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  1. Very sad news. ? Avtar Singh (candidate for parliamentary elections) killed amongst other prominent Sikh Afghans.
  2. Either they find his stupidity mildly amusing or they're as thick as he is. ??
  3. He's just thick as <banned word filter activated>. Mind boggling how someone can be so mentally challenged. Behaves as though he has some moral high ground after all the stuff he's guilty of which every member of the forum is aware of. Shaj ta bole, shaanani ki bole? He isn't worthy of being called a man after what he did to an innocent girl and her family. Pakka bandhar.
  4. Jesus wept are you really that dense? The word fudoo literally means dumba55 aka YOU. It has nothing to do with a woman, let alone her genitals. You may ask your pops je jaadi sharam lagdi ah tenu. But like I said, that is clearly where your mind is at. Give up trying to deflect and respond to my initial points like a man. Give up being childish for a minute yeah? PS. It's common senSe. Retard. Making sense of your posts is mentally exhausting. PPS. You sure it's a FEMALE lady part? Not a male lady part? 100% fudoo.
  5. "Womans lady parts" lmfao ?? ਰੀਟਾਰਡ-ਗਿਰੀ ਦੀ ਵੀ ਹੱਦ ਹੁੰਦੀ ਆਹ
  6. Face-palm . You want to figure out what "fudoo" actually means. Clue: nothing to do with lady parts. And evidently, you are one. Shows where your mind's at...
  7. Awh you know me so well. I take it you don't have a response hence the bs. Back your statements up Big_fudoo
  8. S4NGH

    Please help LGBT

    @MrDoaba your field of expertise.
  9. I see we're taking some sort of moral high ground now... You think it's okay for someone to break off an engagement because urrm the girl has a rash on her hands? Disrespecting the turban... Awfully concerned are we? Does this also apply to fudoos who go around Punjab picking and choosing and then dropping our sisters when it suits them? Or perhaps it applied when you were talking about a mother's "melons"? You should be ashamed of your very existence mate.
  10. ਗੰਦ. ? Either that or I have a really dirty mind.
  11. Should start one on here. Leave your details, if you match, get in touch. Boom.
  12. S4NGH


    Yes. Personal recommendation.
  13. S4NGH


    Invest in one of these ? chafes like hell.
  14. Tore down and then demolished or demolished and then tore down? ? Bandar dals newest recruit Big_Tera.
  15. This is mentally exhausting. Thanks.
  16. Sounds like your average sikh then.
  17. S4NGH


    Will getting a tattoo further your sikhi? Will it help you spiritually? What's the purpose of getting a tattoo? A tattoo of what? Answer the questions truthfully and I'm sure you'll have your answer.
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