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  1. since we r uploadin khalistani tracks, heres a video by babbu maan, not necesarily about khalistan, but certainly about the killings of sons of panjab by the dirty govt/panjab police. NOTE: song i s very sad and upsettin (well i think it is) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdtUdgo7Gms also heres a kuldeep manak song, duno if its about khalistan movement, but it cud b interpreted as being so.
  2. bro regardin the cannons, theres a famous quote from rudyard kipling, in his book "kim", "Who hold Zam-Zammah, that 'fire-breathing dragon', hold the Punjab, for the great green-bronze piece is always first of the conqueror's loot." is this the cannons u were referrin 2, coz i have no knowledge regardin the puratan weapons/cavalry or watever u guys been sayin, interestin read tho, safe.
  3. yea i like that track, btw who was the famous khalistani u were referin 2, and where was he from in uk, is stil alive now? angrez ali, a panjabi bhangra singer, who grew up in gurdwara surroundings, used 2 sing khalistan songs, heres 1, which i love, hopefully he releases it! this was sung by him, @ the heights of the kharkoo movement watch from 3:10 onwards
  4. hurrrr is an old phrase 2 control ox's/bullocks n other bigger animals, and burrrrrah, is used 2 control goats
  5. its such a shame that hans raj hans has become a behsharam since this song, hes a badal da chamcha n doin bhangra infront of guru granth sahib with fake babay. btw mate, wat does "patta patta" mean in this songs context, i kno the rest of the line.
  6. Raaaaaaas clat man, raminderjeet singh gettin married with an ak47 instead of customary kirpan, HES A LEJJ!!!! also is that kuldeep manak indira song available anywhere 2 listen?
  7. hmmmmmm i see ur point bro, tbh these r true imo, coz there wud b no reason 2 make em up, but sayin that bro, u kno wat apnay r like, we r crap @ keepin records, which is y, it was the british that introduced birth certificates, coz ppl wud estimate their birthdays, thats y fauja singh (runner) is findin hard 2 legitimise his age 2 guiness world records. bro i thort that track was bowt abdali desecratin harmandar sahib, not bluestar. well if it was bowt bluestar, nuff respect 2 manak
  8. imo chamkila was either killed by panjab police/black cats n blamed on khalistanis, killed by surinder shinda, coz he was shinda's protege/pupil, n ended bein bigger than him or he was killed by amarjots brothers, coz she was ramgharia/tarkhan n chamila was chamar or naiy tribe, cant remember, n she was already married but walked out on her husband n was pregnant by chamkila too. also bro regardin veerendra, he was a big star in panjabi cinema, and @ that time of 86'-89', the khalistani kharkoos were on top of panjab police, so he was defo killed by panjab police/black cats 2 defame the kharkoos n therefore bring a daag/stain on their quest. dilshad akhtar as mentioned was also killed by probably kp gill/saini. also yes such singh soorma was real, cant believe u questioned that bro, his stories r legendary. His real name was sucha singh jawanda, u shud read some of his conquests over enemies, wicked stuff man, or listen 2 kuldeep manak/jazzy b song
  9. isnt ironic those same hindu hill rajas who fought vs Guru Gobind Singh (the king of ALL kings) and the dogras of north panjab/jammu (conspired against sikh empire) have got descendants runnin panjab into ruins, im talkin of course bowt the dirty badals. their religion may have changed down the family tree, but the backstabbin mentality is fresh as ever.
  10. kidda paaji, i highly doubt jagga jatt, was a member of the sikh empires army, coz he was born after 1900, round about 1901-1905, that im sure of, but regardin sikhs becomin dakus, i wudnt b suprised, anythin 2 oppose the british was done by apnay. Dakus like him, and later sucha singh soorma r sumink 2 b proud of. Even if they wern't gursikhs (they trimmed beards n drank sharab), they stil upheld the sikhi ethos, of never doin zabardasti of rapin n lootin innocents, they were wat the west call "a robin hood" type of person, who robbed the dirty rich (choudarys) and gave to the poor. Isnt it funny how the english have 2 make up fake characters of the past 2 give em an identity 2 b proud of (st george killin a dragon n robin hood), both fake ppl n made up, yet as sikhs n panjabis we got endless heroes 2 sing and learn about n look upto, i for 1 am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad im born in a sikh house and a panjabi house 2!! panjabi heroes: jagga jatt daku/sucha singh soorma/jeona mohr/abd'ullah bhatti (dullah bhatti)/(jamal n fatah rajputs)/udham singh/bhagat singh etc sikh heroes: ALL THE SHAHEEDS, the list is tooooo long, u kno who they r guys english heroes: St George (a turk not even english n a fake character)/robin hood (fake character, who i thort was genuine coz of nottinghams forests) scottish heroes: william wallace (legend n genuine babar sher of the highlands, nuff respect)!!, rob roy/im sure they have more, but im not educated enuff on their history. soz for the rant, safe
  11. yup remember wen a lot of high profile panjabi celebs were gunned down by black cats (kalay kachay) and panjab police, n it was blamed on khalistanis, 2 defame the movement. ppl like actor veerendra, singers like amar singh chamkila and amarjot. Also kuldeep manak especially joined in with khalistan approval, coz of dilshad akhtar, a panjabi folk singer, who gunned down by probably kp gills men, kuldeep manak, even tho he knew it was a waste of time, he stood in elections 2 try n bring justice for apnay!! Kuldeep manak is a legend, end of!!
