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  1. WGKKWGKF veerjio, Thank you Sikhsangat.com admin for pinning up the topic. I just need investors for the project, as this is a commercial project, I don't want to earn money from donations. You know its very hard to find investors here in INDIA. Everyone here is investing in the movies with a comedy and a love genre, I am not getting a single support from anyone. I had a talk with many good Sikhs in media with some Sikh actors and comedians (dont want to mention their name) they have all said a single word to me "NO". Also, I have seen some Film-makers who ask for donations from Sangat to
  2. Can we Sikhs together make this project a reality ? www.wawthemovie.com contact@wawthemovie.com
  3. @Singh1234567 ji veerji 2-3 scenes of Akali phoola singh ji !!
  4. @singh559 veerji okay here it is simple funda :: 20 shares EACH share equals to 20 lacs. Now the shareholder will get a profit of 10% on his share on 11th month. i.e his amount will be 22 lacs. Also if the film turns out to be a big hit we will give 5% loyality bonus to the shareholder. 5 shares are sold. 15 are left. I must say m struggling hard for those 15 :(
  5. @SINGH1234567 veerji M searching fr the investors to invest once I get them we will start filming it and it will take roughly around 9 months .....
  6. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for your suggestions. My aim in chief behind this trailer was to tell people that we too can achieve the Hollywood quality. It is possible and we will. Second thing about the acting. Nihangs cannot act, they can only shout , fight etc... etc.. In a film we need all kinds of emotions. so I chose some profesionals rather than Nihangs. Although they lack in acting at times in the trailer, the reason was time and BUDGET. This is a VFX movie, not a movie where a man sits below holding a PICHKAARI with red color in it and shooting the blood scenes. lol :D
  7. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh !! We are pleased to announce that 25% of shares in We Are Warriors have gone!! Yes!! That’s right!! After all shares have gone, we will be able to start the production of WE ARE WARRIORS!! Thank you all for your positive comments and amazing support!! Regards, Team WAW. www.wawthemovie.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aCd3nMJQ8I
  8. We need your support. In this today modern day society there have been a number of films in punjabi cinema. We thought of a revolution, by competing the quality of 300 spartans which was a hollywood movie, and so now here we bring the story of a General. The story of Hari Singh Nalua. Join our official facebook page at : http://facebook.com/weRwarriors spread the word : Arayy so Jhrayy !! Fateh !
  9. Great step. Not lawyer he is more of a Lion. :yeehaw:
  10. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, waheguru ji ki Fateh !! I'm writing down some points, which I feel is not right for the movie "Battle of Saragarhi" 1) The 21 sikhs who originally took part in the battle of saragarhi were not like those who have been chosen for a role in this movie. You see the physique of the actors, its improper. I mean look at their tummy. they look more like the men from punjab police. THIS IS A COMPROMISE ACCORDING TO ME. Hollywood directors always take care of these things. Small things, large meaning. 2) We all know that a Sikh director can better understand the Sikh feelings
  11. He never hunted tigers. Once, he went with his fellow army men, in the nearby jungle where a tiger all of a sudden attacked him. So, inorder to defend himself, he killed the tiger. At that time he was just around 16 or 17 years of age !!
  12. Paneer monster rocksss!!!!!! Beautifully answered :strong: its like watching a football match,, with one side scoring :D
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