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  1. Stop forcing yourself doing it. Where did Guru Ji say to force yourself to do paath? Whats the point of just reciting it if you aren't going to spend time to understand the words and connect with bani? This is a game of love. You can't win this game by trying to force yourself. Allow yourself to fall in love with the Guru. Build it up slowly, start only doing Japji Sahib, spend time reciting it, understand the meanings of the bani. Just work on applying Guru Ji's teaching to your life. Bhai Gurdas Ji says "If you take one step towards the support of the Guru's feet, the Guru takes millions of steps towards you". Bani is for us to read whenever, any time. Pick a shabad you like to recite or some kirtan and just listen to it.
  2. Who cares if he bows before SGGS? Who is he? He is another person, just like anyone else. Did Guru Amar Das Ji make a massive fuss when Akhbar came to visit him? No, he treated him like the rest of the sangat, he made him sit with the sangat and eat langar. Why do we get so happy when a politican, celebrity or singer goes to a gurdwara? They should be happy for getting the chance to bow before SGGS. What do you expect from Badal? Bandar destroying Punjab.
  3. LOL. Please point out the core values I have disregarded? Tell me how I am deluded. Read the SGGS, tell me where all these Vedic and Hindu beliefs are accepted. We claim Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to start a new path, it is a unique path. As a child, he refused to wear the janeu. From that moment, he destroyed the Vedic beliefs. What do we keep doing? We keep running back to the building he destroyed and keep picking up the rubble. This is the problem with the panth, if someone disagrees with you are your jathebandi views you immediately start accusing them of being naastiks, Hindus, fake Sikhs and other insults. Also, when I have I posted before? Show me examples where I have gone against the core beliefs of Sikhi. If someone disagrees with you, tell them why. Don't start name calling and accusing them of being athiests and fake Sikhs.
  4. There are similarities between Buddhism and Sikhi. Waheguru is everywhere, every part of creation is Waheguru. Within you is Waheguru. Our goal is to realise Waheguru, to understand ourselves. Ego separates us from Waheguru. This ego needs to be destroyed to reach Waheguru and find contentment. Sikhi is not concerned about liberation. Sikhi is all about understanding Waheguru now. Practice Sikhi, do what the Gurus tell you, see the light within everyone and everything. Cultivate naam, meditate, reflect, serve people, sing and fight the 5 thieves. This is how you will experience Waheguru. Sachkhand is a state of mind, not a magic place or heaven. Sachkhand is the state when you realise the truth. You see Waheguru everywhere. This is enlightenment, this is liberation. Sachkhand isn't heaven. The SGGS is our Guru, it is the thing we turn to for guidance and help. It is the Guru who will help us find Waheguru. Reading bani is very important because it is like having a conversation with your Guru. Everyday he reminds you of what you should be doing, everyday he instructs you. Read bani, understand it and implement it into your life. Singing is very important. Just sing your soul out, call for your beloved. The Gurus gave their message in song. The SGGS is written in raag, musical notes. There are no chapters, instead the SGGS is divided by raag. Kirtan is very important in Sikhi. Self reflection is also important, look within yourself. Sikhi is all about improving yourself. The treasure is within you, so self reflection is important. However, the Guru is the one who shows you how to achieve this treasure. The SGGS says nothing about homosexuals or anything. The SGGS is not a rule book. There is no dogma in the SGGS. You'll find the yearings of those who walked the path of the saints who wished to find Waheguru. The SGGS doesn't say anything about marriage or homosexuals. Every human contains the light of Waheguru, everyone is equal. Punjabi culture is very homophobic, not Sikhi. The decision to not allow homosexuals to marry has not been made by Sikhi. The panth (Sikhs themselves) decided this in 1920 when they released the current form of the rehat maryada or code of conduct. This code of conduct is a living document and Sikhs have the power to change it as a collective. Perhaps, in the future the panth will decide to allow homosexuals to marry. Sikhi says all humans are equal. Guru Nanak Dev Ji empowered women. Sikhi gives equal treatment to both men and women. Both men and women can do the same things in Sikhi. Again Punjabi culture means most people have arranged marriages. Sikhi doesn't care how you get married. Some people get love marriages, other people get arranged marriages. Interfaith marriages are not allowed by Anand Karaj because you are promising to live according to the Gurus teachings. If it is an interfaith marriage, you clearly aren't going to live according to Sikh teachings and follow the Guru. Whats the point of getting an Anand Karaj and promising the Guru you will follow him if you aren't going to? You are free to date whoever you want, but only Sikhs can have an Anand Karaj. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is saying religious labels don't matter, everyone is equal before Waheguru. Waheguru doesn't care if you call yourself a Sikh, Hindu, Christian or Muslim. He was saying just by calling yourself a Sikh or Christian won't get you to Waheguru. Sikhi is about actions, you have to put the work in. Just giving yourself a label doesn't mean anything. The other religions have a lot of rituals and dogma in them. Guru Nanak Dev Ji started Sikhi as a path that was devoid of rituals and dogma to create something where people could find Waheguru. Kalyug is not a real thing. Kalyug is our state of mind, it is when our mind is controlled by the 5 thieves. When we don't try to find Waheguru. This is kalyug, the darkness of ignorance. The SGGS is the last Guru of the Sikhs. We also call it the Guru of the world. Anyone can come and find out what SGGS says and apply it to their life. The SGGS is the complete Guru. The way to find Waheguru is the SGGS. I don't care if there will be future Gurus. The SGGS is the complete Guru.
