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  1. bro r u an english btw? if so, do u remember the uproar at his comment? ive never seen such nonsense in my life, at the way he was hounded out. i kno plenty of muslims n goreh who despite bein muslims/christians belive in karma n in re-incarnation, even tho they follow abrahamic religions. Maybe hoddle is one of them, which is y, i really wish sikhs did more parchar 2 goreh n muslims, coz there r plenty of them who kinda have this self-realised beliefs, which contradict their own religious beliefs.
  2. WJKK WJKF hey guys ive always wondered y ppl r born disabled? ive never really seen this question ever asked, even when there is a topic on disability, no one has asked this question, i believe. All uk sikhs, particularly football fans may remember, former england football coach glenn hoddle, gettin sacked from his job for sayin that, he believes ppl r born disabled, coz of their wrong actions from their past lives. The media i remember was in uproar at this comment, and he subsequently lost his prestigious/lucrative job. this is his actual comment from an interview: "My beliefs have evolved in the last eight or nine years, that the spirit has to come back again, that is nothing new, that has been around for thousands of years. You have to come back to learn and face some of the things you have done, good and bad. There are too many injustices around." "You and I have been physically given two hands and two legs and half-decent brains. Some people have not been born like that for a reason. The karma is working from another lifetime. I have nothing to hide about that. It is not only people with disabilities. What you sow, you have to reap." "You have to look at things that happened in your life and ask why. It comes around." In my opinion, Im not a brilliant sikh, but i do know, that all crimes/goodness a person commits in his lifetime, carries over into the next, coz it is ur soul which is everpresent, not ur physical body, right? the only thing from this is, r ppl born disabled as a pnishment, or is it pure lottery? When this story broke, these goreh were horrified wen he came out with these comments, i though reckon, if he had sed this, in asia, no one wudda battered an eyelid, jus these abrahamic folks. So wat duz sikhi say bowt this? Why are disabled ppl born disabled? and is wat glenn hoddle sayin, in accordance with dharmic religions (sikhi,hindu & buddhism)? http://news.bbc.co.u...ball/270194.stm thank u.
  3. i think 1 thing we need 1million % is, how 2 argue that banda singh bahadur was definitely a sikh, n not a hindu rajput who was "jus helpin out" the sikhs. This is 1 warrior/story which hindus have now been blinded by n brainwashed with, coz im gettin sick n tired of it. Also recently even on youtube/facebook, ive seen continous crap from our own sikhs (all funnily enuff in fake panjabi areas like chandigarh), who all say our gurus were hindus, until guru gobind singh made em into the khalsa, LOOOOOOOOL, yea ok u fools.
  4. 100% bro, but to be honest, i was kinda talkin bowt the canadian/yank/brit sikhs, who u c, on independance day/world cup wins, paradin down braodways wit indian flags on there cars n singin "chak de india", n those old <banned word filter activated> ppl who STILL support india. But regardin sikhs livin within dirtystan, ur 100% right, but did u notice wen the rajoana case was trendin worldwide, on sikh/sangat tv sikhs were seen in panjab and even in haryan n parts of delhi shoutin "khalistan zindabad", coz u can tell ppl r aware, ppl ahve had enuff aswel, but they cant take it 2 far. O well.
  5. exactly thats wat i cant bloody work out, is HOW the eff pro-india sikhs lick the tri-colour flag?? I dont care if khalistan is made and it subsequently becomes THE MOST corrupt country on the planet. atleast in our own country sikhs will make the rules and if sikhs create a movement (like the kharkoo 80s'/90's movement), atleast we wont have brahmins buttin in!! look at syria, egypt, libya etc who have managed 2 create movements 2 overthrow their repective govts. If khalistan was made right now, badal/fake dera babas/bajrang dal/rss/bjp wud all b assasinated right now, jus like how sooo many top officers/journos n politicians were assasinated by kharkoo fighters durin the 80's n 90's. But it doesnt help wen we have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many backstabbers in r kaum its embarrasin.
