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  1. She has started doing around 400 mool mantar daily and told me today that when she does mool mantar,she can feel God sitting nearby her. I find it an interesting spiritual experience from someone who has not heard any katha on mool mantar.
  2. See? Alcohol is so powerful even nihangs need fear of sangat to not overindulge. And u accept grihistis who are under so much pressure and stress and with no sangat to be able to handle alcohol all by themselves? Please realize that behangams (celibate, non-working such as Dera taksalis/nihangs and nanaksari babas) sikhs have a different maryada than grihistis who have jobs and kids to take care of. And also just cuz its historical doesnt mean its right. The british recorded nihangs drinking alcohol. Cuz it happened. Not cuz the nihangs were right in drinking it. Why do u think nihangs were kicked out of harmandir sahib? Singh sabha had evidence about how bad they were behaving. And they used that evidence to rile up ppl afainst the nihangs. u hv a good point. leave aside alcohol, nihangs put too much sukha(cannabis) in shaheedi degh too. there is no doubt that nihang organizations need some improvements. But we must appreciate their positives too.
  3. wat about the British sources mentioning Singhs drinking liquor?
  4. dallysingh 101 veer jee wat do u think of drinking alcohol in small amounts like 30-40 ml before sleeping?
  5. I know some nihangs who drink alcohol. they just slowly sip around 40 ml of alcohol before sleeping and they get up at 1 am for doing simran. these nihangs hv fear of sangat of fellow nihangs and they never over drink. All the problems mentioned in ur post are of manmukh Sikhs over drinking alcohol. they abuse alcohol.
  6. yes and in the end of the charitar, the author mentions that He needs green cup. even at the start of fatehnama there is mention of shaheedi degh.
  7. wat about hikaytan? It clearly mentions green cup(shaheedi degh). if i am not wrong, it mentions alcohol too.
  8. alcohol is mentioned twice in Krishna avatar Dasam Granth Ji. https://www.manglacharan.com/post/guru-gobind-singh-on-alcohol-krishnavtar https://www.manglacharan.com/post/krishna-s-presents-alcohol-sri-dasam-guru-granth-sahib
  9. I am not saying that Sikhs shud start drinking alcohol. All I am saying is that alcohol is not a bajjar kurehit and can be used as a medicine as it has strong medicinal qualities.
  10. William Franklin 1798-1803 Seiks are remarkably fond of the flesh of the jungle Hog, which they kill in chance, this food is allowable by their law. They likewise eat of mutton and fish, but these being deemed unlawful, the Bramins will not partake, leaving those who chuse to transgress their institutes to answer for themselves. In the city or in the field the Seiks never smoke tobacco; they are not however averse to drinking spirituous liquors, in which they sometimes indulge to an immoderate excess;
  11. some nihangs drink alcohol even today and there r some old British sources which says that Singhs drank liquor back then too. 1809-- Asiatic Annual Register by E Samuel A Sikh wanting to become a Singh, finds no difficulty in accomplishing his proselytism. He goes to the Akali, or priests of the sect, at Amritsar, who ask him if he wishes to become a convert to their persuasion, and if so, to produce proofs of his determination ; upon which the convert breaks with his own hands, the small thread, or cord, worn across the shoulders by most of the Hindoo sects, and after the performance of certain ceremonies, he is given to drink a sherbet made of sugar and water, from the hand of an Akali. After this initiation, he never shaves his beard, nor cuts his hair, and ought not, according to a rigorous observance of the doctrines, to pair his nails, but that is dispensed with, though contrary to the rules of the lawgiver. Now become a Singh, Ire is heterodox, and distinct from the Hindoos, by whom he is considered as an apostate. He is not restricted in his diet, but is allowed, by tlie tenets of his new religion, to devour whatever food his appetite may prompt, excepting beef. He is allowed also to drink every kind of liquor, such as the Singhs. The Sikhs are those, who (if originally Hindoos,) together with the peculiar tenets and observances prescribed to the sect by its founder, Nanak, retain firmly the institutions of their faith, in strict conformity to the doctrines of Brahma
  12. https://www.ayurshilpi.com/post/ayurvedic-view-on-alcohol Conclusion Alcoholic drinks have to be consumed with respect to the body constitution, digestive capacity, and health condition, along with a balanced diet. If consumed wisely, it excels over any medicine in terms of health preservation.
  13. But ayurveda is a respected science. many Gursikhs r ayurveda doctors.
  14. met an ayurveda expert recently and he said that low/moderate use of alcohol has many health benefits according to ayurveda. even the research agrees plz read this https://www.upi.com/Health_News/2020/06/29/Low-moderate-alcohol-consumption-may-improve-cognitive-function/2711593453378/
  15. Richard Wolff studied in Harvard, Stanford and Yale university.
  16. https://m.punjab.punjabkesari.in/punjab/news/muslim-groom-wears-turban-thank-sikhs-pictures-viral-on-social-media-1133988?amp
  17. https://www.sciencealert.com/study-shows-the-south-pole-is-warming-three-times-faster-than-the-rest-of-earth
  18. In last 10 years or so , cricket has gained popularity in rural punjab. kabaddi was always popular in pinds but in last 7-8 years has become popular in cities too due to the kabaddi world cup started by punjab govt. hockey has always had a strong base in rural punjab.
  19. present day professional cricketers hv gr8 athleticism. T20 cricket is short and very popular and present day cricketers earn lots of money.
  20. Allah likes cricket more than football. Those who leave cricket and play football r kafirs and will pay a big price. jokes!
  21. In Ludhiana cricket is no.1 sport and school level cricket is full of sardaar boys with joorra. May be sikh parents don't see sport as a career option and want their kids to be doctors/engineers. I feel Gurdwara Sahib shud give some financial award to sikh kids who excel in sports. I know a local young cricket coach in Ludhiana who went for talent hunt in nearby villages and was amazed to see the talent. He found a 16 year old boy bowler hitting 140 km/hr.
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