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  1. Congress da kamal. Fer aapdeh naam toh Singh vi kadd deh and stop identifying as a Sikh. Pagal janta.
  2. What is Adole Avastha? Can someone please explain this?
  3. Gurdware ki karde firde sigay fer? We had problems with a "Sikh" and non Sikh getting married at the Guru Ghar, and people tried to defend it by illogically claiming that its okay because one party is "Sikh." What is the explanation for two Hindus getting married at the Gurdwara?
  4. Its a good thing that the photographer responded to this situation. I am gathering that she is not a Sikh? Regardless, its not just the photographer's fault. The bride should've known better.
  5. There is too much beadbi going on of Maharaj nowadays in regards to marriage its so heartbreaking. If Guru Gobind Singh Ji was sitting there in physical form who would dare to do beadbi? Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the jot of all the 10 Gurus I don't understand what people don't understand about that. :stupidme:
  6. Chardikala means to remain blissful and accepting Waheguru Ji's Hukam (or bhana.)
  7. This is so dumb! Women don't walk 'behind' men! They walk equally close to Guru Ji because they're getting married in Maharaj Ji's hajoori! People nowadays don't look into the essence of the practice and are brainwashed by western mentality. Anand Karaj should be a religious ceremony for our Guru Sahib Ji's blessings! Not for who is walking in front and who isn't! Respect to the bride? What happened to respecting Maharaj Ji. Seems like nobody was keeping Maharaj Ji's hajoori into mind. Wish this couple had spoken to a Poora GurSikh before doing this and 'inspiring' others to do the same.
  8. Focus on bhajan/bandigi. Listen to Kirtan listen to katha listen to gurbani. Get rid of all those things that make you feel negative. Forget about them all. And replace them with Gurbani and Sikhi Sidhaant. Then notice your life changing course! It'll become amazing because; charan saran gur eaek paiddaa jaae chala sath gur kott paiddaa aagae hoe laeth hai ||
  9. Women should decide themselves if they're comfortable doing seva of Maharaj because not all women are the same. Some have heavier flows whereas others do not. So for some men (and women) to generalize and prohibit other women from doing seva is not the right thing. Each woman to their own. Women know what they can or cannot handle and if someone wants to do seva of Maharaj they certainly should have enough sharda to refrain from doing seva when they know they cannot guarantee suchamta. Otherwise if a woman can guarantee suchamta I don't see why everybody else needs to interfere with her relationship with Maharaj.
  10. Nai veer ji mere toh galti ho gayi I read this thread through my phone and I did not notice the pictures posted by StarStriker Ji and I assumed JRoudh Ji was referring to the videos you posted. Ignore my ignorant response sangat Ji :blink2:
  11. Mehtab Singh Ji wasn't saying anything about Jatts or promoting them. He literally only posted videos from a Punjabi movie he enjoyed when he was younger that so happens to be about 'Muslim Pakistani Jatts.' This thread is about Punjabi. Punjabi is also spoken in Pakistan Punjab. Hence why this movie was brought up. It has nothing to do with jaat paat.
  12. When people portray us as "cartoon characters" in movies we complain, we complain when nobody highlights the Sikh itihas in India considering that we had a significant role against the Mughal empire, we complain when our own children have no idea what happened during that time period, we complain when RSS and other organizations try to change our history, we complain about all of these things and many more, and rightfully so. But when someone makes a movie to present the richness of our history, when our Sikh itihas is highlighted in Indian cinema, Guru Patshah and Guru Ji's Khalsa is portrayed as a force not to be reckoned with, when our children are learning about our itihas through an animated 3D movie, when sentimental emotions are evoked not only for Sikhs but for non Sikhs watching the movie, some of us still complain and thats just mind boggling. :stupidme: Bilkul samajh toh parre ah.
  13. 'Sochte huye Guru' gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Such a fantastic movie! Evokes emotions out of everybody and the most powerful thing was (as everyone has already mentioned) after the movie ended there was dead silence. Everybody walking out of the theater was absolutely silent no words were spoken even in my family until we started driving home. Loved everything about this movie! Dhan dhan Badshah Darvesh Guru Gobind Singh Ji Dhan Dhan Chaar Sahibzaade Dhan Dhan Mata Gujri Ji Dhan Dhan Guru Ka Khalsa
  14. He's being sarcastic and deliberate by comparing the Rampal Situation to Operation Blue Star. It is so ignorant of this 'Nihal' guy to compare the two because Sant Ji stood for the rights of Sikhs, paani da masla etc. plus there's countless proof indicating the government had already planned on attacking Darbar Sahib before Sant Ji 'fortified' it (if that's how the government wants to put it). So this Nihal guy really needs to pick up a history book before making ridiculous and naive comparisons. You can't take a situation and compare it to another situation just because it's a 'religious man' that has barricaded into a religious place. Sant Ji stood for political and religious matters. Whereas this Rampal guy no clue what he's doing but I'm positive it's nowhere near the atrocities the Sikhs had to face not only post '84 but pre '84. Truly a naive and uneducated statement.
