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  1. A lot of pappu sikhs need 2 also get their bloody head out of the sand, the "ostrich disease" (bhai mohan singhs wording), MUST stop, gadaari kamineh like sunny hundal who wud rather keep the term "asian" so pak!s lick his backside, must be somehow removed from any sort of power. If im not mistaken, the person incharge of the bbc ethnic programs n religious programs is a sikh, how he didnt spot sumink like this. i get the urge 2 watch this, but like "Sevadar01" has sed, i aint gona watch this either, im jus gona end up throwin n breakin my tv. btw since hes been mentioned, big up 2 jack straw, even tho he reps a dirty pappu party, labour party, who r responsible for sullayy bein so confident in doin watever they want, atleast he has spoken up bowt the stupidity of the ninja face veil of muslim jananis and the mirpuri paedo/rape/force conversion gangs. typically the smellypuris cudnt handle the truth. tbh honest i dont mind if they filmed it in southall or hounslow, coz thats jus location for the program, but 2 actually show a gurdwara over n over again, stinks of lack of education n pure fear of retaliation. Well this program shud b banned if they think they can replicate a sullahh problem n show gurdwara instead.
  2. U kno wat guys I also thort it cud b an apna sellout bandhar.But havin thort about it, remember that u have 2 b a member of this site 2 contribute (post/messagin-wise), BUT u do not have 2 b a member 2 read the messages on here. Panths enemies can come on this site n view it 4 free. Jus my 2 pence on this. If it was a singh gadaar, then they have stooped 2 a new low!
  3. gud 2 c girls r on board, 4 god sakes, so many of them ALWAYS play the "but Guru nanak believes in equality" crap card, which pees me off. Also jus wait 4 the bloody pappus 2 comment like, we r incitin hatred or blah blah blah. Dohk tappar marke kurriyan sorth aow.
  4. not pakistanis, mirpuris. normals pakistani r ok ppl, its these mirpuris, who r criminals by trade, thast y their parents let em do wat they want. Lahori/gujrawalas/sialkotis u wudnt find in this gang culture crap.
  5. tbh y cant sikhs do parchar 2 hindus/christians in pakistan, coz durin british rule in panjab, especially in the 1930's and 1940's, sikhi was the fastest growin religion and had more converts than other religions, so its not as if we r aliens 2 parchar work, but we have slowed down immensly and fallen asleep. If apnay really give it ago, they cud, but our kaum is in such a state, we dont even do bloody parchar in east panjab enuff or in liberal land like england. But if we wanted to, we cud definitly get success in parchar 2 the oppressed in pakistan. Theres no other faith that gives u honsla/courage like sikhi does, n maybe thats wat these christians/hindus n "lower caste" muslims need.
  6. well funny u say that paaji, coz remember the sindhi hindus, r actually mostly sehajdharis, who wanted 2 take amrit durin the 1940s, but due 2 partition happenin wen it happened (1947'), these guys never got 2 take amrit, and therefore havnt probably seen any amrit sanchar ceremonies, and stayed as they are. they are fluent in gurmukhi, and wen some sikhs visit pakistan as yatris (pilgrims) or as grouped jathas, thats when they have opportunities 2 become sikhs n khalsa. http://www.newtosikhi.com/profiles/blogs/the-rise-of-sikhism-in
  7. yea ive seen this back in 2007 wen it came out on bbc, n i got it on dvd somwhere in ma house, i LOVED that episode. he goes 2 shimla, he goes 2 a sikh wedding also, where 2 british sikhs got married in panjab. also he goes 2 amritsar n sees harmandar sahib, then goes 2 wagah border and finaly crosses 2 pakistan panjab n goes 2 his pind. regardin the gurdwara, well wat u expect man, wen most sikhs in pakistan dont even live in panjab, but in tribal areas with pathans.
  8. as long as she converts and ur kids r sikhs, i dont think its a problem, tbh, coz r religion isnt restricted 2 jus panjabis. jus waitin 4 the pappus 2 cuss me now
  9. i remember that quote, my head almost exploded in rage over that. wen will our kurriyan ever bloody learn? paaji i dare him 2 say that 2 a shastardhari buddha dal or other jatha nihang! n c his kachha fill up!!
  10. bro i remember readin that by a poster, but im not sure if its true, come one,surely not in southall of all places. if it did, then hes laughin all the way the bank
  11. cheers bro, best answer so far 2 my openin question.
  12. paaji, i believe ur a yank, but u need 2 come 2 england n c, how the goreh r sooooooo scared of speakin the truth, coz som1 might get offended. Shere Panjab warned the media/police/community leaders bowt paki mirpuris groomin yung kurriyan, yet NO police force took it seriously. Now all the goreh kno these mirpuris fave pasttime, n the police have admited they've been hesitant 2 tackle this, coz they dont wana look racist, which is disgraceful. countless girls cudda been saved, had the bloody police not been so politicaly correct n done their job. And then wen these idiots try 2 tackle the problem, instead of sayin muslim rioters, mirpuri drug dealers or paki groomers, they will say ASIAN rioters/druggies/groomers. WHY shud all us brownies have 2 take the slack, these kamineh have a problem, let em deal with it.
