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  1. is that 4 real? why did, if true, ravidassi's/chamaars side with india/ they r sikhs afterall, regardless of their tribe. Their families too were destroyed by dirtystanis surely? jus found vids like this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIVZ6UjvnZQ
  2. i would like if they taught shahmukhi panjabi script, coz some of our grandparents could only read shamukhi, n not necessarily gurmukhi. Also jus for the fact of the zafarnama and the fact that it was the language of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's court, persian/farsi shud b taught too.
  3. agreed paaji, i havnt been 2 panjab since 2000, n ive only been the once, altho i saw practically every historic gurdwara there is (apart frm hemkunt), so i cant comment too much on the environmental changes rubaru. But regarding the ppl, ur 100% right, they r sooooo greedy its absolutly unreal. Also panjabi is no longer spoken in panjabi schools im being told too. Listenin 2 jazzy b interview the other day, wen he sed its sad wen he gets asked 4 autographs by little gutti-waleh singhs, n they say "aap kaisey hai bhaiya". I saw recently that a school in amritsar, not far away from the golden temple, has put a ban on panjabi bein taught in teh school, i mean wat the heck man!!?? ur 1million% correct paaji, wen students/fojjis/freshies frm panjab come 2 england, NONE of em can speak any english, watsoever, yet EVERY andhra pradesi, tamil etc that u meet, is able 2 speak dictionary english. WAT USE is speakin hindi as a 2nd language, wen u aint gona leave panjab, n if u r, WAT USE will it b, wen ur tryna get a job in canada/yank/english workplaces? This slave mentality of panjabis is disgraceful, have u heard kuldeep manaks micktake of hindi language n of a sardar he once met on a train? says it all!
  4. actually jatts are from a scythian race, like rajputs n other panjabi tribes. also jatts only became farmers/landowners after banda singh bahadur, then bit more with the misl period and then practically every jatt became a farmer/landowner after maharaja ranjit singh rewarded them with it. agree with u tho that jatts need 2 stop this crappy boastin n be-littlin of others, especially as jatts get cussed in pakistan by other tribes. Sikhs r sikhs, end of
  5. erm firstly shut up u mug, stop with the bakwaas, please tell me WHERE i mentioned/blamed the hindus for panjabs agricultural problems? 2ndly, if u bothered 2 actually do research as to why panjab is suffering, u wud kno, panjabs got HUGE problem with cancer in its paani, due to uranium being found in it, farmer suicide because they cant pay the massive debts, coz the indian govt charges panjab the highest rates of any state, yet gives them lower rate prices in return when it comes 2 sale of crops. Also Panjabs waters have been illegally restricted, which means the farmers r digging deeper n deeper, meaning uranium is contaminating the water, which then leads 2, 1 in 3 persons in malwa area havin cancer. Then an alternative is, to use electric pumps, but then, the electricity keeps cuttin, coz panjab has 2 share its electricity with other states! If the indian govt didnt illegally steal panjabs waters, then a lot of these problems wudnt have surfaced to such great size, coz farmers wud of been able 2 deal with the demands, with easy access 2 water. Why is himachal, delhi, haryana and rajastan stealing panjabs water, when they already get water from elsewhere? Why is panjab, a land of five rivers being touted as place that cud b desert land in the future? U tell me which of these problems has 2 with sikhs being lazy n not wanting 2 work in the farmlands? Even if sikhs dont wana do farming, biharis/UP ppl have been fillin in the gaps for the last 10 yrs, and still no improvement? No one here is playin the lazy or victim card, but pathetic bandhars like u, who r pro-india, will find any excuse 2 stick up for indian govt and cuss the khalistanis, who speak with facts. no one is disputing panjabis alcohol problems and general lazy work ethic nowadays either. LOL, also u say the threat of militancy is wat keeps outsiders from investin in panjab? watever mate, where is the threat of militancy?
  6. thats sad 2 hear, if tru. wen partition happened, 60% of panjab went 2 pakistan, n also wat went with it, was the majority of the best land, agriculturally-wise, and food production wise too. East panjab was left with very little agriculturally rich land. It was tho the sikhs, who after within 20-30 yrs, managed 2 get east panjab up to scratch, n the made east panjab on a level playin field with lazy west panjab, n arguably over took it, regarding food production n sales etc. Now if wat ur sayin is tru, that haryana is better now than sada panjab, then its sad times. shows u how much the government hates us, usin us, then chuckin us away like a unwanted girlfriend.
