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  1. In Delhi many Sikhs are converting to Christianity including those who survived Genocide. Guru Kirpa Di Naal some families have returned. Many real much needed projects are underfunded or not funded at all. It is important that funds reach the right places where they are needed, and that funds can be traced to their destination. We work with a Real Sikhi Prachar group in Delhi who are working with poor and needy Sikhs including 1984 survivors, most of their work is funded by themselves. We highly commend all those individual Sikh activists and organisations who take the initiative to tackle these serious ground issues. It is not an easy thing to commit to real grassroots work, especially with very limited or no funds.
  2. ਸਚੁ ਕਰਤਾ ਸਚੁ ਕਰਣਹਾਰੁ ਸਚੁ ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਸਚੁ ਟੇਕ ॥ True is the Creator, True is the Doer. True is our Lord and Master, and True is His Support. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Guru Pyare SadhSangat Jio, Registered Charity Seva84 would like to share with you some of our recent work. On 21st December 2011 Akhand Path Sahib was aramb at Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj Sahib, Tilak Vihar for the blessings of: 1. Better standard of living for all victims of genocide and true ensaaf 2. Success of seva84 projects and for genocide survivors in Delhi who are currently living in appalling conditions 3. Ekta and chardi kala of the sikh panth Together with your support, Seva84 strives to provide these poor and needy Sikhs from genocide affected families with the things they need; Education, Healthcare and Employment to enable them to stand on their own two feet, become self sufficient and lift them self out of poverty. Our Seva84 projects are focused on Victims of 1984 Genocide, we are fully aware of their needs, and have had them observed and assessed by professionals – we have been given recommendations for successful projects accordingly. First Batch of Rickshaw Distribution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs_xN2NIXM0 (Guru Sahib beant kirpa di naal a second batch will be distributed shortly to the most needy families within the colonies to make them self sufficient as they once were). For individual cases of those who were allocated rickshaws, please visit our facebook page (link below). Door to Door surveys and financial assessments was used to select the most needy families for rickshaws. Key persons in Delhi who work with survivors of genocide were also requested to recommend those who are in desperate need of employment, as well as a panel recommendation and selection team. The panel consists of representatives from all communities living within the colonies as this helps to avoid any bias. Education Matters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLOBDiqxWS4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLOBDiqxWS4 When children are not in school, they are exposed to drugs, which has already taken the lives of many first and second generations in the genocide colonies. Since making this video, Seva84 has supported the education of more families in need. The Aftermath – short film on how 1984 genocide survivors are currently living (in appalling conditions) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNGYNM4apOo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNGYNM4apOo Seva84 Projects are not quick and easy. There are deep rooted issues which require specialist help from specialist organisations whom we have, and are forging relationships with. With Guru Kirpa and your support, this seva has been possible. Despite having minimal income, we do our best to maximize output (benefit to the survivors of genocide currently living in deep poverty and squalor conditions). All members of Seva84 UK work unpaid on a volunteer basis to maximise the use of your donations. If you feel you can contribute to seva84 in any way either practically, financially or otherwise please do get in touch. We are a small team of sevadars and welcome any input from the sangat. Seva84 was initially designed to be inclusive, for all sangat contribute and better the lives of those who have already suffered, and continue to suffer below the poverty line. Once again, we thank Guru Sahib and Guru’s Sangat for making this seva possible. Related Links Below. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh www.seva84.com www.justgiving.com/seva84 www.facebook.com/seva84online (you can join our page by clicking like ! )
  3. Many events have been organised across the UK to mark 28 years since the National Genocide of Sikhs which took place in November 1984, India. West Midlands sangat are requested to support this NHS blood donation sign up at Smethwick Gurdwara, which will be the starting point for an annual blood drive across the UK in remembrance of November 1984. It is important that sangat show an interest in this by taking a few moments to sign up. There is a shortage of blood giving, particularly from minority communities which is even more of a reason why we should be giving blood. Giving blood saves lives. Many others have organised events. nyfs expedition display boards will be up in Victoria Square, Birmingham City Center on Sat 3rd Nov 2012 followed by a Candlelight Vigil and prayers organised by sangat for victims at 3pm-6pm. Feel free to add any other events in this thread. Please remember to share any event details with people you know who are local to the respective areas.
