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  1. 500million muslims in asia, is 100% coz of the sword, and sufi influence. In panjab islam spread via sufi influence, but kashmir and south india was 100 million sqwillion % thru the sword. R u tellin me the shaheedis of Guru Arjan Devi ji/Guru Tegh Bahadur/2 smaller Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh/Banda Singh Bahadur/Women n kids of Mir Mannu Jail and countless other shaheeds all fabricated lies? They were ALL tortured and given choices of choosin islam.. or martyrdom, n they all beautifully chose death, and thank GOD!!! All the hindus and buddhist who didnt have the fight within them 2 become matryrs, all converted 2 islam n therefore the numbers grew.

    im so thankful my ancestors ensured im born as a son of a sardar. muslims refusal 2 admit their ancestors were raped into islam, is a joke, evry1 knows it.

  2. why has my post been deleted? for speakin the truth? i never bashed islam ONCE in my post, simple facts bowt how muslim empires spread emselves, n how this non-beliver is pushin his crap on our SIKHsangat! this is gettin ridiculous, i made so many rebuttals n good points, MODS i demand u re-consider n put my magnificent post back up, that guy was full of it bowt his crappy so called "heritage" of empires, whic h was built on rape n zabardasti behaviour. wud they have deleted a pro-sikh post on a muslim board, answer is YES, n wud they have deleted a response 2 that post by a muslim, NEVER!!!

    Reposted here, don't name call and post things that condone violence. I've edited your post and took a few things out that would be deemed as promoting violence or insensitivity.

    silly like u make me laugh, how u glorify ur islamic rule, which was substantial, but also illegal and done thru the sword and in forced/zabardasti fashion on the ppl of the land. FACT is, isnt it a coincedence that the 2 largest religions in the world (in terms of numbers) r the 2 religions which have been spread by the sword? The romans did it, british did it, arabs (who have robbed iran of its beautiful pre-islamic culture) did it, afghans did it, turks did it, muslim mughals did it, all done by the sword. Thats the only reason ur religion and "civilisation" was a superpower for many centuries. next u will b tellin me how jahanghir and aurangzeb r ur heroes.

    Also regardin my comments, [CUT] we cudnt jus sit back, despite bein outnumbered, we taught alot of ppl a lesson they wudnt forget. i find it incredibly funny how u scoff at my pride of choppin ppl in 47' yet ur religion has spread in this exact same way.

    FACT is also, if sikhs durin the misls and maharaja ranjit singhs period, had decided 2 do wat islamic rulers did, which is 2 forcefully convert the ppl of the land conqured, THERE WUD B NO MUSLIMS north of delhi today, aka NO PAKISTAN/KASHMIR/TRIBAL AREAS, possibly even NO Muslims in AFGHANISTAN, who knows where hari singh nalwa and the nihangs would have stopped.

    The editor of the titt Bits newspaper of England wrote in one of his columns around 1881:- "Some people might think that Napoleon was a great General. Some might name Marshall Hendenburgh, Lord Kitchener, General Karobzey or Duke of Wellington etc. And some going further might say Halaku Khan, Changez Khan, Richard or Allaudin etc. But let me tell you that in the North of India a General of the name of Hari Singh Nalwa of the Sikhs prevailed. Had he lived longer and had the sources and artillery of the British, he would have conquered most of Asia and Europe…."

    the only muslim emperor i ever rated was emperor akbar, who like maharaja ranjit singh, allowed ppl 2 follow watever dharam they wanted, if this had been done by any of the evil muslim rulers, then most of the middle east wud still b jewish/christian populated, afghanistan wud b a buddhist country and iran wud b a zoroastrian superpower. i only rate sufi's, who have spread islam through naam jappin gods name thru music, which ironically muslims r disgusted by.

    here's a question, AFTER 1947' the borders had closed, 40% of pakistans population was non-muslim (sikh/hindu/christian), now in 2012, minorities population stands at a whoppin, get ready for it.......2-5%, WHERE HAVE THEY GONE? its in ur guys nature 2 never allow kafirs 2 enjoy freedom, so thast how ur "superpower" spreads all over the gaff

    romeo done!!

