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  1. we Sikhs shud stop being soft targets and be more street smart. look how banniyaa kejriwal fooled us and took our millions of rupees.
  2. Puratan Singhs used to keep the tusk of wild boar in their dumalla or gatra to irritate the Muslims.
  3. Contrary to domestic pigs, wild pigs r very clean animals. When Hunter shoots a wild hog, the hog becomes very aggressive and runs towards the direction from where the bullet came and dies on the way. Puratan Singhs loved the meat of wild hog. It's very tasty and good for health.
  4. Puratan Singhs loved wild boar.Even today nihangs do shikaar of wild boar. Bhai Daya Singh ji's rehitnama prohibits domestic pig meat and donkey meat. Mohsin Fani's Dabistam I mazahib(1650s) and malcolm's Sketch of the Sikhs(1812) mentions that Guru Nanak Sahib banned pork.
  5. Water of Amritsar is blessed and that's why anything cooked in Amritsari water becomes tasty. My hindu friend who never drinks tap water has his in-laws in Amritsar and whenever he visits Amritsar he has loads of tap water.
  6. many people in ludhiana don't eat fish as fish is full of lead due to polluted waters. Amritsari fish is very popular and tasty.
  7. Some nihangs don't like the way fish is caught by fishermen. According to them, fish shud be hunted(shikaar). either teer kamaan shud be used(which is very tough but puratan nihangs were master's of bow/arrow). Other way is to dive in water and catch the fish with one hand and immediately kill it with knife.
  8. budhaa nallah was black and will be black again when factories reopen after corona threat. Hazuri Singhs definitely eat meat and shud be eating fish too.
  9. this change in colour has mainly happened in the last couple of weeks as factories have been in lockdown mode. We 'scientific educated intelligent ' human beings r burden on mother earth.
  10. https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/explained-how-buddha-nullah-turned-from-a-stream-into-a-stinking-drain-now-polluting-river-sutlej-5943332/
  11. https://www.indiatoday.in/trending-news/story/infosys-employee-says-spread-the-coronavirus-in-facebook-post-gets-fired-1660634-2020-03-28
  12. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-29/pessimistic-indian-doctors-brace-for-tsunami-of-virus-cases
  13. https://www.news18.com/news/opinion/pandemic-on-the-move-with-thousands-of-migrant-workers-covid-19-may-have-travelled-to-villages-with-no-labs-hospitals-2555735.html
  14. Sikhs need to go to jungle and start doing shikaar.
  15. I have this strong feeling that shaheedi degh will cure coronavirus.
  16. wonderful! tough times r coming for the entire world! Sikhs need to become nihangs and start reading Sarbloh Granth Ji on top of Dasam Granth Ji and Guru Granth Sahib ji.
  17. Singhs doing seva in Delhi VID-20200328-WA0005.mp4
  18. labourers returning to their native places from Delhi. VID-20200328-WA0004.mp4
  19. So there is day night difference between "mother" Teresa and Bhagat Puran Singh ji. how unfair this world is! dear veer, how was zoroaster? was he the first man to talk about 1 God.?
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