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  1. sarbloh granth sahib also explains as Guru khalsa at the physical and 3rd for of patshahi 10vi

    if you say a collection of money to be in khalsa panth then you are mistaken ,

    there is not if or but on this, khalsa panth are the only ones for meetings

    4 muhe toh kya hua jivat kai hazar

    also there is khalsa mahima , we are not talking about spirituality aspect here, ofcourse it has a play but only little
    one has to be amritdhari for sarbat khalsa meeting ,

    but if a panthic meeting is held then nirmale and other jathebandiyan are welcomed, but patit money are strict no no

  2. My views , shoukd nobody feels agitated, Gurbani says " Rang sabhey narainey jetey man bhavann ." ( ang 134- 3, Baramaha Manjh M5) Nature and colors are all made by Waheguru, parmeshar himself , how come One is bad and other good.

    Because green was the color of moghul army flag , the use in khalsa dal was taboo to avoid misundestanding during battles, and for the same reason red was banned as pahadi rajas , who were perpetually at war with guru sahib ji . It was simple logicand practice without religious adsignment for colors. Did not guru sahib had many muslims and hindus on his side?

    read above replies, mohkam singh explained it very well

    above that bhai nand lal ji;s rehatnama explains it very well .

    o baba ji, rang sabhe means , all pleasures

    correct meaning

    ਰੰਗ ਸਭੇ ਨਾਰਾਇਣੈ ਜੇਤੇ ਮਨਿ ਭਾਵੰਨਿ ॥

    Rang Sabhae Naaraaeinai Jaethae Man Bhaavann ||

    In the Lord are all pleasures which please the mind.

    not colors , gurbani de artha da anarrth na karo, tusi pehlan v dand lai si. aggge ton tyaan rakheyo

  3. i have felt that if you allow yourself a small point "that its ok to do less or not" that means you are letting you mind and manmukhta budhi take over

    we do not realise for it makes very huge issues in future without us knowing and suddly before we know it , we feel we are drifting away

    keeping mind always under leash is the key !!

  4. no one does,when you grow up they do that incase of girls only .

    its kind of a custom to give some gift after visiting from a long period of time. sikhs used to do that .

    so sometimes they say "we forgot to get anything , heres some cash buy something "

    personally i dont take it, but if another singh is giving with love you have to respect and accept the offering .

  5. many people questioned sri dasam bani too

    are you one of those? have you no faith in guru sahib? people say "how can guru write this , that " he is our guru he can write whatever he wants !!

    people dont think "that we may lack the potential to understand this" but no what people say "this cant be gurus work"

    open your doors people , its gurubani and it was written by patshahi 10vi

  6. the foremost part for which we uphold our rehat

    they do not !!
    they have shameless solistice's i heard from someone, its so embarrassing i cant describe it !! it happens in uk
    thats one reason why they dont allow native sikh from india to enter their temples and see their programs ?

    when you dance on gurubani and make a mujra out of it, no good points are left !!

    thats the ultimate disrespect !!

    what will oher people think?

    we boast so much that singhs saved hindus women !!
    what are they doing now? what if some one see's this? can you uphold your head again high?

    this little ripple is going to create sunami of bad talk we going to get from others , trust me !!

    you are not thinking of it now? but what will happen and what has happened is seriously bad !!

    now masa rangars spirit comes what will he say? you killed me because i had a mujra in golden temple?

    but you guys are doing it openly , why did you kill me?

    do you have any answer?

  7. I did not say anything about Gurdwara, Church, ideologies or whatever else your chatting about, yet you are asking me if i'm a coward for allowing Temples and Gurdwaras to be called Churches?

    What you talking about?

    I simply pointed out, after I saw your post on the first page crying to the mods to close the thread, that this is a place of discussion. If you don't want to contribute something to the topic of conversation you don't have to. No one is forcing you now are they? I replied to your post on first page where you were crying to the mods to close the thread because it's what you want. Dude the world doesn't revolve around any one of us, you get it?

    How much time did you waste writing that crap you came up with?

