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  1. Who do you take yourself to be? Then we will de construct your misidentity.

    Vaheguru! I'm afraid I'm no where near your level of understanding of Gurbanee and the world Veerji, you're going to have to break it up for this moorakh sister of yours and explain somewhat simply! I can't get my head around such deep thoughts, only a beginner!

    Forgive me for my lack of understanding.

  2. Everything is Prewritten- God is the All Knower, hence he knows your past present and future. If you rise in bhagti, it's hukam and if you fall, that's also hukam.

    Doing ardas for something you Want is not respecting His hukam- the path he mapped out for you.. This is why wants and desires have no place in bhagti.

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji accepted the hukam for his sons to die, and for many of his devotees to die also- other Gurus accepted the hukam for many worldly harships. True love is about accepting Hukam- loving God regardless of what he does to us- we continue our bhagti full speed ahead regardless of worldly events(whether good or bad happening around us or to us.) The bhagat eventually remains in anand regardless of what happens as pain and pleasure have become one and the same- as Truth(God) is both/ is in every action.

    In light of the first line about everything being prewritten, if you do ardas, it was hukam for you to do so- your prayer Is Always heard (regardless of any doubts you may have(any doubts indicate you not having given your head fully to the Guru))- but it was always hukam(destiny) for you to do ardas and for that prayer to be heard.

    What happens to us is Always what we deserve according to our deeds(karam). There is no left or right hand road(duality), theres only one road(story God's written for us- no it's or buts of what can or could have been) which is completely deserved- hukam is always perfect no matter how it appears(through the false images and 6 senses of maya) in the worldly maya khel. Our aim is to detach and see God/Truth in All- to see All as One, to remain in truth(naam- all pervading balanced gyan of Truth) throughout everything.


    Forgive me for my ignorance, but if everything is Hukam, then where does free will come into play? Why are we held accountable for actions when it was prewritten that we'd commit them?

    I'm very confused, please shed some light on this!

    Thank you

  3. Well not really. The "purpose" of poop is to excrete harmful materials out of your body....and that is what it does....

    "Purpose" of cannines , digestive juices , build-up of our digestive system etc is to digest meat ..... Your analogy is wrong here...

    Same argument can be made "Well , God also gave us poop...should we not clean it ....should we keep it? Similarly , hairs can also be trimmed/cut ..." ...See your argument falls on its face.

    My intention wasn't to present an argument to your specific question lol, I was just saying that nothing is what it seems to be. Just because things exist it doesn't mean they should be used, and just because certain things don't make sense to you it doesn't mean they're wrong.

    Waheguru is the only one that knows the ins, outs and secrets of this universe. Who am I to explain the meanings behind the Guru's hukams? I know nothing, I merely say 'satbachan'.

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  4. From what I understand of nindya, it is to do with gossiping about or slandering somebody. The key issue is that even if you justify nindya with "It's true" it is still nindya.

    Although what confuses me is if you were talking about somebody, and for example, you were telling a friend or relative to be careful of someone with dubious intentions or motivations would that still be classed as nindya? Can saying something as innocuous as "Be careful" be classed as nindya?!?

    I would just say don't say anything that doesn't need to be said. If Guru Ji was standing next to you, and he heard what you were saying...would he approve? I kind of take it to mean don't gossip or slander anyone purely for kicks/enjoyment/to taint their image/reputation. But, if you're genuinely concerned or worried about a family member's or friend's interactions with someone...I would say that's ok?

