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  1. True.. I noticed their was one case of this white policeman in kent,uk who had murdered his wife and kids because he had found out she had cheated on him. Yet take a similar story of an asian pakistani muslim man from berkshire who murdered his wife and kid yet he along with the asian community is protrayed worser by attaching this dumb concept of honour killings to the case. Honour is a very traditionalist concept, it can be argued that because people in the west do not respect honour these days that is why society is going down the pan as people have no respect for others or self respect.
  2. I agree with bishop too. More power to him, he is braver than his white christian counterparts who bury their head in sand and seem inept to speak out against the evils of islamic ideology spreading hatered (hate for the non-muslims and their religions) and seperatism (guji/bengali/pakistani muslim only area's) throughout UK towns.
  3. Perhaps Mr Ujjal Dosanjh would like to press for a ban on white supremist terrorist groups in all. To my knowledge Sikh seperatist groups have no interest in harming canada or canadians, their beef is not with canada or western countries. They are fighting for their right to self determination with option of armed resistance against forces occupying their homeland (punjab/khalistan) against Indian unionist armed forces. I regularly see pictures of white supremist nazi groups holding weapons on canadian and american soil on sites like stormfront.org and other race hating sites. Why arent they
  4. wow thats truely disgusting .. but then again some muslims do indulge in a sort of incest as a right in islam by marrying their 1st cusins. Prophet muhammads daughter fatimah was married off to his cousin imam ali (fatimah's uncle).. Creationist theory means adam and eve must have had incest with their kids to produce rest of humanity. So this muslim dude could argue islam/abrahmic faiths allows it lol
  5. True... As for that article well lets check the source and ...suprise suprise its outlookindia, which is anti-sikh magazine. Just check their past articles in regards to Sikhs and Sikh nationalism/seperatism and you will see where their pro-indian unionist bias lies. They often posted and hosted articles by that great human rights activist and all "action hero" non other than the evil infamous state terrorist and so called "supercop" KPS Gill
  6. Your right the older generation who make up the committees of gurdwara's are neglecting and have neglected the needs of the youth they instead want to open up their community centres for irrelavant classes and courses for non-sikhs in order to securing govt funding while the youth (80% of them sahedhari's) are slowly slipping away from the panth because they precieve no one cares about them, that Sikhism/religion is only for amritdhari/keshdari's.
  7. Jasvinder Sanghera, herself was a problem child who had numerous boyfriends in her eary years, thats why her late mum tried to get her married off. She herself has been divorced twice and has been with non-sikh partners, she's an outcaste and no role model for any decent honest sikh/asian girl. Only this week we heard another sanghera woman murdering an innocent pakistani girl because she was having a secret affair with a muslim guy. These are sick mentally unstable women they are the one's who give all women in our community a bad name when they try to represent them in the media. "People in
  8. How many more cases need to come to the surface before Sikh organisations drill into some of these stupid niave females brains about the consequences of straying off with non-Sikhs. How many more families will have to be torn apart before Sikh women organisations themselves tackle this problem head on not brush it aside making excuses? Do we want the panth destoryed? where are our family/ Sikh values? It is women who sustain the panth with future generations and it is women who will ultimately destory our beautiful faith if we do not tackle these issues. Do we have any representatives of kau
  9. SECRET AFFAIR DROVE MUM TO KIDNAP GIRL, 16 BY ANDREW WAKEFIELD AWAKEFIELD@DERBYTELEGRAPH.CO.UK 09:30 - 17 November 2007 A young Sikh girl was kidnapped by her mother and uncle after they discovered she was having a secret affair with a Muslim boy. The 16-year-old girl's mum discovered the affair by finding messages to her boyfriend on her computer. The teenager, fearing she would be forced into an arranged marriage, fled to a women's refuge. But when she went out to visit a cinema, her mother and uncle ambushed her and bundled her into a car. Refuge workers discovered the girl was miss
  10. These are cheap arrogent religionless girls, they are the type you will see in clubs, drinking, having pre-martial sex marking jokes at expense of true followers of Sikhism to their non-sikh mates. Because they do not value themselves they are openly saying to men come and have your way with us because we are easy and dirty. They are trapped in the world of vices and are superficial. You wont see a gursikh females indulging in such practises only so called modern sikh by name punjabi/indian girls who have lost their value as a woman and want to be seen as a sllut by everyone.
  11. I agree completey we have some immature girls on here (who shall remain nameless) instead of discussin the matter in hand want to turn this topic into a joke and a laughing matter. These are type of punjabi girls with their attitude who are trying to destory the panth within with their carefree anti-sikh attitude. They are not realising the stain on their reputation, how others precieve modern "sikh" punjabi girls these days because they have no concept of shame or self-respect.
  12. The title is misleading and distracts from the gravity of the crime and situation of some Punjabi girls who come from so called respectible Sikh families in our community who have very sick minds evidently. 1) For betraying their family, honour, religion to think its ok for them to be seduced by a non-Sikh guy and have a relationship with him 2) To go to such lengths as to kill an innocent pregnant pakistani muslim girl and her child because she is her lovers legal wife in law and in faith and is getting in the way of their so called twisted relationship. I feel sorry for Harmohinder Kaur S
  13. Sikh student Harmohinder Sanghera ‘stabbed lover’s pregnant wife 42 times then asked him away for weekend’ Russell Jenkins A Sikh woman stabbed her Muslim lover’s pregnant wife to death with a kitchen knife because she was carrying his baby, Manchester Crown Court was told yesterday. Harmohinder Sanghera, 23, a dentistry student, allegedly inflicted more than 42 separate injuries on the teenager, described as shy and slight, and then lifted her victim’s top before sinking the blade into her stomach. She left Sana Ali, 17, dying in the bedroom of her home in Bury, Greater Manchester, and co
  14. Santa ke karaj aap khloya, Har kam kravan aaya ram

    Appeal from all sikhsangat

    Hello sir/mam

    Plz visit the panjpyare.com & read all info & also forward to all ur friends

    can u take a print out of this site?

    if u do plz take & put on the notice board in Gurdwara Sahib .

    I am waiting ur response.

    (bharbanssingh.karsewa@gm ail.com)

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