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  1. The same Moranwali that was married here in the UK has a child and then went back to India and got married! Why don't the media show his true colors this guy is beyond being fake. He wont come to the UK for a reason....
  2. The point was the news report agrees with the 84 Lakh on this planet! Other planets would mean a lot more then 84 Lakh since we are talking infinite numbers... Guru Ji came to this planet so it could be that the soul is assigned to a planet and goes through the cycle before being given the human life. Other planets would have a variety of different species and numbers..
  3. Something i discovered when i was driving and heard this on the radio that research suggests that there are roughly 8.7 million species on this planet (rough estimate so could be rounded up to +3 million or -3 million) But strong evidence suggest a number between 8-9 million. Source http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-14616161 The reason i am posting this is because i know in Guru Granth Shaib Ji it states that there are 8.4 million species on this planet and reincarnate through all these. <<< Thats Amazing 500 years before we had the capacity to discover or even understa
  4. This is something the Moguls did to Sikhs and Hindus! i Cannot Believe our Guru would ever do this. I am astonished people will believe anything without proper research. We were given though a limited but perfectly usable brain. Lets use it properly!
  5. Its not "Judging" you have to remember that history can be manipulated as you were not there so the question was asked to see if there was evidence to suggest this was true. A lot of our history could easily be manipulated by the use of fraudulent Janum Sakhis written by people with sinister motives i.e. The British.
  6. So whats the difference between Sikhs and the Taliban? Defending yourself in war is different from giving someone the death penalty! I can understand especially if they did very bad deeds but me for one cannot see our Great Father doing this. Someone who was against oppression the way the Mughals ran there empire.
  7. So its true that Guru Ji killed the massands? Is this sourced from a Janum Sakhi? I cannot believe this happened especially for something like money!
  8. WJK WJF Did Guru ji give the death penalty to someone for stealing money? If so Is this right? Please explain why this was given....
  9. WJK WJF, Did Guru Ji give someone the death penalty for stealing money? I read this somewhere and also asked an elder and he confirmed that this did happen but i am not sure... Wouldn't this go against what Guru Granth Shaib Ji teaches us? Especially over something like money...
  10. Sorry the above link i already read but it doesn't answer my question. There must of been a start to our karma for example there must be a point in time we were born for the first time at this point were we all equal?
  11. WJK WJF, I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now and everyone i ask i get an answer that doesn't really answer anything so i thought i would post it here and see if anyone here can help... Sikhi talks about Karam (Past Lives) and that we "reap what we sow" but there must of been a time that we had a our real first birth where we didn't have any past lives what happened then were we all equal?
  12. You do look at hip hop/rap music from the mainstream... pure dirt
  13. Why not practice ones faith and stop questioning others? God is one for all the more time spent doing naam simran and seva the better leave out the "my religions better then yours" cr*p.
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