  12. LOOOOOOOL "the only reason im born in this country is coz ur effin ppl bought my ppl here", ERRRM noo love, the only reason ur born in this coutry, is coz the british govt ASKED ur parents 2 come over here, as the british askd ppl of commonwealth countries 2 assist in buildin this crappy country up. Jamaica/India/Panjab/Pakistan/East Africa etc all were places where british ruled, and after givin these places independance, and in the 50's/60's the british asked ppl of these countries 2 help build this disastrous countires' economy. Always makes me laugh wen goreh say "WHO ASKED U PAKIIIIIS 2 come over Ere' In The First Place", and im like, "erm u do did u mugs". The only black ppl who came here as direct slaves, i belive, r the small concentration of black ppl in liverpool, which in the 1800's was the main shippin port for england. ''They all want to be f***ing black, they all put fat in their lips and their bottoms and sit down on the sun bed to be black.'' Lol she actually has a good point there, but she is defo paagal!! ''the same f****** diamond she has in her head, my people suffered for that.'' i dont kno if shes correct on that, not sure, but regardin 1 of the diamonds on her head, Maharaja Dalip Singh comes 2 mind.
  13. no problem bro, no need 2 say sorry its kool singh. btw yea ive seen the vid b4, sad, that ppl give up their sardari n even amritdharis give it up for another faith, coz of poverty. How is it that gurdwaras wont let certain types of ppl in? the openess/oneness is wat made sikhi the fastest growin religion in british panjab, with most converts, n now all the hardwork n effort dun by sikh missionaries/parcharaks/sant of the 1900's-1940s is goin down the drain. this guys grandparents or their grandparents were prolly in the exact same situation as hindus or muslims who were bein bullied by their "own ppl" n barred from mandirs/masjids, n then accepted sikhi 2 improve themselves. n aint it an irony, the so-called same ppl of that all inclusive faith r doin the same thing now as those hindus/muslims, gandh!!
  14. bro u right it bein irreversible, coz pakistanis still belive in it, jus as much as ppl in india n panjab. look @ the sullayy in england, these rajahs/gujjars/jatts/qureshis never inter-marry. btw mods can u delet my thread on this exact article. even tho i opened it first, before this thread, ppl have commented on this thread more, cheers
  15. mods close this thread, even tho i opened it first, ppl hav posted more on the other 1, cheers
  16. http://www.sikh24.com/2012/08/40-sikhs-convert-to-christianity-in-a-tarn-taran-district-village/#.UDPhNKNSQ1A BREAKING: 40 Sikhs Convert to Christianity in a Tarn Taran District Village Gurdwara Management's Treatment of "Low Caste" Sikhs Calls for Strict Action By: Sikh24 Editors Gurdwara Baba Bir Singh in village Dhotian, district Tarn Taran AMRITSAR SAHIB (August 21, 2012)–According to sources, today at approximately 3:30pm (India time), 40 Sikhs have converted to Christianity in the village Dhotian (ਢੌਟੀਆਂ) in district Tarn Taran. There are 31 Gurdwaras in the village and one historical shrine, Gurdwara Raja Ram in memory of Baba Bir Singh Naurangabad. Langar is served in the village’s large Gurdwara, but the Mahzbi Sikhs, or so-called “low castes,” are refused entry–contrary to the tenants of the Sikh faith. Baba Jagtar Singh, Kar Sewa Wale For the past few years, Baba Jagtar Singh of Tarn Taran Sahib has been doing ‘Kar Sewa’ (construction service). They have demolished the historical Gurdwara and rebuilt it in the name of sewa. Millions of rupees have been spent on the construction of a Gate and Langar Hall in which the so-called low castes are not allowed entry. Baba Jagtar Singh and the rest of his sewadars (volunteers) have been witnessed talking down to the so-called low caste Sikhs. This was the first missionary tour by the Christians in the village, which has led to 40 conversions of Sikhs who originate from the so-called low caste backgrounds. It is likely in the next missionary tour they will construct a church in the village. It is noteworthy that this is the village of the writer Jagjit Singh who authored the book ‘Sikh Inqalaab’ (Sikh Revolution) in which he strongly condemned the caste system and caste discrimination, in line with the Sikh faith. Since the time of the early Sikh Gurus, this village has been on the forefront for giving sacrifices for the Sikh religion and maintaining the Sikh religion. One of the leaders of the local Sikh youth who have been fighting the so-called “Kar Sewa Sant” (Jagtar Singh) and caste discrimination said, “If the Christians make a church then they will invest 50,000 rupees because they want the poor Sikhs (from the lower social backgrounds) to join them and give them equal status.” One group of Christian missionaries is very active on the banks of the River Beas in the village Dhahian. The ‘Mahzbi’ Sikhs in the villages where great Sikh freedom fighters hailed from like Shaheed Bhai Manochahal, Sangha, Naushira, Vein Poin, Nagoke, Sakheera and others are being groomed and converting to Christianity in large numbers. Churches are being constructed in which they are getting children to sing the praises of Jesus on loud speakers so that all the villagers can hear. Sikh groups are asking Akal Takht Sahib to take strict action against the Saadh Jagtar Singh and his men who are not only demolishing historical Gurdwaras in the name of ‘Kar Sewa’ but committing a grave sin in the garb of Sikhs by pushing the poor and Mahzbi Sikhs away from the Sikh religion.
