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  1. what made sikhs once so great they cared for others performed seva now are driven by greed
  2. why are some sikhs hard driven by education and some arn't
  3. for example gujarati's grow up in a culture were education is huge and so is money hence why their good at buisness and have high education what type of culture do sikhs grow up in and would you classify most sardars you meet as alpha males what impact does the culture have on girls and guys most singh's are not martial so what do you do to bring military culture back
  4. in the uk why do sikh girls continue to go with muslims is it same reason they wear skirts and get drunk and run around with low self esteem most sikhs don't know how to address community issues hence why problems get worste like drugs alchole self esteem
  5. most youth lack understanding of sikhi and its history so what are some ideas to educate 90% of the youth out their itleast
  6. what are some ideas you would like to take to your local gurdwara like having a daycare service set up so youth learn their history and religion programs to empower women and youth through seva to the community people who are teachers performing seva by providing free tutoring
  7. most sikh guys get insecure when they see a sikh girl with someone else rather then get insecure what you guys should focus on is how can you educate these girls on the beauty of sikhism like how it fights for equality and women rights when a sikh girl is educated on sikhi and what it fights for they usually want to marry a guy who believes in the same thing
  8. if they held a sword to his neck they should be criminally charged and regardless the couple will get married no matter how insecure those guys felt with a sikh girl marrying a black guy as well rather then interupting the wedding why not focus on finding a solution to the lack of sikh education amongst sikhs less and less sikhs go to the gurdwara and the politics seem to increase
  9. why did certain people occupy harmandar sahib during operation blackthunder risk having another operation bluestar
  10. why arn't more people talking abou t solutions
  11. its funny in vancouver the police make fun of punjabis saying these gangster wannabe have watched scarface to many times scarface is a movie about a gangster end of the day no excuses punjabis who listen to gangster rap try making same excuses but end of the day its bull
  12. Does it surprise anyone that gangster movies were put up Scarface is about a drug dealer
  13. sikhs got targeted by racist thugs after 9 11
  14. Gurdwaras should partner up with mma and boxing schools
  15. what are the top five movie
  16. What about that link I posted were sikhs can learn about sikhism be saint soldier and the military If the gurdwaras get taken over by youth they can set it up so youth learn sikhism and how to be a saint soldier Sikhs need to prosper but same time keep military tradition
  17. http://www.sikhsangat.com/Index.php?/topic/67049-great-news-for-sikhs-in-canada/ What do you guys think about that
  18. dalsingh101 you would become a puppet in the military cause you don't have mental strength but a true sikh would know his duty is to be a saint soldier before anything else sikhs should join the military for the training and experience as well as getting closer to becomming saint soldiers dalsingh101 you want sikhs to have street cred like sikhs in vancouver who are high on drugs running around thinking their gangsters and shooting eachother and selling drugs to other sikhs sikhs need to be training in combat and joining the military sikhs can become docters and go to a boxing gym or kra
  19. from the gurdwara the military culture needs to come back and every gurdwara should allow the military to come and educate the youth on the opportunity's available in the military military will scare guys like dalsingh101 away but alot of youth will get inspired and the military will teach people sikh values like disipline integirty character
  20. physically assertive as in training in combat yeah thats cool but guys who usually go out and get into fights that are punjabis are usually gangster wannabe like vancouver punjabis who grow up wanting to be gangsters turn out being crack heads who shoot eachohther
  21. Jonny it happends in canada and america to 9 11 look what american sikhss
  22. Dalsingh after iraq war ppl in europe arnt letting their country get involved in such a war again With information age ppl won't forget And your pretty stupid if you want people to hang with gangster wannabe but sikhs should all train in boxing mma krav mega and learn combat
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