  5. Yeah, hasn't it occured to you that some young men joined the movement and decided they'd like more wives. They justified it using the excuse of Punjabi culture. There were true Singhs during the Khalistani period, but the movement was infiltrated by young men who were angry and didn't understand Sikhi properly. Just because they married multiple women, doesn't mean its right. The Gurus didn't have more than one wife. People make up to justify their own actions. Have you noticed how the "king" Gurus had more than one wife. Why don't the more "saintly" Gurus have more than one wife? Why don't people say Guru Nanak Dev Ji or Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji had more than one wife? The Sikhs during the Misl time made this wife thing up to justify the practice of having multiple wives. They used the excuse of the Gurus did it, so why can't we? The Gurus did not have multiple wives. Bani tells us ਮਃ ੩ ॥ Third Mehl: ਧਨ ਪਿਰੁ ਏਹਿ ਨ ਆਖੀਅਨਿ ਬਹਨਿ ਇਕਠੇ ਹੋਇ ॥ They are not said to be husband and wife, who merely sit together. ਏਕ ਜੋਤਿ ਦੁਇ ਮੂਰਤੀ ਧਨ ਪਿਰੁ ਕਹੀਐ ਸੋਇ ॥੩॥ They alone are called husband and wife, who have one light in two bodies. ||3||One light in two bodies, not in 4 bodies. Also, read Bhai Gurdas Ji vaars, he warns Sikhs against polygamy.
  6. Most religions do have some truth in them, the truth can be found everywhere. Some religions have too many rituals or extras that stop people from finding the actual path to Waheguru. Does it matter if you say you are a Sikh? Labels don't matter. If I label myself as a Sikh, but don't even attempt to live the Guru's word, will I gain anything? Look at Bhai Gurdas Ji's vaars, he talks about Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Mecca, the Muslims asked Guru Ji if the Muslims or Hindus were better. Guru Ji told them the importance of good deeds, without them it didn't matter what they labled themselves as, they would both weep. Bhai Gurdas Ji expands on this, saying religion is like the colour of a safflower, it will fade away. What really matters is if you have done good deeds and contemplated upon Waheguru. All religions lead you to this path to some extenet, however, it can be harder to get this essential truth in some. Sometimes the rituals and other extras get in the way. Also, what does salvation mean to you?
  7. Stop blaming other people. We need to make a change. There will be no Singh Sabha in Punjab that will bring Sikhi back. It is up to us, those in the west. The diaspora is influential and well established, it has the money, the power, the ability to make a change. This could be the generation, besides the Gurus, who can make the biggest impact on the future of Sikhi. Don't rely on other people. Don't sit there posting X Baba said this would happen. Do something about it. Work on your own Sikhi. Don't rely on some sants interpration of bani. Go look at Guru Ji yourself, listen to your Guru, then live what he tells you. Spread the word through your actions. The Sikh institutions have failed our people. Once people of all backgrounds were flocking to join Sikhi. Low castes saw Sikhi as something that would help destroy inequality. Sikhi empowered people to fight tyranny and injustice. Now it seems as if our institutions are doing the oppressing. Many low castes feel isolated by our leaders. Please, those with money, intellectual skills, help movements. Create schools or hospitals in your area. Encourage Sikhi parchar in your area. Inspire people by living the Guru's word. Singh Sabha wasn't just a political movement. It was an intellectual movement. This is what we need, we need parchar, we need research. We need to encourage debate in the panth. If someone has an opposing view on a topic, debate them. Don't start name calling, calling them an athiest or try to call them a non-Sikh. This isn't how anything grows. We need more discussion and debate on bani.
