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  1. If i tie from left to right is there anything wrong?
  2. i am right handed so what way should i tie it?
  3. Should dumalla be tied from left to right or from right to left i know this may seem stupid but when i try doing right to left laars are so loose so hopefully find out if its wrong to do left to right
  4. yes thanks for that i made this for people to help me and not to argue if anyone knows any keys to any shabad please do post them or if there are already videos online then let me known Amrit Chako Guru Wale Buno <3
  5. Why not i feel i connect more with akj kirtan than raag
  6. VJKK VJKF I am really wanting to learn keertan in akj style as i feel it connects the sangat and gets everyone singing along does anyone know the keys for this and does anyone have any shabads they know which they could post the keys or make a video for would be appreciated Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Pyare<3 Daas
  7. Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Jee Ki Fateh Having a serious problem with my family especially my dad so basically my dad ties like a siddi dastaar like a triangle one then on the otherhand i want to tie a dumalla but my dad is totally against it saying he would throw me out the house if i started tying it. Secondly I want to go to rehansbhais but my dad is completley against me going i went to last year manchester rehansbhai after asking for about 6 months. Thirdly my dad doesnt want me to wear a bana but i want to wear one. Also my dad dosent like me wearing kirpan. What can i do sadh sangat im only 16 years old and i have been wanting to start wearing bana and tie dumalla and take amrit since i was 14 but my parents arent letting me and if i do they will throw me out the house :'( What should i do please help
  8. VJKK VJKF! Well sadh sangat I was just wondering how can I make my amritvela more like solid Currently like I sleep at like 11. :| And them wake up at 3.30 Have ishnaan do like 20min simran and then pane baniyaa But while I'm doing this I keep thinking of cant wait to go to bed As I go back to sleep after amritvela Just any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  9. Fateh SadhSangat Jee Last night I had an argue eat with my dad Well I'm 16 and I'm still tying a patka I have nearly enought got a full dhaari And when I go to the gurdwaras ppl ask me how come I am tying a patka I need some mor ideas sang at I have tried all the ideas that have been suggested and I get the same reply back buy your own house and go do what you want
  10. Waheguru jee i know very little gatka as they used to teach it at the local gurdwara but now the comitee has stopped it as it is "Dangerous" pfft But im willing to learn i know the basics i know how to use chakar and shastar but not to a great extent
  11. Thanks for the answers really appreciate but just dont understand why he is being like this he says people are going to think that a Jatt Boy has turned into a nihang and then when i say there is no such thing as a jatt he gets mad and like starts saying pack you bags and leave now i dont care And then i say tying a gol dastar does not turn you into a nihang and i mean he goes crazy " You trying to teach me" ETC Recentley he hasnt let me attend rehansbhais etc as he feels im turning into a "Big sikh" as he calls it I just feel that when I wear bana Its hard to explain it just makes me feel blessed to be born into a sikh family but I dont like hiding it for example he sometimes stays up till like 3 just to make sure i dont have ishnaan on tuesdays and thursdays but i still do then he proper questions me And starts saying if your going to do this then you are not going to be staying in my house and then I feel bad like what will I do if he does kick me out but my bibi jee is 100% with me she is amritdhari but when she tells my dad my dad goes he is not your son he is my son then my bibi gets sad like we look after him etc we feed him. He has now recentley taken my ipod off of me so i cant listen to kirtan even though i have laptop when ever i play kirtan he takes the internet router off and gives me a lecture and tells me to study even though i do study and so for with maharajs kirpa my marks are good But im just confused why he is angry its not if im doing anything wrong :'/
  12. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh Well im 16 years old, and brought up in a sikh family but not a family that strictly follows rehat no one in my family has ever ate meat, drank or smoked but they dont wake up at amrit vela and jap naam. Recently I have started to fall in love with sikhi a lot more and my amrit vela is getting stronger day by day. However I am facing problems from my parents as they believe weird stuff like im apparently not meant to have ishnaan on tuesdays and thursdays because its meant to not make me become succesful. However I still have been doing for the past year but my dad does not know as I have ishnaan do amritvela and tie my kesh in to a keski and he doesnt know i have had an ishnaan. Another problem i am facing is that my parents dont allow me to wear bana and they want me to tie a sidhi dastar like triangular and say they are not going to let me stay in the house if i tie a dumalla and wear bana One day I asked if I could order a kirpan off the internet and my dad got so mad and start saying the days are changing people have guns you dont need a kirpan get on with your studies. Also I asked if i could take amrit and my dad said In a Loud Loud Voice "NO" amrit is not necessary as Guru Nanak Dev Jee did not take it i try and explain and he just gets mad and angry. Waheguru Jee Can someone please help Daas |
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