  6. LOL bro, thats y i NEVER really phone up, coz i phoned up football shows n got thrown off coz of swearin, imagine if i phone up asian network, especially concernin sumthin like religion, which riles ppl up more than football. I c the red-mist very quickly, n am foul mouthed, so i do the panth a favour n not go on, so i prefer 2 send email/txt so i can edit/control my anger/swearin. Yea it was good 2 c those bandhars from india sayin erm..but...erm coz they knew apnay had em in a corner
  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, paaji u smashed it, i believe tusi beford waleh ne? if so, u did us proud, my txt that i sent in, also got read out, 2nd from last i believe (nihal conveniently didnt read out 'khalistan zindabad' from my txt, oh wel). also that bandhar from india sayin that a sikh wrote this fauja singh sketch, LOL, funny, how they never mentioned that initially, only wen those 2 bandars from india startin passin the buck of blame 2 each other like 2 school kids who got caught stealin in a sweet shop. well done guys, it was good 2 c intellectual ppl fightin r corner 2, rather drunk india arse-lickin pappu singhs/kaurs. Wen will bbc discuss amitabh butchers role in 84' genocides?? The mind boggles. the link 2 the show is available here: http://www.bbc.co.uk...rammes/b01lc6g6
  8. u kno wat u shudda asked her..... if ur elephant/monkey idol smashed on the floor coz of the wind comin thru the window, duz it mean she stops prayin until she gets a new idol? idol worshippin is THE DUMBEST thing ive ever seen in religions of the world, honestly.
  9. only comedy with a singh that i LOVE watchin over n over again, is this episode of only fools n horses (u yanks/canadians have been missin out BIGTIME on this btw). superb stuff. btw have the uk sikhs noticed how in the 80s/90s whenever there were asians on the telly, it was ALWAYS sikhs and probably hindus, n the odd pakistani. Yet now on UK tv, ALL WE EVER BLOODY c is muslim this, muslim that, ramadan/eid/ali/hussein blah blah rubbish. Its as if these goreh have suddenly realised that all asians r muslims, n cant b anything else. Also watch from 9:00 onwards, y uncle albert says that accordin 2 the sikh religion, "a turban has mytical powers", can sum1 tell me where this idea comes from, coz ive never heard of this belief before, is he referrin 2 nihangs perhaps? standout line: "So wat put u off of havin a vasectomy? Didnt have the balls?" LOOOOOOOOOOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvEYiKuag9k&feature=relmfu
  10. doordarshan prolly got rid of it, coz of congress backhanders. But we wud love 2 see it no doubt
  11. u kno wat makes me laugh, is how amitabh butcher was angry n criticized danny boyle for depictin poverty n dirt and lets b honest a true reflection of india in slumdog millionaire. LOL he didnt like the truth about dirtystan, and isnt it funny, that FINALLY the world got 2 c the true face of india in a film, and it happened 2 b an indian film, NOT made by bollywood, but outsiders. Danny boyle showed, poverty, hindu riotin vs muslims in mumbai 92', n the police jus standin n watchin it and corrupt humans. Yet amitabh probably is disapponted that they didnt show a 18 yr old "sanjay" or "rahul" drivin 2 a mumbai college, with a ferrari, churpsin a girl n singin around a bush.
  12. **removed** sorry guys, but these ppl toy around with our emotions. "wat a figure"? is that wat the mughals/afghans sed 2 his janani ancestors wen they were bein taken away at will?
  13. these haraaamis will get it 1 of these days, all anti-khalistanis who sit there n try n tell us that sikhs r respected n not mocked in india n r well loved by indian ppl, well where is the protest at these sikh-related mockery by hindus/muslim indians? NEVER, coz they cudnt give a crap bowt us. Only hindu panjabis sometimes stick up for us, but thats only a small amount now. makin fun of fauja singh by sayin hes runnin away from tytler n 84' to canada, is shameless from these dirtystanis. How about if germany made a show, showing anne frank runnin away n sayin im runnin away from adolf hitler in 1940+ etc? Germans would never b forgiven in the modern age, so how can this b acceptable? Oh yea n fauja singh lives in england doesnt he? why they keep sayin canada. WAKE UP CALL!!! Look at how a few moths back there was a parody ad by ashton kutcher makin fun of an indian geezer, n it got taken off coz of indian complaints of bein "racist", where r those ppl wen sardars r made fun of in films/ads??