  8. He goes and ruins a woman's life and ruins all the hard work Sikhs are doing trying to raise the image of the dastar. This <banned word filter activated> comes along and drags that work, the image of the Gurus and the rest of the kaum through the mud.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4wQU9SHjCU#t=44
  10. Meh, don't trust him anyway. We're all related to Guru Nanak Dev Ji's physical form (all life on Earth is related), so whatever. The Guru took Guru Angad Dev Ji as his own, he didn't favour his own sons. What makes this guy think he is special? Guru Gobind Singh straight up said we're all his sons and daughters. Also: some long <banned word filter activated> advert at the start.
  11. What’s with attributing laws and dogma to everything? Is this not dogmatic and ritualistic? Something Sikhi preaches against! Sikhi isn't about do's and don'ts. How is eating going to affect bani in the slightest? The same bani that calls out the Brahmins and priests who claimed they were pure, by doing rituals and holding certain beliefs. Of course eating is fine, prashad is given from next to the SGGS palanquin, langar is prepared and eaten while bani is read.
  12. Any place where sangat and Guru Granth Sahib Ji can found is beautiful. ਜਿਥੈ ਜਾਇ ਬਹੈ ਮੇਰਾ ਸਤਿਗੁਰੂ ਸੋ ਥਾਨੁ ਸੁਹਾਵਾ ਰਾਮ ਰਾਜੇ ॥ Wherever my True Guru goes and sits, that place is beautiful, O Lord King. ਗੁਰਸਿਖੀਂ ਸੋ ਥਾਨੁ ਭਾਲਿਆ ਲੈ ਧੂਰਿ ਮੁਖਿ ਲਾਵਾ ॥ The Guru's Sikhs seek out that place; they take the dust and apply it to their faces
  13. Ok, so what this means is both these do not know God. Bhagat Nam Dev said he has "seen the Lord". He has seen him everywhere, so he is telling us where to find him. I interpret the Hindu God bit "saw Ram had his wife killed" to show that they are not Gods. They also did things a human did (eg killing someone). They are not without fault either, only God is without blemish. The Hindu is blind because he see's God in an idol, the Muslim is one eyed because he says God is outside of the universe, but they cannot see Waheguru within. The Gyani is one who is spiritually wise and enlightened, of no religion (Bhagat Ravidas, Bhagat Farid etc.). The Gyani is wiser as they know God is not far away or in a rock. Look within and you will find him, God is close and near. Everything is a projection of him. The others worship him in a temple and consider it the "home" of God e.g.: Mecca. Yet if God is everywhere, how can he be bound to one spot? So Bhagat Nam Dev is saying God is everywhere, not just a temple. "na koi Hindu na Musalman" applies here. Fundamentally, there is no religion. God doesn't care about your religion. Just saying you're a Sikh won't get you anywhere.
  14. But if God allows those things to happen, how does it make him any better than Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin? So how can God be caring and loving if he does these things?
  15. Thank you. But how about the "There was so much slaughter that the people screamed. Didn't You feel compassion, Lord? ||1||" line?
  16. "Didn't you feel compassion, Lord?" Why would Babbur be called Lord? Guru Nanak did not bow down to worldly powers. Also, he then calls Babbur a dog. Why would a random line to Babbur pop up as Guru Ji says "O Creator Lord", he is clearly talking to Waheguru.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4wd_CTgTSk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoI_r1fKP7k ........