  17. http://www.sikh24.com/2012/08/gurdwara-booze-party-busted/#.UDPg2KNSQ1D http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/2012/08/21/sikh-protest-group-disrupts-indian-independence-celebrations-at-coventry-temple-92746-31667439/ ORGANISERS were forced to abandon celebrations of India’s independence and police had to be called in after Sikh hardliners staged a protest at a Coventry community centre. More than 50 members of the Satkaar group were protesting against what they claimed was the serving of meat and alcohol at the community centre, based at the Ramgarhia Gurdwara temple, in Foleshill Road, on Saturday night. Police were involved in a stand-off lasting two hours with the group, which protests against ‘code-breaking’ temples. The protesters claimed meat and alcohol were being served, both of which are shunned by devout followers of the religion. The event had been organised by members of the Indian Workers Association (IWA) to celebrate India’s Independence from British rule and its birth as a sovereign nation on August 15, 1947. Coun Ram Lakha (Lab, Binley and Willenhall), and secretary of the IWA, says protesters tore down the British and Indian flags at the centre and ordered guests to leave, despite assurances that no meat and alcohol would be served. Cuon Lakha said: “I told them we would make sure there was no alcohol or meat served at the centre – we offered to let them sit in to see for themselves, but they refused. "We had consent from the Ramgarhia Gurdwara to hold the event. “The unprovoked attack preventing a peaceful celebration by patriotic Indian workers and their families is disturbing and reprehensible.” The former Coventry Lord Mayor said he felt police should have done more to support members of the community, adding: “One policeman came to the centre and another police officer was outside. "They made the decision for me to leave the centre instead of telling the protesters to go. I thought about the safety of our members and told everyone to leave with me. “It was a very poor response from the police – they didn’t even bother to check that it was our right to be there.” Jaswinder Singh Ubhi, one of the protesters, said they had concerns about the serving of meat and alcohol on temple-owned premises. His group also believes India still doesn’t have full independence and to celebrate it was a “mockery”. “We wanted them to change the venue," he said. "If they want to celebrate it anywhere else they can do that. If people don’t listen then certain actions need to be taken. There were no arrests and no violence.” Supt Ron Winch, for Coventry Police, said: “We were made aware of plans for a peaceful demonstration on Saturday evening by members of the Sikh community. “Officers monitored the situation and were committed to supporting and facilitating a lawful, peaceful protest. “Sufficient resources were available to ensure public safety was maintained and although tensions were high, there were no criminal offences committed. “I am confident that our response was proportionate and we are continuing to liaise with representatives from the Ramgarhia Gurdwara in order to establish whether there is anything that can be learned from the incident should a similar protest happen again.”
  18. the gurdwaras also MUST remove all the old farts from the committee, otherwise we'll carry on producin idiotic coconut members of the panth!! look @ the link ive posted below, its bhai navreet singhs picture from a coventry nagar kirtan, and how the gurdwara BANNED, yes BANNED gatka/shaster etc at the nagar kirtan. seriously wat the heck is goin on? also read his comment, its truely frustratin. http://www.flickr.co...157621865873589
  19. how can she b from birmingham, n not kno bowt groomin bro? thats outrageous. i hope u gave ur cousin n ur neice some tips of how 2 stay away from danger, b4 its too late. show em videos of bhai mohan singh. btw y u call mirpuris "Amirpuriye"? wat duz that mean?
  20. didnt watch the 2nd episode either, as i mentioned earlier, was watchin football, but wat u jus sed @proactive is jus ridiculous!!! a pak!stani janani detective?? R u sure she was even allowed out of her house? my bangali mate was tellin me bowt how hes gettin frustrated @ how these mirpuris r not bein stopped. im feel sorry for bangalis, coz as muslims, they get the "paedo label" for being muslims and brown, jus like we do, but on the other hand, i wish they wud atleast speak up bowt this aswel, inside their mosques. Im sure their girls r targetted too. U only have 2 look @ the bangladesh liberation war of 71', upto 500,000 bangali women raped by pakistan army, thus producin mass upon mass rape babies.
  21. wooah thats sad 2 hear, funny how its the govts job 2 help those ppl of the widow colony in the 1st place, n they r nowhere 2 b seen, considerin the current indian govt was responsible for 84' genocide, u wuda thort they'd b tryin 2 lick r backsides 4 votes etc. Seva84 u guys seva is incredible n very commendable. c'mon sangat ji we shud b helpin our fellow humans, nevermind sikhs, we have an apna family here in need of help. here is link to donating: http://seva84.com/donate/ Sort Code: 400203 Account No: 51828819
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