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  1. Fateh..can anyone share the outcome of the meeting?i think it's important for Sangat to know what was decided on Sunday so îf the couple from the midlands doing all these wrong things have been found guilty by the panth, we can keep away from the liars, hiding behind bana and to make sure no one else gets involved with them. This ghastly witch personality who looks scary and behaves inhuman, teling people they are possessed when actually she's the possessed one. Doing weird stuff in her freakyily scary house With cats and dogs running around and even says that her pets were her friends in her last life when she was jathedaar of some missl. whatever lady! Tapped in the head but tapping her husband and some other gursikhs along the way, who used to be good guys doing seva etc but now look like her and do whatever she says. Can't even think for themselves after her brainwashing. Man, u feel for their families who probably aren't even aware that their sons and daughters are on the wrong path with nutters like her. Most of all I feel for her silly husband who is stuck with her..atlesst the others have hope that one day when their friends and family find out,they can be helped but husbands got kids so in a mess. They Need to stop producing babies and get off their <banned word filter activated>' and get jobs like the rest of us and then they can feed their kids with their own earnings rather than looting and conning the Sangat with their funky projects! They think they are artists but r clueless about what art is..and sikhi..even I know the crap they preach is wrong and I'm not really a knowledgable Sikh.I've seen them and felt apprehensive about them since, and then found out what they did to my friend and then all this going on on here just opened my eyes and speaking to people who been affected by em. If they were found guilty of doing wrong by the Singhs then they should definitely be kept away from the Sangat,and Uni talks and Sikh holiday camps for kids and should be monitored closely as they are so wrong lying to be something they're not. Just makes u realise not to be fooled by fake lovethey show and their white bana. Hope someone who knows will share what the results of singhs meeting was PLEASE
  2. I have a few questions for the people who are doing all this, who im sure are reading this forum day and night as they know the truth has been revealed. I hope you know this isnt about liking or disliking anyone, or holding grudges...or any of that...just about the truth...so why do you have to keep on denying the truth? what are you gettng out of this? Do you get a thrill from messing with peoples minds? is it entertaining to brainwash someone and watch the show? (I know you dont work, so if you have too much time on your hands and want to fill it to entertain yourselves, then why not go out there and get a job?) Can you please give us some answers? Did you think that you could pretend to be the shaheed souls from our ithaas forever? Were you planning on living this lie forever, without being stopped by the panth? Did you think no one would ever stand up to you?...answer is YES...to all those questions! but no surprises..u will continue to deny the truth!FACT-people have now stood upto you, and you are running around in circles trying to protect your lies...lol! You know the world is watching you and laughing at you! There are many topics on this forum that are being discussed, but this one is of the beadbi of the panth, beadbi of the mahan shaheeds of our ithaas and a disgrace to Sikhi..and it needs to stop! FACT-its hit a panthic level now which you never thought it would as you thought you had all angles covered, but forgot the biggest FACT-VAHEGURU is above all...including YOU! All you have done is lie to cover up the truth and not realised that your one lie to cover one truth has led to lie after lie after lie and you are just digging a deeper hole for yourselves. Sikhi teaches nimarta and forgiveness for your mistakes, but this couple are so arrogant and full of themselves that they are running around in their (hard earned..NOT LOL! actually SCAMMED money car), trying to gather people to support their lies. FACT-EVERYONE..and i mean EVERYONE knows the truth...even the people you are running to to suck up to....u could have just admitted the truth and walked away but the more you lie to cover up...the more obvious you make it. People like this arent even truthful to their own blood, never mind to others..im just very sorry its had to be brought infront of the panth this way as there really was no need for it to be this way. FACT-panj piare will not take this lightly as beadbi of our ithaas is beadbi of our guruji and no panj piare will take that. There are heavy prices to pay for these deeds, but u cant blame anyone but the bibi (as although we are saying its the couple-FACT-we all know its the bibi thats brainwashed her husband and others). Its all her doings as she tells the world that her dasam duar is open...and he believes it. if you truly are mata bhago and your dasam duar is open, you would not be telling people bull about black magic and breaking families up....u just gone too far! and its going to stop! worst of all, you have a few chele who believe you...and i feel for them as where will they go when you stab them in the back too (actually ur already doing that with ur lies..so I guess what i mean is....poor guys wont know where to go when they wake up). Atleast fear Vaheguru if no one else!
