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  1. yh, go to sky.com > my sky > then find out your username/password if you need too
  2. you can watch them through your online sky account!!!
  3. i would get the tone, i only found out until a few months ago that the 52 hukams even existed. Why dont you make your position clear, are you for or against inter-faith? If for, prove its legitimacy in sikh faith. I cant comment on why a person lives a life they do, but clearly being brought up in some kind of sikh surrounding, in a sikh family, will be a more palatable idea when it comes to marriage. A sikh-sikh wedding, even if the two sikhs don't follow the strict code of conduct, will certainly make the spiritual journey more easier than a sikh-hindu/muslim wedding. I don't know why you
  4. lol how would you argue it then bro? When someone asks why we are using 38th hukam against interfaith marriages when it is being followed in sikh to sikh marriage? tough one
  5. well most of it would be met as the hukam asks for"Give her hand in a house where God's Sikhi exists", clearly if that person is a Sikh (mona or not) some kind of sikhi does exist. At least we have something on paper proving that inter faith cant happen, where is the proof of those who are pro inter faith, where did the Guru Sahibs permit it?
  6. agree bro, what i dno about you, but after listening to the girls sister, she didnt seem the kind of person that would accept the 38th order. Its our fault, i only found out about the 52 hukams after the swindon incident
  7. 38) Sir munae noo kanaiaa nahi daeni. Uos ghar daevni jithae Akal Purukh di sikhi ha, jo karzaai naa hovae, bhalae subhaa da hovae, bibaeki atae gyanvaan hovae - Do not given a daughter's hand to a clean shaven. Give her hand in a house where God's Sikhi exists, where the household is not in debt, is of a good nature, is disciplined and knowledgeable lol
  8. agree, but dont you find it dumb that they thought it was a palatable idea of hindu-sikh marriage in a gurdwara sahib in the anand karaj do you agree with the 38th hukam of the amazing, great 10th master
  9. if that brian singh was a true person in that he is involved with Gravesend Gurdwara, I find it shocking that one of the biggest UK gurdwaras is openly promoting mixed religion marriage, going against Sri Akaal Takht Sahib
  10. smashing windows is wrong, but was is wrong with these tity gurdwara committees and tity sikh families. Just because a hindu has read a wikipedia page about sikhism, some how it is justifiable to break the 38th hukam of the Great King Satguru Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj, f-kin sikhs
  11. a lot of you guys might remember that there was a big debate about a yr or a half ago about which calendar was official to Sikhs (nanakshai/lunar). I was wondering if more enlightened individuals could shed light on how sikhs fell to the low levels of arguing over a calendar? Is it true what missionaries have said about the new calendar, that some gurpurbs may come twice in a year?
  12. lol we realised this 500 years, it is to the detriment to sikh-muslim relations that the significant minority of muslims have yet to grasp this point and are stuck in the past. If you are both keen followers of your religion, then I am pretty sure that both have listed that a non-sikh/muslim cannot marry a sikh/muslim in a officially religious ceremony
  13. bro havent Bittu/Maan created a Guinness world record for the amount of times a individual has been arrested on false pretences?
  14. trust me, i know from a lot of mone sikhs who are my mates, they always question why on earth a dastar wearing Sikh choose to trim/cut beard. Even they realise it doesnt sit right
  15. welcome to dirty politics in the sikh world 2012. Note how the Sikh Channel entered this row by showing the new jatha's launch yday. I get the feeling that the channel is somewhat enjoying seeing the federation split, seeing as it jumped ship when Sangat TV was created. It seems like the Sikh Channel v Sangat TV battle isnt finished, as Sangat TV had listed "Sikh Federation UK" at 8pm as the jatha was on 840. I might also hazard a guess that Sikh Channel will be showing Tividale program on sunday at the exact same time as Sangat TV will be showing sikh federation from wolves. There is a deep g
  16. lol good point, just out of interest, I take it that Tividale is know a Taksali Gurdwara? How long has this been the case
  17. i dont really get the choice of name for the breakaway group. Even its own members on the Sikh Channel kept mistaking Dharam Yudh Morcha for their new name of Dharam Yudh Jatha!! Is it really the right name to choose?
  18. I apologise for any mistake I may make. My understanding is that the original bir of the great 11th master, written by the great Satguru Sri Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji, was taken by Dhir Mal. Is it true that that group still holds this bir, and if so, why has the panth not used, force if necessary, to retrieve the bir. What is the current status of this bir, can I go and see it?
  19. trust me mate your right. Shame he didnt visit the UK more often then he did. Apparently he was well versed in many different langauges. If you compare the standard of katha of Maskeen Ji to the local giani at the gurdwara today and you see what we are missing
  20. what is the sangat's view of Giani Ji? Since his passing haven't heard his name mentioned in many circles. Has the panth failed to value the efforts of Giani Ji, especially when it comes to Sri Dasam Granth
  21. sardar ji, (im lmao btw at your uncle tom references haha), surely the fact that two individuals, whom contain the names "ricky" and "nicky" should send alarm bells ringing in terms of whether the individuals share any bavna for the Sikh religion. Tbh, its aapne who are the biggest chamche ever. I dont think the Gurdwara Sahib should be used for electrol purposes anyway, and also Sikhs should get a grip and stop being fooled into voting for someone just because they share a Panjabi surname. P.S. Who the hell votes for Nicky whats her name on the basis that she is a "sikh". http://www.nytimes
  22. cheers bro, thanks for not biting my head off (was crapping it when you said you was from wolvo!!). Paul Uppal should be reported to the Akaal Takht for using Gurdwara for electoral purposes, as I would put good money on his dad owning a Gurdwara Sahib helped give him a platform for votes. I once saw a youtube video when Uppal was speaking at Sangat TV (hmm what a link!!) anniversary do, nothing personal but even Mcdonnell, Mcfadden and Marris can pronounce the fateh given by the great 10th master better than Paul f-in Uppal. Bro why did wolvo appne vote for Uppal instead of Marris? I dont get
  23. Who said he was Sikh anyway? Lol, Im not judging anybody but Sikhs nowadays only look at a person's name or if they wear a Kara to define whether a person is a Sikh or not. I'm not saying he has to be amritdhari or anything like that, but even so, we shouldnt just give someone the title of Sikh without knowing whether they visit the Gurdwara regularly, do they know anything about the 11 prophets of Sikhism etc. BTW, please do not interpret this post as Mona = Non-Sikh. Mona or Kesadhari, knowing something about your religion is the minimum to justify the title of Sikh. Secondanly, Sikhs in th
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