  7. i remember on another thread few weeks ago that i was criticized for cussin dhumma, well well well. dhumma is a behsharam and a disgrace 2 the legendary figures of damdami taksal of past yrs, like mentioned above, WHERE IS THE AKAL TAKHT jatehdars? pathetic!
  8. wow so much crap written here, wudnt kno where 2 start. so u were a smarter 12 yr old than i was, coz u knew who ravidass n other bhagats were? Congrats, u want a blue peter badge or sumink? i have learnt bowt sikhi from bowt 14 yrs of age n upwards, thanks 2 khalistani merchandisers turning up at our gurdwara in late 90's handin out leaflets, which switched my brain in 2 gear, havin seen pics of the widows of 84', n i havnt stopped since. So yes we r all learning, but at diffnrt times and place and pace. u learned bowt sikhi earlier than me, well gud 4 u, but dont try tellin me that age aint no excuse etc. tatti, wen the environment around u has 2 provide 4 u 2 learn. Well mine didnt, urs probably did, well done. cannot believe how menstral ur gettin over this, grow up. btw how high is that horse that ur sittin on.
  9. no worries got it,, theres youtube, or there is this site below (link), jus right click on track 10, pain, then save as, done! http://www.gurunanakacademy.com/audio/index.php?q=f&f=%2FEnglish+Katha%2FBhai+Parminder+Singh+Ji
  10. is there any way of downloading that? or is it available on youtube or other sites? this is some good stuff, this is y english parchaar is wat is gonna get all the slags and the man-slags on the correct path of sharam, not 2 mention, gettin non-sikhs in to our fold 2.
  11. i think he was doin pehri pen to the blue pagh wala @ 9:20, who then moved behind dirty badal @ 9:26 onwards, so, it looks like he was doin it 2 badal.
  12. but i jus disliked it aswell, coz they smashed up a gurdwara, surely the dislike r frm sikhs paaji. or am i gettin it wrong? coz im hardly gonna click like on that page, whereas those fools wud.
  13. check out this page, its got more likes on this youtube page, its got bandharsoamis on there talkin rubbish
  14. The dislike r a good thing init? Coz ppl r sayin that the video is disgustin etc. regarding the dasam granth hater, well less sed bowt them, the better. also that user "4579deep" is a 22 yr old frm italy, and on another video "khalistan murdabad", hes written "sikhs are brother of muslim". HOW have these bandharsoamis developed such hate for sikhs, wen thye r the 1's who been brainwashed into a crappy cult? honesty the cheek of these pakhandi's.
  15. well my friend i didnt mean 2 cause any offence 2 any1 here, so if ur offended by watever i sed im sorry, But i didnt refer 2 the chamaars as "hindu", i sed in my post that the chamaars that i kno of, jus attend the main Guru Nanak Gurdwara, n the only ppl ive seen attending the ravidass building was hindus (panjabi 1's, i believe that i recognised). Also i dont kno if ur takin the mick out of me by sayin my knowledge is "razor sharp", but im only in my mid 20's, n i only wrote of wat i kno of lutons sangat. Also u say i disparged/be-littled the ravidass gurdwara? how is that? didnt i say that i was a kid that didnt know wat/who ravidass even was? also didnt i mention that they were doing aarti infront of Guru Granth Sahib ji, which i havnt seen at gurdwara b4, n sumthin which im sure is anti-sikh. Stop gettin offended/cryin over nuthin, i was like 12 yrs old i think at the time. So if ur an expert in history of luton sikhs, well then gud 4 u paaji. to be honest u and i both kno that the reason the gurdwaras all over the country r no longer being packed by the new generation, is coz committees do nuthin 4 the sangat, no matter wat u sugggest, and its all in panjabi, not in english, which is wat we all want. Ps - that portland rd gurdwara cracks me up man, the panjabi school classes were soooooo cramped, like 60+ students in tight tight rooms.