  4. We wholly respect and support the work of "The Widow Colony" film, however we do not share the same aims and objectives. The first aim of Seva84 is to save the current and future generations in all colonies from a continued cycle of suffering, which are not only due to the traumas of genocide, but also neglect. Seva84 aims to implement infrastructures to support the physical and mental health of the residents, and ensure all young people can continue their education with no financial / health / family hindrances. We would like to promote Gursikhi and take on the drugs and crime issues which are rampant, particularly at Tilak Vihar. Seva84 would like to employ specialists (in the fields of psychology etc) in Tikal Vihar, as it appears none of the victims have received any psychological assessment since the genocide to date. In fact, in the documentary (which is now on halt due to funding issues), we plan to include a widow, who has only recently come accept that her husband died in November 1984. Seva84 avoids making cash payments to families that are capable of working as this feeds the poverty. In cases where cash payments are made, this would only happen after an assessment is carried out and it is clear that finance is needed for a specific purpose or in order to sustain a living. Generally, regarding health issues, payments are made to health institutions and receipts are obtained rather then giving families cash payments. In summary, we do not want to see any future generations falling victim to drugs and crime. Seva84 strives to support the victims of 1984 to ultimately make them self sufficient and capable of fighting their ways out of poverty. We can only do this with your continued support. http://www.justgivin...va84documentary
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8UcwMBwfAE This film can only be made with sangat's support http://www.justgivin...va84documentary Seva84 (reg. Charity 1147843) is commissioning a high profile, professionally produced documentary specifically highlighting: - The November 1984 Sikh Genocide - The Drug and poverty related problems within the colonies where victims of 1984 are now living This documentary will be part of a wider international documentary which aims to: - Raise global awareness to an audience beyond the Sikh community by communicating to the world that Sikhs in India suffered genocide during November 1984. - A documentary of this nature is likely to encourage non government organisations to reach out and develop a partnership with Seva84, to improve the standard of living (largely for those directly affected by the Genocide, which includes their families). We would like to ensure that the newer generations are not reliant on support, as our main aim is to enable the residents of the colonies to be self sufficient, to an extent that they are able to independently maintain an improved standard of living that is above the poverty line. This can only be done with your help. To support the making of the Documentary Film: http://www.justgivin...va84documentary to support our projects to help combat drugs and crime, and to promote health, education and Gursikhi please set up monthly donations at: www.seva84.com/donate **if you would like Seva84 to claim gift aid on your donations please email contact@seva84.com** http://www.justgivin...va84documentary
  6. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Seva84 would like to thank everyone who supports our work, and everyone who has prayed for and/or donated to Bhai Sewak Singh. Seva84 has been operating unofficially since mid 2011. Seva84 was officially established as a non profit company in January 2012. After much work, in June 2012 Seva84 achieved charity status (no 1147843). Seva84 has requested gift aid, but it appears the application is a lengthy process. Thank you all for your comments, and suggestions. The Seva84 facebook page www.facebook.com/seva84online has also been updated as follows: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*** With huge help from the global sangat, Seva84 has raised£3740 (which equates to over RS 3 Lakhs!) for the medical treatment of Bhai Sewak Singh. Seva84 is currently not requesting for any more donations regarding Bhai Sewak Singh, as this case has now become high profile, and the family are currently receiving funds from sourses in relation to this matter. Over the n ext few days, Seva84 will be updated on financial matters and will keep you updated with progress. Once again a huge thank you for all your support, and kindness. We continue to request everyone to pray for the speedy recovery of Bhai Sewak Singh Ji and strength for his family. 