  3. it was crap anyway, y cudnt they jus make a comedy with jokes in it, rather than constant reference 2 their crappy religion or ethinicity? it was embarrasin viewin, also find it funny they cudnt handle the hijabi girls character, who is a fke practitioner of the religion, if u go 2 college, u c plenty of their girls r like that. dropped off by their dad (hijab on), they go inside the buildin, go tiolets, makeup on, hijab off, salwar off, tight jeans/top on!

  4. It is true that there were gunde (even if not as many as you'd think) who abused Sikh saroop and I actually know of people who did this (looting and stealing from innocent Hindus or banks) from stories I've heard that I know to be true mixed with real stories that happened to my relatives in Punjab of Punjab government dressing up as kharkoos.

    There was a story of one of my relatives who had opened the door to some kharkoos and they ate and left. Very early the next morning a group of Punjab police officers showed up and said you're harboring atvaadi, we know you are hand them over or we'll arrest you. The bibi recognized two of the police officers standing in the back and said it was them. They had connections with relatives so it was okay and nothing happened. Imagine if this were a family who didn't know better and didn't have any "khich" from relatives?

    Another story, again I'll be vague as possible was one of my relatives (not sure who it is but my dad told me about it) was about to get shot in a fake encounter because they said he was an atvadi. Turned out he was the son of a person in the government (don't remember what position). Someone who knew what was happening called his dad and he called and chewed them out and they were sorry.

    bro its a well known fact those atvaadis ur talkin bowt r "black cats"/kalay kachay of sumedh saini/alam/kp gill. officer ribeiro admitted this in his biography, 2 defame kharkoos n get the public 2 reject em

  5. It is banned/rejected by all, but the point i was making was that Cisco Bhaji seemed to think that the SS were against the puratan maryada of jhatka, which if you actually look at it, they were the ones who took the fight to get jhatka recognised as essential to the Sikhs pre-partition.

    The Sanatan Sikhs like to vilify EVERYTHING the SS did or stood for, but its simply not accurate, sure there are some things that the SS did, which I personally think are not in line with Gurmat, but there are some things in which they were absolutely right in doing, from gurmat point.

    Re Jhatka, this is one topic that they cannot vilify the SS for. In fact it was the SS that were doing the most to stop village Sikhs consuming halal. Not the Sanatanists or the Nihangs.

    kool thanks bro fro clearin that, cheers, i too do think singh sabha do get bashed an awful lot, they did bring a lot ofvconverts n old sikhi practiss bak frm extinction, cheers

    Bro he believes in that Hindu Devi Kalika just like that dude that called himself sikhreality on the havan thread.

    Sikhi is a joke to them.

    But these Devi's they worship are all that.

    Bhai Dilawar Singh Zindabaad!

    ok kool, yea Bhai Dilawar Singh Zindabaad!!!

  6. Returning to this site after a good few years I’m so glad I left the Sikh religion. The pure hatred just seems to flow even more so rampant, as the majority have clearly lost reason and understanding of the true essence of their timeless culture and faith. To the few who carry on against the crusaders of false truths your task here is pointless they’re not interested in any truth only their own manufactured belief systems that they have invested so much into. The formula is somewhat repetitive you only need to look at how many movements and mentalities have come and gone and which one remains. The one that remains may well be the minority but it’s the one that was chosen to last the span of time, by the will of the one who started the true tradition.

    wat religion do u follow now then?

  7. as the SIngh Sabha beleive that only Halal is forbidden for Sikhs and Jhatka is perfect for Sikhs.

    so wat do the opposition 2 the singh sabha groups think of halal then? do they not reject or accept it? i thort that dirty halaal gandha kuttha maas was banned by all? it jus seems from ur response ur sayin only singh sabha ppl reject halal. please clarify, coz im usually not very gud regardin meat issue in r dharam, cheers.

