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  1. New literature added yesterday to the punjabi section was the following titles;

    - Sabh Dushat Jhakh Mara by Kanvar Ajit Singh

    - Sri Dasam Granth Da Ithasik Te Adhiyatam Pakha by Kanvar Ajit Singh

    - Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Da Shabad Murat by Bhai Randhir Singh

    - Sodhak Commitee 1897 report

    - Singh Sabha Patrika by Giani Ditt Singh

    - Satgur Bajhou Gur Nahee Koi by Kanvar Ajit Singh

    - Singh Sabha Da Modhi by Giani Ditt Singh

    - Sadhu Daya Nand Naal Mera Sanbadh by Giani Ditt Singh

    More to follow soon

  2. New literature and Katha added in the last twenty four hours,

    Audio Katha by Baba Kashmia Singh Ji Alohar Wale

    Literature by Singh Sahib Giani Mal Singh Ji (Dabar Sahib Wale)

    Under the Steeks section - the first three pothis of the Mukhvaak Pothis

    Under the Punjabi Section - Barah Maha Katha Parmaan, Sari Dasam Granth Sahib Bodh, Katha Parmaan Sagar, Shabad Guru Gur Janiyai Part 01 and 02.

    More to follow soon

  3. I am aware not many people look at the Gurmatveechar thread that is running thus I have created this seperate thread. Uploaded onto Gurmatveechar.com is a PDF over 200 mbs. This PDF is of a Puratan handwritten Sri Dasam Granth. I am aware many people have got images of a number of granths but like to keep them hidden away so I thought I would share this one with the sangat.



  4. Added over the last two days;

    1) A Puratan Sarup of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji from 1714 AD. This Saup has been digitised into a PDF and is downloadable from the literature section of the site.

    2) Audio Katha by "Student of Prof Sahib Singh" of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Katha is now up to Ang 132 of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and more will be added soon.

    More to follow soon

  5. Both the Ithaas PAthshi Pehili and Sri Gurpartap Suraj Parkash katha on gurbaniupdesh are both from the Sri Nanak Parkash. The Ithaas Patshahi Pehili is only parts of the Sri Nanak Parkash which was recorded in New York while the one entitled Suraj Parkash is the complete Sri Nanak Parkash Katha which was done in Freemont

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