  16. well for starters, muslims n sikhs had the best of relations prior to the stupid bloodshed during partition, it was the HINDUS who never treated the muslims as their equals, nor did they ever allow muslims into their kitchens at home or let em drink water from the same khoo/well n tooti/tap. This was NOT the same case with sikhs and muslims, coz if it was, then no muslim wudda been allowed into our gurdwaras to eat langar/paani/chaa or do seva. Also most of the ppl who did kirtan in gurdwaras in pre partition panjab was in fact muslims, sufis/marasis, not our granthis. So if it were true that sikhs never treated muslims as equals, none of wat ive mentioned would of happened. My grandad told me that it was hindus, who HATED em. yo check this video out, fast forward to watch from 7:00 onwards
  17. tbh paaji, i dont think any chamaars go 2 it, they jus go 2 the Guru Nanak Gurdwara, coz evrytime i walk past the ravidass place, its not very packed, and its just got hindus in it. One time wen i was a kid me n my cousin out of curiosity went inside, coz i didnt even kno wat ravidassi was/meant. Wen we went inside, no shaheed pictures inside, we saw guru granth sahib saroop, but they were doing aarti infront it, so we jus thort, oooooookay, this is weird n jus walked out. Yea the sangat round here r more together it appears, thast y im still shockd wen i c gurdwaras in othr cities/towns divided along tribal lines.
  18. tbh most mirpuri ive ever met r all gujjars, even if u go on their forums or discussions online or youtube comments, most seem 2 b gujjars, and the panjabi muslims (the few that u may get 2 meet), seem 2 b jatts or rajputs. But if wat u r sayin is true, then fair enuff, ur correct. btw i dont if u were sayin hypothetically about ramgharia gurdwara in luton, bu there isnt one, theres only 1 gurdwara, which every1 goes 2, theres a ravidassi place, dunno whether its a gurdwara tho or wat. also regarding partition, ur 100% correct, more of them lot died, but we ultimatley lost more, per percentage and of course land/business.
  19. actually most of the dirty scummy mirpuri paks in the uk r gujjars, not jatt. Also u keep saying that muslim jatts killed r ppl in 47', well wat about our ppl that killed in em in larger number in 47'? 300.000 sikhs died in partition, but 500,000+ muslims died. We have talked bowt this before bro, y go over old ground again?
  20. WJKK WJKF hey bro, ive seen the film few months back, wen i downloaded it online, and thought it was pretty decent. As u kno it is the 2nd film 2 the original MASTERPIECE of "east is east". I thought west is west was wicked, coz of the fact that it is a panjabi pakistani family, and they actually spoke panjabi, as oppose 2 crappy urdu, which i thort they wudda spoke, so they cud include hindi/urdu speakers/film goers into the film. Om Puri, who is of course a legend in panjabi cinema, who i ALWAYS love watching, was tremendous in his butcherous role as jahangir/george,and suprisingly, Ila arun, spoke impeccable panjabi in their too, despite not actually being one. The panjabi spoken in the film was from wat i could work out was "mahji panjabi", which i wish i could speak, as oppose 2 "doaba panjabi". Jus incase ppl dont kno, the movie itself was shot in panjab, but sadly not in pakistan, but East panjab (i belive near patiala), for watever reasons, but some of the scenery of panjab in the movie was nice. Also the scenes showing muslims areas (dargah/masjids etc) was shot in hyderabad, Andhra pradesh. Bro Who says Panjabi Language cant be articulate or decent in a movie? look at modern Movies with Panjabi in it, films like "Khamosh Pani", "Ae Fond Kiss", "Shaheed Udham Singh" and "Heer Ranjha (Harbhajan Maan Version)". Hindi/Urdu walas always try 2 downgrade/discourage panjabi, but panjabi is the best language for poetry, jokes, complimenting one another, writing songs in, best slang, best posh language too, oh and for swearing @ some1s mum aswel.
  21. na man i sed bohot vadhya (very good) as in very good its stopped. lol yea i kno :cool2:
  22. wheres the other gandhi thread gone?
  23. "Cough", theres no need for that mr singh. some of the waffle i talk bowt aint half as bad as some of the waffle talked by some of the pappus on here, surely.
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