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  1. A friend with psychic abilities once visited our house and could describe seeing Shaheed Singhs. She referred to them dressed in blue, metal ring around the turban (chakar) etc.
  2. "We've got the highest levels of controls of security around the work that we do here," Gary Aitkenhead told me. "We would not be allowed to operate if we had lack of control that could result in anything leaving the four walls of our facility here. "There's no way that agent would have left. We have complete confidence that nothing could have come from here out into the wider world." The above comment from the head of the Porton Down laboratory (10 miles from the Sailsbury incident) sounds like an acknowledgement that they stock the Russian nerve agent used in the attack.
  3. Well that's the sticking point. It's slowly becoming a trend amongst amritdhari's which will lead to a 'holier than thou' attitude. You can see it starting off with the 'guilt trip' posts on social media and websites nowadays. Hats off to anyone who only consumes raw milk or is vegan, but don't use it as a platform to criticise those who choose not to.
  4. So are you saying they don't suffer? Can you apply the same 'choice' to the other forms of suffering listed in that post?
  5. If it's all about being ethical then why not reconsider using an Iphone made by overworked and exploited Chinese workers, the clothes that are made by impoverished people in Bangladesh who work in horrendous conditions, medicines or fragrances that are first tested on animals. The list goes on and on.. If the bottom line is about being ethical and ending suffering then why is it limited to cows? Why not apply those ethics to human suffering? Where do you draw the line in terms of being ethical or is it easier just avoiding dairy products and ignoring everything else which aids your lifestyle
  6. Nothing new, the whole 3ho franchise is run as a business. I remember looking to apply to go to one of their camps in New Mexico. They were charging for all sorts which is not something you would expect with an average Gurmat Camp.
  7. Sorry to throw a negative spanner in the works but lets not fool ourselves if we think the masses are rising up. There are an estimated 13 million Sikhs in Punjab and in whichever televised cover of any dharna you see in parts of Punjab, the numbers range from the low dozens to perhaps 10,000 at the most if there's a large gathering. Given the proportion of the Sikh population the numbers are still miniscule. In the Kotkapura khand loose estimates of 30,000 - 50,000 Sikh protesters were given, yet more realistic figures equate to between 6,000-10,000 being present. If hundreds of thousands or
  8. Don't move back in and maybe consider moving on with your life if he's not willing to change.
  9. Just to add to this discussion.. This is a false news report. The 150,000 figure relates to the annual intake of conscripts. Putin won't send in a huge conventional army for fear of getting bogged down in a Soviet Afghanistan style war. Russia is only intervening because Iranian General Suleimani travelled to Moscow about two months ago and informed the Russians that Iran could no longer prop up a faltering Assad regime and Russian military strength was needed in the campaign. So they planned for Russian 'shock and awe' style bombing of rebel positions followed by joint Syrian-Iranian-Hizbol
  10. Every time the Jathedar does something stupid, there's usually a brief uproar followed by a false sense of normality in which Gurbachan is made to play an important part in all matters Panthic. We tend to have short memories and brush things under the carpet too easily. Gurbachan and the other jathedars have crossed the line more than once yet the sangat continue to invite them and give them that legitimacy, which in turn allows them to continue making stupid decisions which have far reaching consequences. Maybe it's time to draw a line and stop giving them pedestals. Maybe that will end thi
  11. Didn't Sri Nagar wale also praise Badal last year in the UK and then apologise for it?
  12. Furthermore if you ever ask a scholar as to why there are verses in the Quran which refer to the subjucation and killing of non-believers, then he will probably say that those passages relating to when Muhammed and his followers were being attacked by Quraysh and other tribes. Yet the question from that arises as to whether the Quran is meant to be a divine revelation or a history book?
  13. I've read Hollands book. In it he said that there are actually no real sources regarding the Quran and the Ka'aba until 100-200 years after the passing of Muhammed. Holland said that the history during the 'golden age' of Islam in reference the successive Caliphates which immediately followed Muhammed are quite vague. Furthermore he also said that an early scholar called Al-Bukhari during the 8th century compiled the 7000 odd Hadiths from around 200,000 possible scripts His analysis implies that early Islamic history and their idea of authoritative scripts and history could have been doctored
  14. We have no nation, no base, no Raaj. Is it any surprise that the Sikh quam is in decline? Raj bina neh Dharam chale hain Dharam bina sab dale male hain
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