19th Aug 2012 £140 (Paypal Donations - £15, £10, £15, £25, £20 Bank Donations £50, £5) 20th August 2012 £220 (Paypal Donations - £50, £20, £20[Australia] Bank Donations £100, £30) 21st August 2012 £555 (Paypal Donations - £120 [Australia], £5 [uSA], £320 [Canada] Bank Donations £100, £10) 22nd August £380 (Paypal Donations - £50, £5, £30, £50, £10 Bank Donations £100, £10, £125) 23rd August £121 (Paypal £50, £10, £20 Bank£31, £10) 24th August £1324 (Paypal Donations 40, £200( USA) Bank Donations £50, £40, £194, £200, £300, £300) TOTAL for Bhai Sewak Singh Ji's Medical Costs: £1000 (Seva84 Reserve) + £2740 (donations) = £3740
  7. We would like to thank everyone who is supporting our work. Also, we would like to thank Sikhsangat for voluntarily pinning this topic. Our Facebook (www.facebook.com/seva84online) has been updated twice since our last visit to Sikhsangat. Seva84 has secured funds to the amount of £2015 for Bhai Sewak Singh. Please note, the Hospital has advised the total cost of Bhai Sewak Singh’s treatment is likely to be in excess of Rs 6 lacks (£7000 - £8000). Please see below the donations made so far for Bhai Sevak Singh via Seva84: 19th Aug 2012 £140 (Paypal Donations - £15, £10, £15, £25, £20 Bank Donations £50, £5) 20th August 2012 £220 (Paypal Donations - £50, £20, £20[Australia] Bank Donations £100, £30) 21st August 2012 £555 (Paypal Donations of £120 [Australia], £5 [uSA], £320 [Canada] Bank Donations £100, £10) 22nd August £100 (Bank Donation £100) £1000 (Seva84 Reserve) + £1015 (donations) = £2015 Seva84 would like to sincerely thank everyone who has donated and all who support our work. Thousands of pounds is still needed to fund the operations and medical costs of Bhai Sewak Singh. Please donate to help a poor family cover the medical expenses of Bhai Sewak Singh. Bank Transfer: SEVA84 (HSBC) Sort Code 400203 Account Number 51828819 Online / via paypal / other ways to donate: www.seva84.com/donate ***Seva84 : Bhai Sewak Singh (aged 22) Update*** Bhai Sewak Singh fell from a roof in the Widow Colony at Tilak Vihar, Delhi. He has suffered several broken bones, his ribs have caused a punctured lung, and he has damaged his spine. Bhai Sewak Singh’s health: Thankfully, his operations were successful, one operation included treatment from a neurology surgeon. Seva84 has now learnt Sewak Singh’s legs are totally not functioning (due to immense damage to spine and veins). There is some movement in his hands and there is little movement in his eyes which he shows when his name is called. Doctors have said they will know more after several days of observations. Doctors have also expressed it is highly unlikely he will ever walk again. Please pray for the recovery of Bhai Sewak Singh. Financial Situation: The family have received donations of 1.5lakhs (approx) from other sangat, and 75,000rs they have managed themselves. They are a poor family, and in need of our support. The hospitals have now billed the family RS 4.5 lakhs – this cost is increasing. The hospital have advised the family that the total cost could exceed RS 6 lakhs (£7000-£8000). Seva84 (registered charity 1147843) have managed to secure £2015 for the family, largely due to sangats donations since Sunday. We kindly refer you to the previous status messages which provides transparency on the recent donations received by Seva84. Please note, 100% of donations received from Sunday 19th – Thursday 23rd August 2012 will go directly towards the medical expenses of Bhai Sewak Singh. Thank you, we continue to appeal to sangat for urgent donations to secure the treatment of Bhai Sewak Singh. Please also keep Bhai Sewak Singh in your prayers. Bank Transfer: SEVA84 (HSBC) Sort Code 400203 Account Number 51828819 Online / via paypal / other ways to donate: www.seva84.com/donate We have already provided transparency on donations so far. If you are financially able to, please donate so Sewak Singh can continue to receive the urgent treatment he needs.