  14. yup also thats y i dont buy into this tatti that i hear bowt how apna khaana (our panjabi food) is unhealthy, or "errr look at all that ghee or butter" etc rubbish, or our khaana cause ilnesses n diabetes n obesity blah blah. well thats funny, coz we r eating the same paneer, cholay, daal, buttered rotis, overly buttered parotays etc. that our warrior ancestors were eating. these westerners can kiss r backsides. Wat do these so-called experts/doctors think our shaheeds n soldiers, pehlwans/wrestlers, hockey players, kabaddi and bodybuilders etc used 2 eat back in the day? Its coz like u sed Jonny paaji, ppl used 2 do things with their hands back in the day, instead of sittin n watchin tv all day, play PS/X-Box's ppl wud play sports, walk 2 shops instead of gettin into cars, and of course the heat usually helps too, u sweat things off. makhan/butter is incredibly gud 4 ur bones. there was a test done durin the british rule of hindustan. They took certain amount of mice n fed them diffrnt types of regional food. Im not sure of every type of region that was tested, but i can remember the 1's mentioned were, pathan, panjabi, UP (mughali cuisine), bangali, gujarati food (YUKKK!), south indian etc. Each mice was allocated a region food, and over a certain period of time (maybe 3-6 months), the mice were then tested 2 which was the strongest, and guess wat......? The Panjabi Mouse was the strongest. I cudnt careless bowt this crap that has been fed 2 us of how r food is unhealthy etc. its not the food thats unhealthy, its the lazy banda/person also check this article, showing children weight/height of all ethnics in the uk, NO SUPRISE 2 c, who r the tallest of em all, u c it pays 2 come from a warrior race, religion and eat makhan infested food. http://ukpmc.ac.uk/articles/PMC1029972/?page=1
  15. bro can u explain 2 me how/why on earth do apnay support congress parties? also ive heard/read on this forum b4, how ramgharias tend 2 b india's chamchay, why is it them exclusively then? if true of course.
  16. u wanna kno another english/gorah thing that is a part of our panjabi culture, which wasnt there b4 the goreh invaded, is chaa/tea! when u go 2 some 1's house back in the day, ppl wud say, "dudh/paani/lassi peeyo gai ji"? now its "chaa/paani". As a person who CANNOT stand tea/chaa, i sadly believe we wont b able 2 get rid of it tho, no wonder r ppl r gettin more n more overweight. Lassi/dudh was wat made panjabi sons of mothers/mai da laal's the strongest all over the sub-continent, jus look at pehlwans/wrestlers. I believ Sant Bhindrawale never drank tea either, good man!
  17. 100% true, ive always sed this about india. i find it laughable that india/indians think they can compete with china. In china the poor poor ppl have become working class now, workin class have become richer, richer become middle class, middle class have become upper class etc, because china has invested in all/most areas, irrespective of ppls status. Thats y china's economy has boomed n hasnt stopped. India on the other hand is jus a pure racist country, that cant let go of its racist nature. If it isnt caste then its the dark vs light skin thing. As long as brahminism rules india, india can forget bowt becomin a superpower! China has a shockin human rights record n sex selection (back in the day), but now india has overtaken em at this aswel. Not sayin china doesnt have problems with certain ppl in their country (tibetans n muslims uighars etc), but india has tried time n time again 2 kill every non-hindu in india, via pre-planned genocides.
  18. bro i am too from doaba area (like most of the sikhs in uk), in ur opinion, wat can be done 2 bring chamaars back into sikhi? in a way im kinda of happy for them, that they go around singin "putt chamaara de", coz they feel like they finally have a backbone 2 fight their so-called superiors, but then ultimatley, this is a detriment 2 sikh unity. Then the enemies of r religion, can slowly pick us off.
  19. nope probably into badals kachha, that guy has single handedly done damage, that cud effect panjab for years n years 2 come
  20. u do kno that chamaar/ravidassi's r called dalits outside of panjab? Coz if ur tellin me dalits/chamaars have been treted as equals in the rest of india for 1000's of yrs, then ur havin a bubble bath! Nor am i complainin/whinin btw. Have u heard bowt the naxals? Seen a movie called bandit queen? Seen wat life is like in Uttar Pradesh for chamaars? Panjab is a haven compared 2 rest of india. I aint arse'-lickin jatts or whoever bullys chamaars in panjab, especialy as im not of either tribe.
  21. these dirtystanis will make sikhs do bhangra in between fire bullets into the pathans, n then instead of a jaikara, they will shout sumink about bajrang bali. Kuttey will never respect sikhs.
  22. ok seen, oh well. u kno, now that i think about it, the arabs wen they invaded persia, cudnt pronounce certain words, coz of the difficencies in their language, which is y they call persian language, farsi, coz they cudnt pronounce letter "P" and 'parsi', which is wat the exiled parsi/zoroastrian community call themselves in india.
  23. ^^^ That's sad 2 know man, india n brahmins have treated chamaars/ravidassis's A LOT worser than some so called sikhs have, why they wud side with the dirtystanis is beyond me.
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