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  1. Should be no eating meat at all.......taste doesnt matter jst stay away from meat
  2. wear keski to bed cause we must kakkar with us all the time
  3. Waheguru ji I am learning Gurmukhi now but only knew english b4 and transliterations really helped with my Nitnem and learning bania so I think they are really useful to many Singhs around the world
  4. Waheguru ji great Can I share this on Facebook Waheguru Ji ?
  5. I heard that those who commit suicide become Ghosts
  6. If you meet the Singh you would know he is only telling the truth.......... Do simran with the Singh and you will know he tells the truth...... Guru Ji tells you in many ways Waheguru
  7. many waheguru ji guru ji has blessed me with great sangat
  8. Yea waheguru ji, its alrite to share for the right reason but ive met a very high avastha Singh that started sharing too much of his stories and he almost died in hospita due to this. When he asked Guru Ji what was ahppening to him Guru Ji told him he had been telling too much things he should have kept Gupt l
  9. I thought its common sense that dancing with gurbani is disrespect
  10. Waheguru ji u travel, do not stop wat waheguru ji is doing to u naturally Also try to keep these sort of things as Gupt as possible as Ive heard of people that when they start sharing they lose it
  11. It is true waheguru, Many shaheeds come back to the world to do seva and apparantly for something really really Big that is going to happen
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