  13. 100% paaji, but unfortunatly we got pappu sikhs, who keep thinkin that we shudnt offend other communities, whilst other communities NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER stick up for sikhs, but cuss us instead. Look @ the paedo paki cases here in uk, NOT ONCE has an imam from the local mosque come out n say, the mirpuris in the uk have a problem. Listenin 2 the asian network, wenever they have a discussion on groomin on the streets, how many muslims txt in 2 say they have this problem? ALL they ever say is "oh u ppl r islamaphobic" etc crap. Sikhs have a huge problem wit alcohol, but u will get sikhs who will openely say that its a problem, etc. coz we live in the real world. ur 100% right
  14. 100% bro, losin Lahore and nankana sahib 2 pakistan is sad enuff, but imagine Harmandar sahib, tarn taaran and jallandhar 2 pakistan, wud of been suicide. Watever happened, had 2 happen, otherwise we wud of looked like mugs/pappus.
  15. btw im fully aware of the whole malerkotla muslims etc, they also proved 2 b backstabbers, by votin 2 join pakistan during partition. Kinda show u, u cant trust muslims, ever. Also regarding glorifyin the violence, im not doin that at all. All im sayin is the violence, was sickenin n degradin n bad, but it had 2 b done, otherwise the 40% of panjab that we gained from partition, cud have been way lower, like 20% or even 15%. Places like Amritsar, Jallandhar etc were all muslim majorities, cud u imagine harmandar sahib & all of the GT Road being in pakistan? unthinkable. If sikh villages r bein targetted by muslim mobs, then sikhs start formin armed jatha/bandit gangs 2 tackle this, then it's fine by me.
  16. u kno wat really pees me off bro, is wen apnay weak/coward/pappu sikhs decide 2 think that we cant use violence anymore, "ohhhh that was a 17th century thing mannn, we aint fightin abdali/mughals anymore, its 2012 man, grow up, stop tryna be a badman!!!". As if its now a violent free world! If our ancestors hadnt used violence n stayed armed, we'd b on an islamic forum 2day discussin fastin techniques. Well we r sikhs, the years have changed, but horrible dushmans mindsets havnt changed, and bullys mindsets have never changed. Their ideas jus get passed onto another bully or dictator. As sikhs we shudnt get mugged off by NO ONE. If we r supposed 2 protect others, n in the end get bullied ourselves, then we shud no longer even call r selves kids of Kalgidhar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgfDu_p-Z0c
  17. 1947 proved we r a martial community, we chopped muslims into pieces from our areas n also sent the rest of em packin. i say this coz they started it, and we finished it! With massive difference in popualtion sizes, we showed em/whoever started the violence not 2 mess with us. We dont discriminate or start fights, but we aint gona get mugged off. in my opinion our community becomes vulnerable 2 other communties and gets mugged off by others coz we fall asleep (become less religious), and instead of standin out, we blend into the crowd. wat i mean by this is, some apnay think, "well no 1 else is carryin hathhyar/weapons, so y do we need 2?", even amritdharis, who carry smaller n smaller kirpans. Kirpans that wudnt even b able 2 cut onions, nevermind sum1s throat if they tried muggin u off! In Delhi, in 84', its no suprise 2 c that the tyar-par-tyar sikhs were never touched, coz wen mobs came 2wards em, with their hatthiyar at the ready, sikhs were never massacred, yet the unarmed sikhs, liberal, moderate or amritdhari were butchered, cornered n set on fire. U only also have 2 look @ the riots in england last yr, where all of london was on fire or battered by looters, yet the ONLY area of london which wasnt touched was west london ,which is home 2 largely sikhs. Look @ southall, it has the most jewellary shops than any other place, yet not 1 shops touched, even tho it was targetted by looters, via blackberry messenging each other. As soon as the looters arrived in southall, they saw weapon-clad sikhs outside ALL the gurdwaras, n legged it back 2 wherever there from, not even botherin 2 try n loot the broadway. i agree with johnny101, wen sikhs get cornered, then we wake up. durin 84 we were all asleep, despite bhindrawale tellin every1 2 bloody wake up. Only after 84', did the masses wake up, includin the kharkoo movement, which gained more n more members n converts from hindus/islam from north india. Then recently with the whole rajoana case, did u c even coconut sikhs defendin r religion n rajoana/dilawers suicide bombin (which goreh/treachorous hindus cant comprehend), and learnin more n more bowt beant/kp gill/kharkoos/khalistan.
  18. i never sed anythin bowt forcin ppl, jus aidin them, n givin them all the resources (leaflets/books/speech etc).
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