  8. I've just read about operation shanti on sikhiwiki. How do we know this is legit? If it is, then you're right, Indira was a second Hitler in the making. If this is what she was planning, I believe it is God who probably killed her himself.

    i cant remember too much of the apparant plans of operation shanti, but apparntly, indira/india wud spread all over the media, rumours/fake lies that the sikhs of panjab have joined with pakistan 2 invade india, and this wud then justify her 2 bomb the EFF out of panjab, particularly amritsar/jalandhar. and then invade pakistan. Beant/satwant r legends, wen they found out these plans, they made sure 2 asassinate her, ASAP, as she planned 2 do this on nov 8th (guru nanaks birthday), again like bluestar, attack wen sikhs r gatherin in large numbers.

  9. To anyone who identifies themself as an Indian:

    Why has your govt. killed your innocent brothers and sisters?

    Why have the killers become cabinet ministers?

    Why have crooked police officers been given awards?

    Why is Gandhi the hero of your country, when he made derogatory remarks about Guru Gobind Singh?

    Why did Pakistan approve a Sikh marriage act before India?

    Why are Sikhs still not recognized as a separate religion in India?

    Why did the Indian army slaughter Sikhs in Kashmir?

    Why were tanks brought into Golden Temple? Why were innocent pilgrims killed? Why was the attack done on a major Sikh holiday? Why was the library at Akal Takht burned?

    Why are they still discovering mass graves from the '84 Sikh Genocide? Why are the whisteblowers harassed? Why isn't anyone investigating?

    Why was Jaswant Singh Khalra abducted and killed for inquiring about the innocent Sikh youth killed by Punjab Police, under Congress Chief Minister Beant Singh?

    Why is Sikhi saroop, given by Guru Gobind Singh, relentlessly mocked in the Indian media?

    paaji THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT questions u have missed out is......

    why was the attack on harmandar sahib (op bluestar) planned in 1982, TWO yrs before 84', wen ("Terrorists werent even inside"), with the indian army general, SK Sinha REFUSIN 2 attack, coz hes actually got a brain and sharam, and himself sed had no reason to do so.

    If u find intelligence reports that ur house is gonna b attacked, and its been pre-planned for the past TWO years, wudnt u fortify/arm the family within it?

    Why were their fake golden temple's built all over north india, and practised upon, 2 emulate an invasion?

  10. Idk if we can even call today's Christianity the same as the Christianity of Jesus Christ. The bible was written hundreds of years after Jesus's death. It's incorporated a lot a of Pagan stuff as it spread through Europe. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. That's the same day the pagans celebrated the winter solstice. They used to cut down a tree and involve it in their celebrations too. Hel was a Nordic God of the underworld. There's more stuff that I can't remember off the top of my head.

    the original christianity of jesus was lost long ago...anyone who studied early christian schools of thought would know they had so many different sects....and from the council of nicene..only one made it through...its interesting to note groups like the gnostic christians accepted transmigration of the soul, and accepted jesus as a master/guru rather than god in flesh

    also guys regardin christmas bein celebrated on the 25th, did u guys know, thast not even jesus' brithday, but the day apparntly 3 wise men (zoroastrians incidently) went 2 visit him with gifts, thus presents r given nowadays. Also jesus' janamdin was actualy in the summer, yet even vicars will tell christmas was the birth of christ. its pathetic how their own heirachy of preachers n especially their follwers dontkno this fact. Also wen jesus (eesa) was made shaheed on the cross, his followers were asked by the romans, "is this geezer ur guru/leader", n they said "NO, we dont kno this guy or follow him", out of fear of bein killed by the romans, which i find shockin. In complete contrast, Guru Tegh Bahadur was shaheed by givin his sees/head for another dharam, n wen asked by the mughals wats ur last wish 2 bhai mati dass, mati dass replied "When I am being cut with the saw, let my face be towards my mentor so that I may behold my Guru till my last breath and he may keep on seeing me so that he may be convinced how happily I reach my last destination"!! please tell wat isai (christian) wud have a comeback 2 that? one prophets' followers skanked him, n the others were sawn in half whilst wantin 2 b facin their prophet ru-ba-ru (face2face). Im so proud our dad!!