  8. Sewak Singh, aged 22 was flying a kite on the roof of one of the blocks at the Widows Colony, Tilak Vihar Delhi. He suffered a tragic fall and many horrific injuries followed including many broken bones, punctured lungs and a fractured spine. Doctors have informed Seva84 that it is highly probable that Sewak Singh will never walk again, as the main veins around his spine have been damaged. Sewak Singh has already undergone operations, and he has more to follow. Sewak Singh’s father drives a rickshaw for a living, their income is not much at all. The costs so far stands at 3.5lacks, doctors have informed us the costs are likely to amount to the equivalent of over £8000. It is highly probably that Bhai Sewak Singh will now be permanently disabled, so the family will certainly have medical costs in the future. Within the next few days, Sewak Singh will undergo surgery to have plates inserted into his back. The family are stressed as they cannot afford the treatment. Sangat ji to keep the operations going, we urgently need finance. Within the next few days we need to raise at around £3000 and we have only managed to raise a few hundred. Sewak’s father can be contacted on (0091) 9999334759. Indian Sangat can donate to National Branch F-block Vikas Puri New delhi 110018. Account Number 4496001500017094. The bank account is in the name of Sewak Singh State Bank of India 20011504100 Branch A-5 WZ Keshopur. UK Sangat should donatee to Seva84. 100% of donations received on 19th, 20th 21st and 22nd August will go towards Sewak Singhs medical expenses so please donate now. We can not stress enough the urgent need for money. Seva84 (HSBC) Sort Code: 400203 Account No: 51828819 We will update the sangat with any progress regarding donations and Bhai Sewak Singh via our facebook www.facebook.com/seva84online Please keep the recovery of Sewak Singh in your aardas. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  9. The Leicestershire police has given several assurances that Amitabh Bachchan will not be attending. In addition to this, MP Kieth Vaz has also relayed this message to local Sikh Community leaders. If sangat has any issues regarding Kieth Vaz, please take it up with the Gurdwara Committee members in Leicestershire. We would also appreciate it if you share any correspondence openly on forums such as this one. Seva84 works only for the benefit of the November 1984 National Genocide victims - many of whom are living in slums far below the poverty line, are poorly educated and are forced to have their health issues overlooked. It would have been cowardly for us to have kept our eyes and mouths shut during Amitabh's planned visit.
  10. **Peaceful Protest against Amitabh Bachchan Cancelled** It has been confirmed by both the police and Keith Vaz that Amitabh Bachchan will not be attending the Platinum Suite in Leicester on Saturday 16th June 2012. All organisers of the peaceful protest / awareness rally have agreed to cancel. When alleged leaders of genocide arrive in foreign lands, it is the duty of the sangat and citizens of the country to raise a united voice and send out a firm message that we will not turn a blind eye. We sincerely thank the hundreds of Sikhs who confirmed their attendance, and we rely upon your readiness and support should a matter of urgency arise in the future. Please spread the message far and wide, the planned protest will no longer be taking place.
  11. Protests can take many different forms. Silent protests are uncommon but have been successful in the past with other communities. The public will be informed through flyers, placards and assigned spokes-men. As it is probable that Amitabh will not be attending, there is no need to be shouting slogans. We are using this opportunity to get a message across... not many people know about the 1984 November Genocide, and even fewer know about the extent of the massacre and government involvement. We are using this as an opportunity to educate. We cannot educate if sangat are shouting slogans. As Amitabh's fans, family and media will be present, as well as national and international press this is an excellent opportunity to highlight Amitabh’s alleged role in the unknown 1984 November Genocide where voting lists were used to identify Sikh homes which were then marked in red. Sikhs of all ages across India were hacked to pieces, burnt alive, raped and killed. Sikh owned homes and business were burnt to the ground and those that were expected to protect the Sikhs either turned a blind eye or were actively involved. The only TV (Doordarshan) and Radio (All India Radio) stations were government owned and did not report the killings of Sikhs that was taking place across India. Rather the opposite, they spread rumours that Sikhs were killing Hindus - which were all unfounded. After the genocide, there was a strong awareness that killings had taken place across India, so the government decided to dub these events as "Delhi Riots". This term was a deliberate attempt to play down the face that this was in fact a planned Genocide. The killings were not just limited to just Delhi, and a Riot is a conflict that takes place between two communities... It was only Gurdwaras that were razed to the ground... no mandir, church, or masjid was touched by the so called "rioters". This was a pre planned genocide to wipe out the Sikhs in India. This is why the term “Delhi Riots” should not be used. The Nanavati commission recognises that voting lists were used to identify Sikh homes. Several eye witnesses have made claims that Amitabh Bachchan (a close friend of Rajiv Ghandi) was the first to incite the killings of Sikhs. Despite this, the Delhi High Courts refuse to take any action.
