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  1. 14 minutes ago, Shaheed4life said:

    Not sure of that but hopefully they will stop being arrogant and won't take everything for granted. Everything is too nice right now.I honestly feel like something is just going to happen and shake everyone out from their fake reality.

    Bhul Chuk Maf 🙏

    I agree

    something really bad is around the corner.

    Our present civilization and way of life is a burden on earth and nature.

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  2. https://www.wionews.com/world/bee-populations-are-declining-drastically-find-out-how-this-phenomenon-can-wreak-havoc-globally-321218

    Due to the disappearing numbers of bees, crop yields for apples, cherries, and blueberries across the US has crumbled. And this is not just a US-phenomenon, but is pan-Earth. The end? ... Without honeybees and wild bees, most of the world's crops will suffer and face major declines.17-Aug-2020

  3. 7 hours ago, Shaheed4life said:

    Veer you talk of 50 years i feel its gonna be this year.😂🤦. Tensions have increased in my neighbouring countries.I study history and I can see some patterns repeating.

    For example before WW2 Japan became a miltaristic government and became aggressive.Then U.S.A put sanctions and trade embargos on Japan causing Japan to be more aggressive and invade southeast Asia.

    Now Myanmar is taken over by Military.U.S.A has put trade embargos and sanctions again.Lets hope the pattern does not repeat.


  4. 36 minutes ago, TigerForce1 said:

    Could you elaborate what bimaari is that you are trying to medicate?  Also can you reference where it is written that hemp and marijuana are a ‘gift from god’.

    I’d also like to ask if the benefits can out way risks of triggering schizophrenia and also what is there a need for it, if it carries a social stigma when you can easily get your hands on modern pharmaceutical medicine which can cure or treat ailments. 

    Also understand that I am not knocking you for promoting its use, but I just want understand what it is within Jhatka meat and Cannabis that so many young Singhs are searching for?  What does one lack in day to day functioning if you refrain from these.  Also does one become a better Sikh for using it.  Also does a Nihung Singh that refrains from meat and cannabis no longer become a Nihung Singh if he refrains from these.

    hemp doesn't get u high and is a wonder plant that can give u food, clothing and house.

    marijuana gets u high and can cure any disease known to man including cancer.

    shaheedi degh is made using marijuana.

    u can be a nihang even if u don't hv jhatka and shaheedi degh.

    but if u do ninda of shaheedi degh and jhatka, u r not a nihang Singh.

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  5. http://deghtegh.blogspot.com/?m=1

    Cannabis Facilitates a Deeper Connection Between Parents and Children

    By enhancing our patience, and sense of play and wonder, cannabis can enable parents to connect more closely with their children. Dr. Marian Fry, in a survey of California clinicians who provide cannabis approvals, reported that cannabis-using parents saw an “enhanced flexibility and an ability to identify the child’s needs as those of a separate and unique individual. . . . Patients say cannabis makes them less self-centered and egocentric…” . Dr. Fry’s comments are echoed in a recent article by a cannabis using mother on Babble.com, a web site for mothers. The article generated 72 comments—mostly from other moms, and overwhelmingly favorable.

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  6. http://deghtegh.blogspot.com/?m=1

    Cannabis Facilitates Compromise

    By calming emotion, promoting self-reflection, and enhancing gentleness, cannabis promotes forgiveness and compromise, and thereby can aid powerfully in the resolution of a wide array of disputes, from lovers quarrels to business matters to political disagreements. Science may not yet have begun to study this one, but the ability of cannabis to promote forgiveness is a regular topic at on-line cannabis related discussion forums.
    Human health and wellness are not mechanical matters. We are not machines, we are not purely physical beings. We have souls, and those souls must be nurtured. Raising our children, resolving our disputes, writing our poems and singing our songs: these things too are a part of wellness.

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  7. 18 minutes ago, TigerForce1 said:

    As per my understanding which might be incorrect, I always thought the wood used is from dead branches as they are dry and cured perfect for firewood.  The trees are still living as whole living trees are not felled.

     Even if they are alive and dead branches from the trees are used, then they are still gathering kamai later for their liberation.  
    The same could be applied to the ingredients used for the preparation of Langar.  

    yes that's true

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