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  1. Africa, Latin America and women living in Muslim countries (mainly Saudi Arabia and surrounding areas). Sikhi message of equality and fighting oppression will appeal in those regions.
  2. I only trust Sikhs born and raised in Canada. I find a lot of Sikhs from India to be shady and untrustworthy.
  3. Here in Canada, I have notice Sikh kids tend to be taller compare to other South Asian kids. I think diet (all that milk we drink) plays a big part.
  4. Donald Trump is either genius or <banned word filter activated> ( probably bit of both since he got tons of support). I wouldn't be surprise if Trump thinks Sikhs are Muslims. American politics is just big circus these days with both of clowns trying to be president.
  5. AAP leaders in Canada to woo Punjabi NRI diaspora Read more at:http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/49788293.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  6. From frontrunners, Hillary Clinton is probably only candidate that even know about Sikhs. Also, it seems like US Sikh leaders tend to support her. So I guess Sikhs should support Clinton since she has ties to US Sikh community.
  7. Based on twitter, Dhami seem like good person who just misinform on Sikhi stance on interfaith marriage. Hopefully she is open minded enough to accept the truth instead of ignoring it. Remember, if you guys are planning to respond to her, then be respectful. BTW: Dhami even a Sikh? I think she HIndu Punjabi.
  8. Message sent to her, but I highly doubt she will respond back to me though. EDIT: As for this topic, this definitely is more European issue than Global Sikh issue due to high number of Muslims and their agenda to turn Europe into Muslim state. (lol). Here in Canada (and I guess USA), we're dealing with right wing Christians and their agenda to convert us. But at least they're not grooming our people, but instead trying to educate our people about their beliefs though.
  9. Given we're living in technology age where you find any kind of information with click on our phones, tablets and laptops, there shouldn't be no excuses for ignorance in today's world especially in the west. Racism still alive and probably worse than before since people are choosing to be racist and being more open about it.
  10. Actually you should take look around and see how brown people are treated in the west. I am going to assume you're an European, maybe you should read this article about how British Sikhs are being treated in UK these days. Sikhs or Muslims, racists don't discriminate British Sikhs are often the silent victims of any backlash against Islamic extremism. They should be silent no more Read here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11410809/Sikhs-or-Muslims-racists-dont-discriminate.html
  11. Yeah, it sucks that non-Muslim brown people have to go through this crap, but what do you except from white people? We all should know by now they don't like us.
  12. Australia and New Zealand is another place to visit if you looking for sun, sand and sea. I am not sure why you want to travel an Southern European country given how racist those countries are towards minorities (non-whites).
  13. Here in Toronto area, there's a Liberal candidate (Raj Grewal) who on surface looks like a decent candidate. I am not sure if NDP have announce their candidates, but Liberals have already started campaigning here. Also, Navdeep Bains is running which is great news for Sikh community.
  14. This is interesting election simply because all three major parties are tied (based on polls). So Sikh vote is going to matter even more than ever before. All three parties will have their Sikh candidates running in Sikh areas (like Brampton, Surrey), but I feel like NDP would have better Sikh candidates than other two parties. Jagmeet Singh is MPP, so he wouldn't be running in federal election, but NDP does have other quality Sikhs (who mostly are young, educated and pro-Sikh) in their party who would do a good job of fighting our issues in parliament.
  15. Nice to some Canadian and American Sikhs on here. Point of this thread is get some Canadian or North America content on this forum which is heavily too European. I feel North American Sikhs face different challenges in our lives compare to European Sikhs who have their own issues.
  16. I am just wondering if we have any Sikhs from Canada on this forum? If not, then is there any other Sikh forum that has a lot of Canadian Sikh users that talk about issues that affect Canadian Sikh community? It seems like this forum is run by British Sikhs who talking about issues that mainly affect their community and Islam (I guess Muslims taking over Europe is bit of an issue for them?).
  17. I notice Sikhs in London tend to support Arsenal not Chelsea or Northwest clubs. As an outsider (non-British Sikhs), I support Chelsea. Not sure why I like Chelsea (maybe I like blue and lions..lol), but they're my favourite EPL team for some reason (I might plan to catch game next year :biggrin2: ) Obviously I support my local club over any other team so I don't understand why someone would support other city's team over their own city team.
  18. Spain? They're good basketball nation (and their national team is very good), but I put Greece, Turkey, Lithuania and Croatia/Serbia above them who take basketball support to the next level. But I find it interesting about Euro basketball is that their leagues pay good money to their players. Again, you haven't travel enough to make your claim while I provide facts to prove you otherwise. If basketball is niche sport, then you might as well say same with rugby and cricket as well. After soccer, basketball is up there and catching up (to certain extent) to soccer. There isn't mor
  19. Putting Basketball in same level to chess, polo and badminton is just stupid. There are currently 215 countries part of FIBA and quality of players from other countries are growing while infrastructure is improving. Yes, basketball is huge in China, but if you look at Europe (especially Southern and Eastern European countries), you will see similar interest there as well. NBA finals and All-star game was broadcast live in 215 countries while streamed in 47 different languages.
  20. That's where you're wrong since basketball is popular sport (pretty globe sport for that matter). You can find basketball players from different countries playing in NBA. Real reason for indifference on here because majority of posters are from UK. But since there's a huge Sikh population in North America and now this news been huge in India (where we got Indian celebrities sending out congrats to Satnam Singh), this is huge deal. Given Basketball/NBA is quickly growing in India, this means we will see more Indians (especially those from Punjab which is consider basketball hotbed in
  21. There have been Singhs playing in American college basketball in the past, so it wouldn't be an issue. If anything, NBA would have love to have a Singh since they like to promote diversity. Source: http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-04-24/sikh-american-ncaa-basketball-player-learned-his-mother
  22. Having couple of Punjabis in NBA can only help Sikhs get some mainstream coverage in USA and Canada while give Sikh kids someone look up to.. Obviously having some professional athletes in our community is a positive thing. So I fail to see why anyone would be negative about it.
  23. History was made last night in NBA draft with Dallas drafting Satnam Singh. He is first Indian born player to ever be drafted in NBA. Source: http://www.nba.com/india/news/the_biggest_leap_yet_for_india_2015_06_26.html Last year, Sim Bhullar (Canadian of Sikh/Punjabi background) made history to be first Punjabi to sign NBA contract and play in NBA. Nice to see our community finding some success in sports (especially sport like basketball and playing in NBA which is arguably one of toughest professional leagues to play in).
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