  18. Aasaa, First Mehl: Having attacked Khuraasaan, Baabar terrified Hindustan. The Creator Himself does not take the blame, but has sent the Mugal as the messenger of death. There was so much slaughter that the people screamed. Didn't You feel compassion, Lord? ||1|| O Creator Lord, You are the Master of all. If some powerful man strikes out against another man, then no one feels any grief in their mind. ||1||Pause|| But if a powerful tiger attacks a flock of sheep and kills them, then its master must answer for it. This priceless country has been laid waste and defiled by dogs, and no one pays any attention to the dead. You Yourself unite, and You Yourself separate; I gaze upon Your Glorious Greatness. ||2|| One may give himself a great name, and revel in the pleasures of the mind, But in the Eyes of the Lord and Master, he is just a worm, for all the corn that he eats. Only one, who dies to his ego while yet alive, obtains the blessings, O Nanak, by chanting the Lord's Name. ||3||5||39|| It says God doesn't take the blame for the deaths, yet it says the Mughal was SENT as a messenger of death. So, God is responsible because he sent the killers. The question appears to be unanswered, it says "didn't you feel compassion?" Then it says "God is master of all", then says if a "tiger attacks a flock of sheep, the master must answer for it", so God must answer as he is the master of all, the sheep and tigers. Is the shabad speaking against Babbar? "just a worm, no matter how much corn you eat". Can someone explain this, if not, send me katha on this.
  19. http://www.sikhmuseum.com/bluestar/photographs/slides/large/bluestar_24.jpg Take a look at the soldiers. Look at the gas masks they have on their heads. Why would they need masks? They DID use illegal gases.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaPMPJ5ckIc Been listening to this one a lot lately. and this raag kirtan
  21. Everyone has that light within them. God is not far away. He is within. You have to realise that. The curtains of maya, the wall of illusion is infront of you. You know God is there but you can't get there. You have to break it down by naam simran. The Gurus were fully enlightened people intouch with this light of Waheguru. They were incarnations of God because they were God's light. They were God. But we, following Guru's teachings can also make that light of God glow fully within us. Those things aren't mentioned because they aren't relevent to meeting God. Is knowing about dinosaurs, or knowing the age of the universe going to help you meditate more or have a better connection? And you're wong at the 15 billion thing. It's estimated to be 13.7 billion. But it's an estimate, they don't know when exactly this universe was "created", they don't even know if it was created. The age given is when expansion of the universe began. Ik Oankaar. Firstly let’s look at ik. Ik is numeral. The SGGS starts off with a number not a word. You can't mess around with a number. You can't mistranslate it. It is simply 1. Guru Nanak tells us everything is just one. 100 is just 100 1's. Gurbani says "Sab Gobind hai". Everything is Gobind, everything is one. This ik is the source of everything. Now, Oangkaar. Oang is a sound. A vibration. Guru Nanak Ji said Oang was the vibration that set off creation. This is the primal sound. I interpret as the big bang. Akaar. This is creation, everything came from one point. Everything expanded from one, this expansion is still happening. With the Oang, akaar happened. Guru Arjan Dev Ji says in Sukhmani Sahib "kai baar pasrio paasaar, sada sada ik ikoangkaar". This means many times this creation was expanded (created). The One is always and forever the creator who expands with the Primal Sound. Guru's told us already how it happened, they did explain it. The source of everything is God. However, it happens, it happens. If it's evolution then cool. This universe is just one of his plays. Waheguru has endless fields of creation. Why don't you just focus on naam simran? Other than asking these questions all the time. I've known many (myself included) who kept doubting and asking questions. Fair enough, ask them, but at least try and DO what Guru tells you to do. Sit down and listent to kirtan and katha. Wake up early and do naam simran. If you not going to do what is being said, then you'll keep asking questions. Perhaps do it first before doubting and asking questions. Trust your Guru, why wouldn't you trust such a perfect Guru? Trust then you'll experience, then you will know they were right.
  22. What? So are you saying if you love your Guru you are delusional? Maaroo, First Mehla: Some call him a ghost; some say that he is a demon. Some call him a mere mortal; O, poor Nanak! ||1|| Crazy Nanak has gone insane, after his Lord, the King. I know of none other than the Lord. ||1||Pause|| He alone is known to be insane, when he goes insane with the Fear of God. He recognizes none other than the One Lord and Master. ||2|| He alone is known to be insane, if he works for the One Lord. Recognizing the Hukam, the Command of his Lord and Master, what other cleverness is there? ||3|| He alone is known to be insane, when he falls in love with his Lord and Master. He sees himself as bad, and all the rest of the world as good. ||4||7||
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