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  1. WJKK WJKF, There is a small gurudwara sahib near my house. I am thinking of giving the new Blanket for Sukhasan sahib room. I just want to know that provided they don't use Old blanket , can i bring the old one home. is it ok. because if i don't bring it , the someone else will take it What options i have
  2. I think the op is talking about sidhi i,e ridhis / sidhis. I ahve also heard that if you do mool mantra 1.25 lakh times , then it becomes sidh and works like mircale but i am not 100% sure. just heard from someone
  3. by which ragi , the link you gave is of sri Dasam Grath
  4. then why don't i sleep when i do something else. i can sit on computer in the morning at 3 without blinking my eye even though i had eaten 3 veg supreme pizza with extra cheese Its only happen when i start doing simran. Even i can do nitnem without any problem but the porblem comes with closing eyes and simran
  5. That can be true but i have also listen in some katha that we have to give some simran when ever we eat something from someone. Thats was the reason people requests Pan pyare or other mahapurushs for parshada in their home and then they do Ardaas for them
  6. No no i ate at 9pm and i start for simarn at 5am
  7. I have seen that when i start doing simran by closing eyes then after 15 minutes, i strated feeling sleepy. I can't stop it. I take shower with cold water but after doing simran with closed eyes i can do more than 15 mins. Today i sat for 30 mins and i know how much struggle i did to sit. I was not able to stop myself after 30 mins and went to sleep in morning. What should i do. i can read Gurbani for longer time but with simran and closed eyes and i can't go beyond 20 mins. what should i do. Tomorrow i try to drink tea before simran.
  8. I have seen many times few Gurskihs went to gurudwara sahib , listen to Gurbani , do sewa and never eat lanagar. i asked them why they do this. they told me that if we eat langar , then the person who is doing bthe langar , we have to give some % of simran to him. He even don't eat anything from anyones house. he always eat from his own home. I want to know that how much is the logic in it. I have also head some katha where Bhai Manj ji used to eat lagar from Gurudwara sahib Khooth but then Guru sahib told him that by eating Lagar you getting fruit of your sewa. Does it mean that we avoid if possible to eat lanagar at Gurudwara sahib. I have been eating langar for many years, I was a student and one of the reason to go To Gurudwara sahib was eating langar as its dificult to prepare at home. So i want to know how much we are suffered by eating langar. because if there is some drawback then will stop eating lanagar and will try to prepare at home.
  9. I am bit confused what is Nindya. I mean suppose someone has committed a murder and i am telling to my friends that he commited a murder so he has done a wrong thing. He should not have commited that. Is that a Nindya Suppose some is not obeying the rules as per Gurskihi. Talking with other gurskihs that he is doing wrong . he should have done this way. is that also a Nindya
  10. ha ha. what if the postman delivers it to my parents Seriously? Is there any guide to making condoms at Home. i will try that
  11. Although it has nothing to do with this question , can i just ask where are you originally from i mean from India or abroad
  12. one thing more , how should Amritdhari guy asks for condoms at shop. I was felling very shy to ask for it before my marriage , in india especially. I took by bike and spent 7 hours in the city to find a chemist shop where they is some small kid or bhaya , so that i feel les shy. But could not. The went to supermarket and picked those which don't have any photo on the print. The guy scanned that without looking but still read the details what was it. I didn't looked at his eyes. Looked like i was doing something wrong. How did you guys do that
  13. I have heard in some sakhis that if poeple do some nindya of you then you get benefitted. I have seen many times when i did something and people get it wrong way . they do nindya and then i try to clarify the doubts and they they agreed to it. But i was thinking what if i am right and i don't clarify any doubt. let them do nindeya so that i get benifitted is that ok
  14. scooter

