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  1. http://www.fastcoexist.com/3060908/the-world-is-nearing-peak-fossil-fuels-especially-the-developed-world The World Is Nearing Peak Fossil Fuels (Especially The Developed World)
  2. http://www.maritime-executive.com/editorials/oil-demand-is-not-going-to-slow-down
  3. http://www.dnaindia.com/scitech/report-global-warming-john-kerry-sees-looming-climate-catastrophe-after-arctic-visit-2225350
  4. Global warming alert! Even warmer days ahead http://www.newsx.com/health-science/33293-global-warming-alert-even-warmer-days-ahead
  5. I live in Punjab and this year's summer has been more warm compared to previous years. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-if-global-warming-emptied-india/
  6. http://presstv.ir/Detail/2015/12/12/441334/Humans-global-warming-
  7. http://www.globalresearch.ca/peak-oil-and-climate-collapse-can-society-make-the-transition-in-time/5528996
  8. what a nice way of talking with ur fellow sikh. thanks a lot
  9. Even today, the Chakarvarti Dal Panth keeps extremely strong rehit and extremely strong pehra of sarbloh bibek which includes water from well/river. http://www.babasurjeetsingh.com/ Dhan Dhan Dal Panth! Dhan Dhan Akali Baba Surjeet Singh Ji!
  10. Khalsa Panth had loads of mahaan gursikhs with very high avastha both in Dal Panth as well as in civilian population. More rehit u keep, more simran u do, more charrdikala u get
  11. In amrit sanchar for civilians, bana was not a mandatory requirement. The amritdharis were told to wear modest clothing and if possible bana. In amrit sanchar for soldiers, bana was a mandatory requirement. Some Dal Panth jathas used to give rehit of very very very strong sarbloh bibek pehra for the new soldiers joining the jatha. Dietary bibek within the Dal Panth was way too strong as compared to the dietary bibek of civilian amritdharis.
  12. Dear Veer, According to you, Sikh Panth has the right to create a new takht ie Damdama sahib. So if we can create one new takht, we can also create new takhts in england, america etc. According to me, we dont have right to create a new takht. Damdama Sahib is not a takht and Budha Dal is the moving takht. Dhan Dhan Dal Panth! Dhan Dhan Akali Baba Mitt Singh Ji Dhan Dhan Akali Baba Tara Singh Ji Dhan Dhan Akali Baba Surjit Singh Ji Dhan Dhan Akali Baba Joginder Singh Ji Dhan Dhan Akali Baba Prem Singh Ji
  13. Dear Veer, U are a wonderful Sikh Brother of mine, but sometimes I get the feeling that you are a bit pro-damdami taksal and u dont have much faith in Dal Panth. Do we have the right to create a new takht?According to me answer is no.
  14. Dear Brother, U are making a big mistake by calling Nihang Singhs useless. They are like GOLD. They need some minor improvements.Thats it
  15. Am I not a son of Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj ? Cant I know a thing or two ?
  16. there has to be a moving takht. If we believe in 5 stationary takhts, there will be problem. We will need to open new takhts in Europe, America,Canada,Australia,kenya etc etc.
  17. Eco-friendly lives of Nihangs Singhs at Harianvela -- A foreigner's account We were in Punjab in the lead up to the Sikh Tercentenary of 1999, just months before mobile phones moved in to herald the new millennium. Now each time we return it is harder to forget western civilisation and the 21st century. The cacophony of tacky ringtones doesn't blend so easily with the stillness of prayer or the beat of spiritual music. Nick had actually been living and photographing at this camp for a while by the time I went to stay there with him from the small village where I was then living in at the oth
  18. Damdami Taksal is not just a school of Gurbani learning. Damdami Taksal is also Police of Khalsa Panth. Damdama Sahib, Talwani Sabo is Police headquarters of Khalsa Panth. A school of gurbani learning does not need a Jathedaar whereas a police body needs a head/jathedaar.
  19. Dal Panth in 18th century used to conduct 2 types of amrit sanchars. One for civilian population and one for new soldiers enterning Dal Panth. In the amrit sanchar for new soldiers, strong rehit was given by Punj Pyaras and amrit sanchar was conducted in the presence of Aad Guru Darbaar, Dasam Guru Darbaar and Sarbloh Guru Darbaar. In this amrit sanchar, Punj pyare used to give the order of doing 6 banis in the morning nitnem and the 6th bani was Sri Chandi di Vaar. Dhan Dhan Dal Panth!
  20. After doing some reading, there is no doubt in my mind that Shiromani Panth Akali Budha Dal is Punjva(5th) Takht, Chalda Vaheer. Damdama Sahib, talwandi sabo is not 5th takht.
  21. Raj Karega Khalsa! Khalistan Zindabad! We need to spread Khalsa Raj all over the world and at the same time, we shud prepare a list of all the politicians, judges, media vale, police vale and army vale who killed or played a part in killing 2.5 lakh sikhs in Punjab in the 80's and early 90's.
  22. pyare veer, Yes I am foolish too. Shastar Vidya and Shastar Abhiyaas are indispensable part of Khalsa Lifestyle and Khalsa Rehit. Without Shastar, there will be no Khalsa.
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