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  1. leave that, listen to all guru granth sahib ji's katha many things will get cleared all doubts
  2. amazing but , zoravar singh ji sahibzade were not with ajait singh ji and jujhar singh ji zorawar singh and fateh singh ji were with mata gujri
  3. no , only punjabi AFAIK yes yes why give kids english translations? let them get used to gurmukhi and let them get it hardwired in brain.
  4. you can use ratan singh jagi giani gian singh veer singh ganda singh bhat vahis pandit narain singh from lahore you can start with twarikh gur khalsa - 12 volumes of history and samsher khalsa vol 1 and 2
  5. search on their fb , there is video of ex jathedar of akali phoola singh burj , authenticating that its valid art
  6. Wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh Complete Chaupa Singh rehatnama-English translation by W.H. Mcleod http://www.academicroom.com/sites/default/files/book/107/McLeod,%20The%20Chaupa%20Singh%20Rahit-Nama.pdf mirror https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B00MCbMdQQAbcGJ5T19Jc0ltaFk/view?usp=sharing
  7. no one is ignorant, this is a well kept art and is not disclosed to everyone . only the worthy and trustworthy are taught
  8. there was a statement , and recording present on facebook of shastarvidya by ex jathedar of akali phoola singh bunga and clarrified this was ang of shatar vidya and yes it is also called jhatka
  9. gatka has been present in kalaripatu as well so we could say this is an easy and fast to learn method which would be common amongst soldiers, before they actually learnt shastarvidya and became nipun in it
  10. there are many here who just fight over miniscual things, even if you ask giani sher singh ji you will get same reply. however to answer your question its upto "hosi bhi sach"
  11. waheugurjikakhalsawahegurujikifateh http://www.sikhlink.com/guru-granth-sahib-free.htm doing beadbi by shipping Guru Granth Sahib ji
  12. its all written in chaupa singhs rehat nama english version . what will happen, i just posted it recently
  13. depends you want to ask for recitation? or you want to do discussion waste everyone and yours time and fight on it? for someone who is hungry , when you put food infront? what will that person do? A. Eat the food in anyway he'she can, ? B, ask how to eat? if you can answer this you got your answer
  14. everytime you do nitnem either its rehras sahib or kirtan sohila do it till you fully concentrate on it do not move onto next line if cannot concentrate read same line twice, thrice , four times, five times ------- rest you will feel yourself
  15. he picked my call after 2 weeks of calling, apparently he did comeonline on whatsapp and had the time to check it, where on call he told me he was busy on smagam?
  16. what did you ask that made him block you? it seems he is quite proficient in using smart phone lol
  17. found this, eyes can change color too? http://livinggreenmag.com/2013/04/25/video/how-my-eyes-changed-color-eating-fully-raw/
  18. does change of diet really do that?
  19. wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh guru roop sangat ji this book of rehatname by piara singh padam includes the following puratan rehatname rehatnama - bhai nand lal tankhanama - bhai nand lal sakhi rehat ki , - Dr.Nand lal rehatnama - bhai prahlaad singh rehatnama - bhai daya singh rehatnama - hazoori, bhai chaupa singh chiber rehatnama - bhai desa singh rehatnama - bhai sahib singh mukatnama - bhai sahib singh rehatnama - sahajdhariya ka khalsa mahima khalsa ustat - Prof nihal singh lahori khalsa panchasika- bawa sumer singh khalsa shatak - bhai budh singh anthrika - bhat wahi da rehat
  20. she is fine and these allegations are not completely true, thats what she said
  21. keep actual usable shastars, you can carry folding knife personally i carry 5 including my siri sahib, all are hidden and can be used in a senario. keep them razor sharp
  22. get a better kirpan , it may cost a bit in starting but its worth while, cheap ones are not good .
  23. Wahegurujikakhalsa wahegurujikifateh sangat ji a must read , future described in this by patshahi 10vi https://www.scribd.com/doc/34466482/Chaupa-Singh-Rehitnama
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