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  1. how do i convert these files to VCD i have downloaded some fantastic videos and wouls like to put them on the VCD so my dad can watch them at his own leisure. any idea what software i need and how long it takes.
  2. this is in suhi raag mahalla 5 in the sri guru granth sahib ji. My favorite shabad. Sounds fantastic when baba ishar singh ji does this dharna in the kauda raksh katha.
  3. this is what i get when i try to get on the hub. *** Connecting to gurseva.no-ip.com... *** Connected This hub is running PtokaX DC Hub TestDrive 4 (UpTime: 19 hours, 10 minutes) *** Disconnected how do i stop this message and actually get on
  4. i can never get on so i do not know how good it is. Any chance of making it bigger to get more people on at the same time.
  5. what do baba ji's sons do know. do they do panth parchar like their father.
  6. has anyone got this raag mala file in mp3 so i can burn it i cant seem to change the format. can anyone help me everytime i hear it, it overwhelms me and am beginning to yearn for it. N30 can you if possible covert this and put it on your ftp as i know you have no quarrels with the raag mala!
  7. what should i download to play these files and where from as i have just downloaded the raag mala by bhai balbir singh and am desperate to listen to it. is there also any way of converting these files to mp3s.
  8. Bikramjit Singh The janamsakhis that mention this are Bhai Balas janamsakhi, Mehrbans janamsakhi and the Puratun janamsakhis. This is brought up when Satguru jee are speaking to ajit randhawa.
  9. im intrigued now that you have said that. i do not follow the AKJ but i would like some member of their sangat to answer the question. i respect the effort they put into bani. but really have only been to one smagam and it wasn't my thing.
  10. if anyone in the uk wants to buy these books they come in a set of two by bhai dharam singh and bhai jodh singh. they have been out since 1999. you can buy them from the sikh missionary centre in southall, middlesex. the set cost me £30 rather then £45 everywhere else. They have everytype of book available at the moment. however like i stated earlier. Book one has Jaap Sahib, Akaal Ustat, Chandi Charittar, Chandi Charittar Ukat Bilas, Chandi Di vaar and Gyan Parbodh. Book two have 21 and a half of the 24 avatars of Vishnu. So you are still missing alot but again very knowledgeable.
  11. Does anyone know of where i could view or download either the panth prakash of the sooraj prakash on the net please in either english or punjabi.
  12. sorry singh comes up as page unavailable. my dad is in india and says that another english translation has been released which is for the full granth including the chariterpakhyan when i get it and figure out how to make a site i will scan it on
  13. picture dont work. is it the translation by bhai dharam singh and bhai jodh singh in english. its two books but only goes an eighth of the way into krishna avtar.
  14. singh which are the new baba ishar singh jee diwaans on the FTP. I see the one about the katha between krishna and arjan is new. any others. sorry to bug ya
  15. thank god its back been waiting for it. keep up the good work singh. my dad is at rara sahib tomorrow and will get some stuff from there which ill send to you for your ftp.
  16. I totally agree with Son of Guru Gobind Singh
  17. sorry mate did mis understand what you said. All that completes Guru Sahib should be kept together and not seperated as far as i was aware
  18. read the mool mantra. this is the root to god. in this mool mantra it states gurparsad. This means that you can only reach god by the grace of your guru. Without the guru to guide you, you are lost. you also need gurmantar to reach god from your guru as stated in the name. if you are not guided then how do you know what you are doing is right. if you do not have a guru you become ego tistical. you need to pay respects to someone in order to eleviate your egotism. Just look at baba Farid Jee who spent many years meditating on gods name without a guru and achieved nothing because the ego was shadowing all the good work done. listen to katha of Baba Farid Jee by Baba Ishar Singh jee on gursikhijeevan.com
  19. well that aint the case here. Guru sahib have a huge king size bed which is only for themselves while the baba sleeps in a room directly below the guru sahib. If what you says goes on i can understand why you are cheesed off
  20. It seems the same as any taksal. starts off with a great soul and the teachings are continued by other great souls. The Nanaksar i have been to has brought many people into the sikh fold and the amount of bani that is recited is amazing. Better then some places where when no one is in the diwaan they put Guru Sahib into a suitcase and then into a cupboard.
  21. Fantastic work. The gian from Baba Ishar Singh ji is irreplacable.
  22. veerjee which nanaksar gurdwara did you go to and why has it had a bad effect on you. i love it when i go here in the uk. the diwaans are amazing and when the aarti is being down it feels like god has granted me a place in dargah my eyes puor out tears in enjoyment it touches me that much.
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