  11. I SOOO WISH I CUD SWEAR @ this bandhar pro-indian,*removed* all sikhs who r pro indian govt n pro india, sikh populations problems wudda been down by atleast 50-60% had we had our own country by now , where we can make our own rules, and any non-beliver not likin our countries rules, can bugger off 2 *stan or pakistan, end of! also 99% sikhs bein anti khalistan, LOOOOOOL, yea ok watever mate, more n more ppl r wakin up as mentioned by previous poster. ONE question ive always wanted 2 ask sellout indian sikhs is, wen our country is made, wat will u do, wen ur pind ends up in r land, n ur officialy not an indian, will u join in celebrations, or will sit and sulk, SELLOUTS!

  12. Not entirely true. Blaming one or two group is knee j erk reaction..The problem is much deeper than that, as root the problem lies at punjabi tribalism. All samparda's and groups historically are affected by it- nihangs (seperate amrit for mabhzi sikhs), nirmale, udhasi, singh sabha (gurdwaras), bhindran taksal (seperate area for mabhzi sikhs), akj (all though they don't show it openly).

    Once sikh (regardless whichever jatha or samparda he/she from) mindset rises from punjabi tribalism..one will start seeing beauty of sikhi. Punjabiyaat tribalism have hijacked Gurmat by super imposing its own tribal thought on Gurmat.

    bro duz the budda dal have seperations? also u say its a panjabi tribalism, well duz the bihari and hazoor sahib takhts have this aswel, coz of course they aint panjabi, cheers

  13. hey guys, u may have seen sangat tv's youth show 2nite, live from southall (i think), the program was about a new horrifyin story, of a 10yr old sikh girl, Virpal kaur, from Moga, Panjab, who was disgustingly murdered by ppl in her village. The family, who believed she was possessed by a evil spirit/bhooth, after listenin 2 sum dumb dirty hindu black magic tantric scumbag, was beaten 2 death, by her auntie i believe. Apparantly theres some spot in the village where ppl go 2, 2 do some sort of act 2 rid themselves of watever the perceived problem is.

    When r ppl gona wake up? theres being illiterate and lackin knowledge, n then..... there is this, dispicable acts, the panth, has lost ANOTHER sister/daughter over pure BS. Im normally immune 2 these sorts of stories and videos of beheadings/jhatka/blood etc, but after havin seen this video, i feel incredibly weak and sad, very pankaj udaas over this. Yes ppl may say this has been happenin, n its nuthin new, but wen u c it in polaroid/film, its heartbreakin, Ive seen this behaviour from nigerian christians, on channel 4, but sikhs of panjab, sad sad. Gurbani is the only mantar that can tackle any crap black magic or watever problems u have, so if these ppl had parchar in the village, this crap wudnt have popped up. These no doubt govt planted agents make up stories of black magic possession, and randomly pick victims, especially poor ppl, have no shame.

    me im speechless, the presenter of 2nite show kam singh, was very moved and almost swore on live tv. Saday Panjab nu, patha ni kado jagrati ohni aa!!

    viewers discretion i might add:


  14. This song is from Kuldip Manak`s very famous album about how Singhs took out Massa Rangar. It was recorded during the 80s and it`s songs were indirectly hinting towards the Kharkoo Singhs. It was one of the most memorable hits of Kuldip Manak. My father told me how he used to love listening to this album. Heck, even I like to listen to this album today.

    yea i thort so, coz ive heard manaks 80's dharmik albums, i love the commentaries his gives b4 the song starts, sounds professional.

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