the issue.
  8. Can I ask if the satkaar sevadars have had their discussions with the commitee and what was the outcome.
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