  5. Qualities of a good wife is that she doesn't just wear Satguru's Kakkars but actually respects them and practices Sikhi. Too many bibian today just have the look, but from the inside they are empty. They are full of western thought of what equality is (im equal i can wear a skirt........where in Gurbani does it say i can't dress half naked) Sikh men are not scared to help in the kitchen or do other house chores when they have time out of their busy days. If the wife is not working and expects the husband to come home and do house chores after work. Then make sure you run the 8 mile from this lazy, free loading, self-absorbed, cunning woman. If you get married to such a woman, then make sure your and/or your dads assets are secured legally and she can't get to them. I know some Singhs fall for the lies the bibi tells them.........i'm working to better myself............im not at that level yet...........these are all excuses. Once you are married then the bibi has you trapped and can behave in whatever way she chooses. Happened to a guy who wasn't into Sikhi, who i knew, but this guy sent the wife packing to her parents home as soon as she started doing whatever her lazy behind wanted. A month later this bibi came back to her husbands parents house and from that day forward knew she can't pull tricks with this guy. The husband deserves a siropa, but deserves a smack across the head for getting tied up with such a bibi in the first place.

    If she doesn't have intergity then you are destroying your life and your parents life. Any bibi that pushes or wants physical contact with a Singh before marriage is all bad news. Any bibi that tells you she will take Amrit after marriage is also bad news. She doesn't practice for Guru Sahib, but only to attain worldly enjoyments.

    Basically you want a Bibi that practices Sikhi for Guru Sahib. So nitnem, making an honest living, and doing seva is for Guru Sahib. If she gets lazy very fast then it will be like pulling a stubborn bull up a mountain to get her to do something. If she has a clever attitude then that is a sign she will do anything to get out of doing seva, nitnem, and making an honest living.

    Even if still you get married to a stubborn bull, then trick her one day to visit her parents house for a week with a long trip to an amazing place. The Stubborn bull will pack most of her clothing. Once you get there. Throw the stubborn bull and the suit cases out. Then enjoy rest of your life knowing you stood up to a stubborn bull and you just gave hope to all the fallen Singhs to stubborn bulls. Who can't leave their stubborn bulls because they are deeply stuck in kaam and moh.

    A bibi that practices Sikhi for Guru Sahib doesn't get fustrated because she is lacking physical contact from her husband. She is content with the householder way as Satguru practiced with his wife and in the same way how Sant Baba Jarnail SIngh Ji Khalsa practiced with his wife. She knows what to expect as a Gursikh gets married. We get this one chance to attain mukti, don't waste it on a spouse who keep using worldly desires to fullfill them over and over. A mad wife for a week is nothing compared to travelling millions of miles to get back to the spiritual state you were before the physical contact out of kaam and moh.

    Excellent, I couldn't agree more.

    But, it goes both ways. As a woman, I wouldn't want to be stuck with a lazy Singh either!

    TO the penji before, I think it's completely fine, and you are very very lucky! But you know what? He is also very lucky! Too many people these days look Gursikh on the outside but like the above Veerji said, are empty on the inside. Atleast you WANT to progress in your Sikhi! I have too many friends who are stuck with partners that are just like everyone else, polluted with Maya, no will to better themselves...only difference is they have a dastaar on their heads! Then there's also too many people who just do their nitnem every day and attend Gurdwara once a week, no desire to take any step further...stuck in a rut....that is also a problem. Sikhi is all about learning, and the best learners are those who have a will, an inner desire, to learn more :)

    To the OP: I think the best thing a Gursikh partner can do is just simply support and encourage the other to progress spiritually, help each other on the road to attaining that all-powerful chardikala mindset, and just be better Sikhs in general.


    Bhul Chuk Maaf

  6. As far as I know and am concerned, Balwant Singh Rajoana has not said anything AGAINST anyone, he is simply asking for answers. In regards to Professor Bhullar, he said that the Khalsa should not beg for mercy, has also said that he will pray for Devinderpal Singh Bhullar's chardeekala but his fight is different.

    Here's a link to what he says about Prof Bhullar:

    Also, in regards to Hawara and what not, the only complaint Bhai Sahib has against them is that they are denying that there was ever a bomb tied to Bhai Dilawar Singh, and Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana thinks this undermines Bhai Dilawar Singh's shaheedi.

    They have different viewpoints. Neither is wrong. There's no reason to attack Bhai Balwant Singh (or Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara).

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