    black magic

    Don't worry about that doing jharu around will do anything. If someone really want to do anything and that person has some power then he can do from anywhere. he don't need to be around you to do anything. Just do your Nitnem properly and these things won't do much damage. however incase of some doubt. Just read some extra Gurbani to cover that. Thats it
  15. WJKK WJKF Today my old bibi (around 75 years) told me that there is a place in delhi somewhere where dogs go for matha take in Gurudwara and sit there and listen to ardaas. She is saying that Gurudwara is near to Baba hardev singh di kothi and nirankari hospital near some river. I don't know if thats true or not but she is saying that she has herself visited that place and seen all this. Can anyone confirm that please. she was saying this with very confidence but i am not sure. She was saying that they also eat langar as well. I am not sure if thats possible or not. She says that she has seen this 12 years ago.
  16. looks like he is typing from nokia 3360
  17. Can anyone explain me that is sachkhand a place like earth where singhs are gathered. I mean does people can see each other. Or its beyond explanantion. Is it like earth or sky or what. Does people move there or sit there. I remember one some singh show me some person who sometime go to sachkhand for kirtan. I don't know if e was right or not. Some having heard from mahapurush about that??
  18. I have been in that scenario. I also when i looked at mirror then i got depressed about looks and all that. Before that i had great hairstyle and all. i was always in front of mirror. But i don't have much confidence now in my looks. But you have to decide what you want. you have 2 options 1. Either keep world happy with you looks and no kes. But then you can never satisfy whole world.As per my thinking , my main reason to look handsome was to impress girls and friends and society. But once you go beyond 40 , then even if you are smart handsome etc, then you will become father of kids with wife so you can't have the teenager life back so that thing stops there. But at that age , may with your mona life style , you may have wife like you. so it will become difficult for fashionable girl to become amritdhari even if you are ready. Then your children will also follow western life style and so on. As long as you are alone , you can enjoy by being mona and do all stuff but things won't be same when you are married and have kids. I was in same situation. I thought that if i want religious minded wife then i have to become amritdhari before marriage , otherwise i can't change my wife mind after some years of marriage. It can happen but it was a big gamble. I have seen many cases like that . 2. On the other hand if you are amritdhari , then Guru sahib is with you always. Then you don't have to worry about looks because Amritdhari girl will like your looks so you don't need to worry about being rejected for marriage. What you can do is stay away from company of people who you know , will talk about your looks. If you feel sad about looks then you can cheer yourself that at least Guru shaib is happy with these looks. this will give you motivation. You can attend samagams , where sings will praise your new looks. I remember when i attend first samagam with turban , singhs gathered around me , praising me. At that time i felt proud of having kesh. So change your sangat. There are other millions of benefit of being Amritdhari which i can't discuss here but there are many you can feel proud of. I am not sure what do u mean by ugly face. I mean do u have some marks on face which is ugly. Or you mean that u look ugly with beard and mushtashes. This is just psychology and it will change with time. IF you see more hindi movies , you will get more depressed about previous looks. I know its hard but have to do it. Just listen of various Kathas where kathavachak gives the benefit of rehat and Amrit. This will give you motivation
  19. I know its truth but frankly guys , i listen to gurbani every day but i could not find peace , happiness , anand in it. I listen because i know its the only thing important in life. But when u talk about anand , happiness , i am lost. Did u guys found true happiness , anand while listening Gurbani?? I listen to kirtans by Bhai harjinder singh ji , joginder Singh riar etc. but sometimes when ssame shabad is sung by other ragi then i don't feel like listening. So it means i am only attached to the tune of it.So is that the case always or i am doing something wrong
  20. I have seen many survival video especially these days there are many on discovery and national geographic. The main thing i worry about is they are survive in jungle etc by eating some living organisms. so i don't know whether we should choose death over eating meat or not , if that time comes
  21. I think the best we can do is to start learning to live our life without technology. i wonder what to do if no electricity
  22. OR if you can stick for sometime then do this Get a trifla powder from market and soak one tea sppon of that powder in some water overnight. Now you can do keshi ishnaan with that thing . try twice per week. you will see the diff in 2 months
  23. I know that if i listen to hindi songs , which contains vulgar language and video , is bad , because it disturbs mind in wrong direction. but what about relaxing muisc or instrumental music. Somethin like english trance music or meditational music. If feel so much relaxed and get lost in deep state when i listen to some of music. I don't know what is it but mind straight away go to deepest state, my eyes gets closed and looks like i am lost in deep inner journey. No matter how much i am doing work but if i listen then i simply get detached from world is that thing bad for gurskih
  24. Mehtaab Singh ji , i wanted to know that is this a real conversation or just a story to have more faith in God's will. Because its not always every everything that is happenning is for good only. Sometimes we have to reap what we have sown and we get punishment. Although eventually that punishment will help us but u get the point. Like we have looted 1 lakh in previous janam and our 1 lalkh is lost in janam to balanace that. "aape beej aape hi khao" so indirectly its all what did in past which we are reaping now.
  25. scooter


    I think only that person should post here(after my post who himself has not watched porn/masturbated after being amritdhari. I was also carried away few times by dirty ads on software ddl sites. Maya is very strong and especially with advent of internet all materials are easily available. In my teenage , i remember i tried looking for dirty material but could not find it but after this internet boom they are one click away. Sometimes i feel helpless on these things. May waheuru give us the courage to fight with these evils
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