  15. I just think that we should focus on serving Guru Granth Sahib Ji and I think some people in our community really "over do" the amount that they do for the parcharaks coming to visit like doing everything they say without using own logic. Just because somebody is a parcharak it does not mean that they have the right to order or command someone to do something. Apdi budhi use karo and focus on Gurbani, try to understand Gurbani by yourself. I know of people that really go to extremes and confuse respect with worship. There is nothing wrong with listening to katha or paying respect to a kathavachik but there is a limit when it comes to worship and holding that person to such a high regard that any accusation becomes a matter of debate. Not picking sides here or blaming anybody just giving my two cents in this situation.
  16. I really love this thread! We have so many helpful Veers and Bhena with so much pyaar! But SinghGS I recommend drinking lots of water before going to bed so when your alarm goes off you have to get up to use the restroom. Along with Ardas that is the best method to get up during Amritvehla :biggrin2:
  17. I've studied molecular biology & I must say that everything that I have studied only leads me to appreciate Waheguru Ji's creation. I haven't come across anything that contradicts my beliefs or religion. Even reincarnation makes sense at a scientific level. I know some students that belonged to Abrahamic faiths and they struggled with school and religious beliefs. They struggled to understand evolution, and understanding how to deal with their faith and science. I don't think Sikhism and science contradict in any aspect. In fact Sikhi holds countless 'truths' that science has not discovered yet.
  18. I asked a Muslim about this before. They claim that only those who have knowledge about Islam yet refuse to accept it will go to hell. So according to this idea, a baby would not have knowledge about Islam and therefore would not be sent to hell. This brother did an amazing job! So graceful and intelligent! Sent this video to a Muslim colleague also after she tried to debate about Sikhi with me.
  19. I don't care about what people do in their personal lives but when they bring Sikhi and Guru Sahib into it, it's just plain wrong. The link above shows direct beadbi of Sikhi.
  20. HKaur16

    Ghost Dreams

    I've had many dreams where in my dream I know there is a ghost around me or in front of me and I usually sit down and start doing path. And when I do path the ghost vanishes. I've had this dream many times.
  21. I agree that Kesh is very important in Sikhi. But I still find Keshdhari Sikhs dancing and swaying their hips to Gurbani is very disrespectful. "Ades Tisai Ades, Aad Aneel Anad Anahat Jug Jug Eko Ves" This Gurbani Pangati glorifies Waheguru Ji. The meaning of this pangti goes much beyond the understanding of most of us on this forum. I find this beadbi. I can't believe some people are saying this is okay. And some people are comparing this to Kesh when the two are on opposite ends. This isn't about kesh. This thread wasn't even about the 3HO practices. In fact if Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj were here in deh saroop, would they accept such things? I understand that the so called Punjabi Sikhs also contribute in beadbi. We aren't a sharia religion but dancing to Gurbani is just plain wrong. Someone needs to do better parchar to the 3HO Sikhs. In the video, the lady is saying "people say Gurdwaras are boring, but if everyone did kirtan like this then Gurdwara wouldn't be boring" Gurdwara Sahib isn't a place for amusement, you don't need to have "fun" like that there. You need to connect with Guru Sahib. Do seva and read Gurbani. When people sway their hips to Gurbani are they understanding the meaning of the pangti? Do they even know what they're saying? Sikhi is far more deeper than this. Also, instead of bashing on the 3HO Sikhs, we need to figure out how to do parchar to them. How to teach them how our Guru Sahibs lived Sikhi. How mahan Sants have lived Sikhi. By being humble. By understanding the reality behind worldly pleasures. In fact several Punjabis despite having haircuts understand the reality of Sikhi. They know how to keep maryada of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. They understand that real Sikhi is how Sant Isher Singh ji used to live or how Sant Jarnail Singh Ji used to live. Yes Punjabi Sikhs do plenty harm as well. As someone above stated, when our womenfolk dance to dirty punjabi songs Honey Singh stuff its wrong. But Gurbani is pavitar. Gurbani is more pavitar than a Sikh. Because Guru Ji is greater than a Sikh. So if a Sikh cuts their hair, yes thats bad. But it is not comprable to mocking Gurbani. Who says a Mona can't sit on Tabiya? I know of many people, some very very close to me, who read much more bani than a lot of us. But they haven't taken amrit. I know of many people who read so much bani and they do rol in Akhand Paths. So where does it say a haircut person can't sit on Tabiya? Someone might be keeping Kesh but committing crimes yet they have the permission to sit on Tabiya but someone who has a hair cut but is trying to get into Sikhi trying to get close to Guru sahib reads a lot of bani cannot sit on Tabiya.... Bhul Chuk Maaf
  22. I was being sarcastic in saying that they wanted to show a Sikh marrying a Muslim but failed epically.
  23. Couldn't agree more! I know of some Muslims who hate that movie for the same exact reason. My point was thats the only movie that they "tried" to portray a Muslim girl marrying a "Sikh" man.
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