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  1. https://www.indiatoday.in/trending-news/story/infosys-employee-says-spread-the-coronavirus-in-facebook-post-gets-fired-1660634-2020-03-28
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-29/pessimistic-indian-doctors-brace-for-tsunami-of-virus-cases
  3. https://www.news18.com/news/opinion/pandemic-on-the-move-with-thousands-of-migrant-workers-covid-19-may-have-travelled-to-villages-with-no-labs-hospitals-2555735.html
  4. Sikhs need to go to jungle and start doing shikaar.
  5. I have this strong feeling that shaheedi degh will cure coronavirus.
  6. wonderful! tough times r coming for the entire world! Sikhs need to become nihangs and start reading Sarbloh Granth Ji on top of Dasam Granth Ji and Guru Granth Sahib ji.
  7. Singhs doing seva in Delhi VID-20200328-WA0005.mp4
  8. labourers returning to their native places from Delhi. VID-20200328-WA0004.mp4
  9. So there is day night difference between "mother" Teresa and Bhagat Puran Singh ji. how unfair this world is! dear veer, how was zoroaster? was he the first man to talk about 1 God.?
  10. So that's why Christian nuns do seva of poor,lepers. was mother Teresa a good lady?
  11. Thanks again Can u plz tell a bit more about Jesus? Did he order killing of other tribes and women?
  12. The Muslim world's most respected Quran expositor, Ibn Kathir, has this to say in explanation: The Prohibition of Supporting the Disbelievers Allah prohibited His believing servants from becoming supporters of the disbelievers, or to take them as comrades with whom they develop friendships, rather than the believers. Allah warned against such behavior when He said, (And whoever does that, will never be helped by Allah in any way)[part of Qur'an 3:28] meaning, whoever commits this act that Allah has prohibited, then Allah will discard him. Similarly, Allah [the Qur'an] said, (O you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies as friends, showing affection towards them), until, (And whosoever of you does that, then indeed he has gone astray from the straight path.) [Qur'an 60:1]. Allah said, (O you who believe! Take not for friends disbelievers instead of believers. Do you wish to offer Allah a manifest proof against yourselves) [Qur'an 4:144], and, (O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as friends, they are but friends of each other. And whoever befriends them, then surely, he is one of them.)[Qur'an 5:51]. Allah said, after mentioning the fact that the faithful believers gave their support to the faithful believers among the Muhajirin [those who moved with Muhammad to Medina], Ansar [people from Medina who helped Muhammad] and Bedouins, (And those who disbelieve are allies of one another, (and) if you do not behave the same, there will be Fitnah and oppression on the earth, and a great mischief and corruption.) [Qur'an 8:73]. Allah said next [in Qur'an 3:28, which many Islamic scholars say was produced after the above verse, 8:73] (unless you indeed fear a danger from them) meaning, except those believers who in some areas or times fear for their safety from the disbelievers. In this case, such believers are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly. For instance, Al-Bukhari [compiler of the most canonical hadith collection] recorded that Abu Ad-Darda [a companion and pupil of Muhammad] said, "We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.'' Al-Bukhari said that Al-Hasan said, "The Tuqyah [or taqqiyah, deception on behalf of Islam] is allowed until the Day of Resurrection.'' "We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them." A deception "allowed until the Day of Resurrection." Thus you have a mainstream pious Islamic idea of "friendship" with non-believers. wow! great information! thanks
  13. Thanks for this information. I heard basics of sikhi founder Bhai Sahib Jagraj Singh ji say that Jesus was a saint.Is that true? Can u in brief compare the lives of Muslim prophet and Jesus? Also shed some light on Moses, Abraham and other prophets of Semitic Faith?
  14. https://sikhsiyasat.net/2020/03/26/jamia-teachers-association-condemns-massacre-of-sikhs-in-afghanistan/
  15. Gurbani again and again talks about Gurmukhs and manmukhs. So basically manmukhs are killers of humanity.
  16. can u elaborare plz? I always thought christianity was better than brutal Islam.
  17. Thanks. Without Satguru , there is no Naam and without Naam, the world has gone insane.Gurmat is the only truth in this world.
  18. Mohammad Qasim Aurangabadi wrote an eye witness account of baba Banda Singh bahadur shaheedi. book can be read at http://www.sikhbookclub.com/Book/Ahwal-ul-Khawaqin-by-Aaurangabadi Aurangabadi uses harsh words for Sikhs but ultimately praises them by saying "sikhan wargi kaum paida nahin hoyee".
  19. https://sikhdigitallibrary.blogspot.com/2019/11/amarnama-pharsi-mool-panjabi-utara-tey.html?m=1
  20. http://panjabdigilib.org/webuser/searches/displayPage.jsp?ID=3173&page=1&CategoryID=1&Searched=
  21. curfew in punjab. govt. in panic mode. Real data of corona patients not being made public.
  22. http://www.panjabdigilib.org/webuser/searches/displayPage.jsp?ID=3331&page=1&CategoryID=1&Searched=W3GX&sbtsro=0
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