    Anyways, IMO (well everyone has an opinion don't they), the word Gurdwara should be as well known as Church, Synagogue, Mosque etc. People should know by now Gurdwara in Punjabi = Gurdwara in English

    We keep calling them Temple's which has a Generalised meaning.


    some part of that message was for you, and all of it was for the people participating here

    and no, gurudwara will be called a gurudwara or dharamshala (the old name)

    no others apply !!

    no one is gaining anything from this topic, instead just putting wrong ideas in head !!

    i did waste time on writting that to make it clear for everyone

    this is psychological aspect

    people who are afraid of their own image or things so that others should not harm them suspect these changes

    the same way many of punjabis started shouted "hindu sikh bhai bhai " wherever they went after galughara ,it literaly means "we are afraid and we dont want to fight , please spare us"

    so No Gurudwara will be called gurudwara or either a dharamshala !! we dont want gore to think this is indian version of Christianity !!

    that would be my last post. !!

    my suggestion dont waste time on this topic, its purely useless

  8. Savinderpal singh, if your last statement is your pov, why have been dragging rehatnamey this far?

    i am simply stating what is right as per rehat and science

    Savinderpal singh, Is your research on rehitnamys over? Please do come with quotation to support your point .I m eagerly waiting

    i was searching it in piara singh padams rehatname collection but it seems , its not the original context

    i have got my hands on a copy of original identical to one at darbar sahib .

    i will read and get back to you, it will take some time.

  9. First is that fact or your opinion? if it's really that stupid no one will reply and it'll get ignored and btw no one's forcing you to post.

    Many threads I've started reading lately, bout 2 posts down, someone posting comment like mods close this thread blah blah blah.

    Is this not a forum? A place where people can discuss stuff if they choose to - or not if they don't want too? (hint, hint).

    Your like one of these football players telling the ref to send opponent off. Mods know how to do their job.

    no matter in what way you think

    this thread is useless and how much time have you wasted and how much time have you wasted for others

    taking actions means helping !!

    no matter in what way you think "Church" is a christian term , and we are not stupid enough to call our gurudwara's church

    if that was the case all religions afraid of being judged like islam would call their temples church , do you have any idea how absurd this sounds?

    this is psychological aspect

    people who are afraid of their own image or things so that others should not harm them suspect these changes

    the same way many of punjabis started shouted "hindu sikh bhai bhai " wherever they went after galughara ,it literaly means "we are afraid and we dont want to fight , please spare us"

    are you that big of coward to say we should change our own name of temples gurudwara's to churches? NO !!!

    guru sahib gave us a different look , khalsa is nyaara we are not here to go with the ways of the world, we make our own ways !!

    if everyone followed this cowardly idealogy then people wont be fighting for wearing kakkars or turbans abord they would be cleanshaven , like most of the people who have accepted it as a defeat !!

    stand your ground !!!

    Hence this is a stupid topic , which serves no purpose !!!

    you want to help , contact basics of sikhi, establish a team . do street prachar !! talking on forum isnt going to do anything !!

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  10. We can start atleast, built a small martial art center and also do we have a high quality game displaying a sikh characters, with so many engineers in community we can run a project for a high quality game atleast, to create awareness.

    I dont know about you veere savinder pal singh you may be a gr8 sevadaar but I am doing my creative bit for the sikhi for the problems our kids are facing. I am here to discuss ideas Rather then just shallow criticize and comments. To me these things can have immediate effect to lots of ppl.

    contact basics of sikhi, they will layout a plan

    you want to help please contact them, talking here will have no result

  11. rig ved stated

    "This earth is devoid of hands and legs, yet it moves ahead. All the objects over the earth also move with it. It moves around the sun.

    Rig Veda 10.149.1
    "The sun has tied Earth and other planets through attraction and moves them around itself as if a trainer moves newly trained Horses around itself Holding their reins."

    Rig Veda 1.35.9
    "The sun moves in its own Orbit but Holding earth and Other Heavenly bodies in a manner that they do not collide with each other through force of attraction.

    Rig Veda 1.164.13
    "Sun moves in its Orbit which itself is moving. Earth and other bodies move around sun due to force of attraction, because sun is heavier than them.

    so as they are written by bhaman's the missionarys will say "we dont believe earth revolves around sun" because its written by bhaman

    stop this bhaman phobia .

    another good read

  12. Saviderpalsingh , please come to sense , please differentiate between Language & script , kyoon , ustoon pehle punjab de lok koi boli nahi see boldey ? I see you always get personal very easily , before responding please always have a relook at your response

    i am in senses , its only logical Guru Angad dev ji, the second Sikh Master, invented the Gurmukhi script.Guru Nanak dev ji named Guru Angad dev ji to succeed him as the Guru for the Sikhs in 1539. Gurmukhi means “from the mouth of the Guru.”

    people spoke hindi , arabi and other languages mixed punjabi is gurmukhi , and no it wasnt spoken before

    pick up work from previous puratan singhs and it contains mixture of hindi and gurmukhi

    it prooves that before them only hindi was spoken,

    even sant jarnail singh ji has told in katha that

    viakran is dependent and came from gurbani

    not the other way around !!

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