  12. Great work by Leicestershire Sikh Alliance **Protest Update** This is a peaceful awareness protest to educate others about Bachchan’s alleged role in the November 1984 Genocide. Amitabh Bachchan has decided not to attend the event, however other high profile figures will be attending in addition to local and international press. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Re: Amitabh Bachchan Peaceful Protest Awareness date: Saturday 16th June 2012 5pm-7.30pm Location: Outside the Platinum Suite, Cobden Street, Leicester, LE1 2LB Contact: contact@seva84.com It is alleged by various sources that Amitabh Buchhan incited mobs to kill Sikhs live on Doordarshan TV, India leading up to the November 1984 National Genocide. It is likely Amitabh Bachchan will not be present at the event, however it has been confirmed that his family will be attending the celebrations taking place at the Platinum Suite. We would like to highlight to all who are planning to attend the peaceful awareness protest that families with children, Press and Bollywood fans will be present at the event in addition to other high profile persons. This must be taken into consideration at all times. Please refrain from aggressive behaviour. All who attend are required to partake in Naam and Simran. We have allocated spokes-people for the protest who will highlight the allegations put forward and will respond to press on the day. All others who attend are requested to partake in the recitations of Chaupai Sahib, Naam Simran and Mool Mantra taking place. Further updates will be announced at www.facebook.com/seva1984
  13. Protocol for Peaceful Protest 16 June 2012 Sikhs are requested to start gathering at the Platinum Suite, Cobden Street, Leicester LE1 2LB at 5.00pm – 7.30pm All Sikhs attending are requested to note the following Protocol: -Sikhs must respect and participate in the Naam Simiran, Mool Mantra, Chaupai Sahib Jaap that is intended to take place on the day, so that the Khalsa Panth receives blessings from Guru Ji. - Intimidation, swearing or violent behaviour will NOT be tolerated. Do not come looking intimidating i.e., do not wear hoodies or any face coverings. No swearing will be permitted. Smart dresscode is preffered. - Sikhs must show restraint and conduct themselves respectfully when addressing members of the public, the police or any attendees of the event. Do not engage in any arguments, direct difficult persons to the sevadars present at the protest. -Sikh and non-Sikh media will be present for us to voice our concerns to the wider Community - we do not want to show the wider community we are violent, rather we would like to educate them on November 1984 in an articulate way. - Support those Sevadaars who will be taking a lead on the day We will get our message across through leaflets and placards. We want this protest to be remembered as “the protest that highlighted Amitabh Bachchan’s contribution to the November 1984 National Genocide”. We would also like MP Keith Vaz to also realise the distress his invitation to Amitabh has caused to the British Sikh community. FINALLY, REMEMBER, you will be representing the roop of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj.
  14. **The Protest IS Going Ahead** This is a Peaceful Protest to Educate the public about Amitabh Bachchan and the November 1984 National Genocide. Keith Vaz along with Amitabh Bachchan’s family and fans will be attending the Platinum Suite on Saturday. The Leicester police have informed Seva84 that Amitabh will not attend as he claims he will be ill on the day. A meeting was called earlier today where it was agreed that the peaceful protest will still go ahead on the following grounds: -The event in question... will still be going ahead with the presence of Amitabh’s family members and fans from all across the UK. -MP Keith Vaz needs to be made aware that the Sikh community will protest the visit of any perpetrator of the 1984 Genocide against Sikhs (even if they have not been brought to trial yet) -As the press will be present, this is an excellent opportunity to highlight Amitab’s role in 1984 to his fans, the public and the media that will be present. Protest details will be posted on www.facebook.com/seva1984
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