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  1. On a serious note, is anyone willing to do anything about Jagtar Singhs case? I mean a real protest? Civil disobedience? Are any of us willing to get together and plan something?
  2. Basics of sikhi have done a few videos where they teach punjabi/Gurmukhi. Youtube.
  3. S4NGH


    You should speak to your school. Find out who the ferry company is, speak to them directly. Try have it in writing incase there is an issue. Paris is a beautiful place. Horrible people. I'm sure you'll love it if you're into your art, architecture and fashion.
  4. S4NGH


    Eurostar policy on Kirpan Eurostar Train policy Letter from Richard Brown, Eurostar Chief Executive Officer (10-07-2006): “Our security arrangements at Eurostar are in effect determined by Transec, the Transport Security Division of the Department for Transport, under the Channel Tunnel Security Order. They are very similar to the arrangements in place at airports for the airline passengers. In practice, therefore, our response will depend on the size of the Kirpan being carried, which do of course vary in size very considerably. In general any blade of three inches’ length or less is now permitted to by carried by passengers – provided this is not a flick knife or lock knife. Any longer than this, and a passenger is not allowed to carry the blade on them personally – but they can of course consign the item to registered luggage so that it is carried in a separate, locked compartment on the train. This would apply to a sword-length Kirpan, for instance. My understanding is that many Kirpans are quite small.”
  5. S4NGH


    You can carry kirpan on Eurostar. There has been a refusal in the past (due to a new member of staff or something) but Eurostar do allow it and have confirmed so.
  6. Is there a way to hide every members IP address from external entities?
  7. For a start veere, we haven't the first idea of how to protest. We turn up, we stand around chit chat whilst the elders make speech after speech in punjabi and the authorities just let us do our thing. Take a look at any one of our protests in London, the UK capital. Next no police presence. Why? Because they know we won't step out of line. We're too damn complaisant. They're not the least bit bothered. The one time the police got involved (which in turn got the media involved) is when we decided to block a busy London road? Do you recall the cause of that protest? The point is, we need to up our game. Court arrests. Be willing to make sacrifices. Sitting at home emailing standardised letters to MP's who couldn't care less, isn't going to get us far quick enough. Jagtar Singhs life is in real danger. We all know that.
  8. Why thanks veere! Needs a lot of work yet though... It really depends on what it is and my mood. Pm me?
  9. Hanji. I used pencils as I sketch/draw etc. In my experience, working with calligraphy pens takes a lot of practice. It looks easy but there's definitely an art to it. Try it out with pencils, see how you get on before investing in calligraphy pens
  10. all off instagram ji apart from the latter. work in progress
  11. No no no. This deserves a dedicated post on a sikh forum!!
  12. Seems like you didn't know who you were marrying and now somehow the blame is with God? Sure that makes sense. This is your mess, you got yourself into it. Why blame anyone else? Gosh it seems like the weight of the world is riding down on your shoulders right now. Why should your wife "blend in"? Why don't your family "blend in"? Effort is a two way street home boy. Move out. Do whatever you've gotta do to save your marriage. Doesn't seem like you were ready to get married mate. It ain't a game. When sh-t gets tough, divorce?? Do you have a sister??
  13. Wow wow wow!? ADMIN, isn't there a ban on pornography??!!
  14. Valuable input is rare. Account banao, pichha shadao
  15. S4NGH

    Funny videos

    Babbulicious though ?
  16. Ek jaga jama hon teeno Amar Akbar Anthonyyyyy... Old school! Nope pretty new I think? Apparently I'm too old to know though
  17. It's not something we should be ashamed or embarrassed about. It's just like any of the other 4 chor. Are we embarrassed when we talk about krodh or moh? Yes the details we can keep to ourselves but open discussion allows for us to learn from one another as 'Guest Kaur 2' (who still hasn't made an account!!) has discovered after coming to this forum.
  18. I don't know if that's a subtle jab or not... A little sensitive on the matter. ?
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