  3. They're far from victims-if she believes she is mata bhag kaur..she aint no victim, but a clever fake who is just trying to make money off others. it happens when u get so used to sitting at home and not working because work is 'boring'! What happened to Guru Nanak Dev jis teaching of 'kirat di kamaee'? They are totally anti-sikh in what they are doing and the bottomline is guru ji is watching and we all have to pay for the pain we cause others...which is worse when you are distracting people off the path of sikhi by being so fake and full of lies...yet this couple themselves have said at a camp talk that the worst thing you can do is hurt someones feelings...this couple are hurting many peoples feelings as well as bad naming sikhi. I cant see guru ji being too happy about it all!
  4. Honestly...ive seen what effect this couple have had on my friend and my friend is not a gullible gursikh! they managae to screw with sane peoples heads from what ive seen. No one can say 'this would never happen to me' as we all have to remain in hukam and where guru mahraj keep us all. As someone has said above, no one says 'hmmm today I fancy going to a fake couple who can brainwash me and tell me some exciting stuff that no one else can!' The only wrong ones here are those that are telling people they are Mata Bhag Kaur and Mian Mir and so fourth...and those opposing this are assuming that the victims ever believed this crap.....if these gursikhs had believed it, they wouldnt be fighting against it. Most likely..this couple do not come out with their 'mata Bhag Kaur and Mian Meer' talk until a long time after showing fake love to their victims...and when they think they have got them on side...start telling them all these lies, which is when the victims probably back off. And from my friends experience, this is one thing the female in the couple does not like as no one can possibly tell her shes lying or that shes wrong! Gursikhs arent gullible as some are making out on this thread...the victims are probably just good natured people who do not see bad in others and just try to practice what guru nanak dev ji has taught about the path of love....the wrong ones are those that abuse this trust and love and are bad naming the sacrifices made by those in our rich history MY POINT HERE IS: its easy to say the victims are weak and not Gursikhs that Guru Gobind Singh ji taught us all to be, but if anything...its the fake bana wearing and HUGE dastar tying liars, that are hiding behind a cover and are not the kind that Guru Gobind Singh ji made us!
  5. A very close friend has been involved with a COUPLE who may be the same as these deceitful people. I'd like to share what I know so that all the saadhsangat are aware of how messed up these people are: My friend who had a very lucky escape was told by the female that the female was mai Bhago,that she was also Mian Meer and that she (my friend) must stay away from me (her best friend) because I am apparently envious of her..I realised that this was just to break her from anyone who may question the couples activities. My friend was also introduced to a guy who was meant to be her destined partner but the lady changed her mind later when she saw that my friend and the guy were very happy together and she was no longer the centre of attention. She told my friend to break ties with her family members and was told that her brothers in-laws had done black magic on him to control him..would mai Bhago really tell people this kind of stuff?NO! So basically she is just an attention seeking lowlife who is digging her own grave. She also told my friend that she speaks to Yogi who tells her things and that she is the leader of one of the misels and is back to help the world. All I've heard about her is how she has split families up including sons and daughters from their parents and husbands from their wives as well as broken innocent peoples rishte as she thinks guru gobind singh ji tells her to pass on the message that two people are no longer suitable for each other. Total nonsense..worst of all she manages to break two people away in such a way that they would never even cross each others path again due to the fear of doing so that she implants These kind of people are playing mind games in the name of religion and have a very heavy price to pay for it. It may be a different couple that I'm talking about but they are also from the midlands area so maybe it's just a very unfortunate place that is home to such messed up people. Their baana is deceiving so I just urge the Sangat to not be fooled by white baana and huge dumalas. such an eg of: 'chite Jin ke kapre, maile chit kathore jio'
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