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  1. Well how could there be time before the universe was created? Our time is based off of the Earth's rotation around the sun. Besides that point I'm a little confused how could time exist when sun and moon didn't exist?
  2. Could Guru Sahib also be referring to reincarnation?
  3. I showed my mom and she said "paveh aap hi shave kardeh neh vad leya hove."
  4. Veereh, he may be a mona, but from his actions it is seen that he has a lot of love for Guru Ji and Sikhi. It should be inspirational for everyone. We shouldn't single him out and say he is a mona. Because he is making a lot of effort, more than many of us here.
  5. "Walking one step towards the Guru's feet, the True Guru walks millions of steps to welcome you." Bhai Gurdas Ji Read Gurbani, research history and you will realize what you need to do.
  6. This is so good. I like how he presented the idea of other minorities also being oppressed and he mentioned the freedom fighters. I also liked how he emphasized on Indian killing Indian concept. This will surely open the eyes of not just Sikhs but other faiths too who consider themselves Indian and they will realize what so called "mahan" India has been doing.
  7. Hhahahaa omg I have never ever seen this before!!!
  8. I think veerji is asking about how he should interpret the Hukumnama from Maharaj. This is what I do sometimes when Maharaj Ji gives a Hukumnama which is hard for me to understand, I read it over and over again. I read the translations of the viakheya of the shabad. And slowly you will understand what Guru Sahib Ji are telling you.
  9. Veer Ji like I had said before in another post. I am not an Amritdhari. But only me and Guru Ji know how I'm progressing in my jeevan. I am not a partygoer, I dont do sangat of bad people, I dont drink, do drugs, or anything that would cause harm to another Sikh's jeevan. I think Guru Sahib would allow non-amrithdari to make langer. I do believe that Degh should be made by amridharis only. But langar is not exclusive. In the story about Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Sant Ji told the Singh to do uthan behtan not because he ate from a non amritdhari but because the banana wasnt sucha. Its not like the non amritdhari man MADE the banana. Banana is a natural food. But Sant Ji didnt like that the Singh didnt wash it before he didnt eat it. Its not like Amritdharis MAKE sucham bananas only nature makes bananas Before you start bashing me again, I want to take Amrit soon... lol
  10. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Saad sangat ji, I am going through some tough times in life right now which I cant really share. I have been feeling low and upset a lot recently and it has started to affect my bani. I have realized that only Guru Sahib is the one who will stand with us, Guru Sahib Ji will never leave our side. I was hoping if saad sangat ji could post some motivational sakhi's, katha, kirtan, Gurbani, or articles which would help my moorakh budhi understand that Guru Sahib will always be there for you whether anyone else is or not. Please help a moorakh sister out. Dhanvad Rab Rakha
  11. I dont quite think that you have the right to tell me that no offense. The Gursikhs that know me would speak otherwise. Someone who is not an amritdhari, their nitnem could be far greater than that of an Amritdhari. This sort of attitude is what drives youth away from Sikhi. I am not weak, I'm trying to achieve at a slow pace. Who are you to tell me that I cannot do Seva at my Guru's ghar? What makes food holy? Its one thing to stop people from making langar who indulge in wrongful activities and its another to stop someone who is working to fix their jeevan. I am not being unfair to any Amritdharis. I expected a more sophisticated and intellectual response. Not a response bashing on why I am weak and I will cause harm to others gursikhi jeevan.
  12. His explanation for why they use the word mafia made no sense at all...... wow
  13. Veer Ji I am not an amritdhari so does that mean when I do langar di seva its wrong? Why?
  14. Giani Thakur Singh Ji also says this in their larivaar Katha of Guru Granth Sahib Ji that a brahmgiani does not need to jap naam anymore because ohna deh rom rom vich naap vasda. Giani Ji says its like a child saying to their father why dont you go to school? Now the father has already gone to school and graduated. Same case. But Giani Ji says that the Brahmgiani's do path naam simran to show others so they can also start following the path. However, despite this I believe Guru Nanak Dev Ji were Satguru. They were born Mukht and Bhai Gurdas Ji's vaaran and Guru Ji's Janam Sakhiya supports this.
  15. Sometimes I think about it and get very very sad so I know how you feel. Our panth is split so much and I would say from where I am at only 5%-10% of the youth know anything about Sikhi or have any sort of interest. Our elders consider the gurdwara sahib a place of conflict gossip and politics. They fail to realize that Guru Sahib is pargat there and they are acting like this in front of Maharaj. For the sangat that is interested in Sikhi, some of them just create divides based on beliefs or controversies.
  16. This is an issue which bothers me a lot personally. I have seen countless incidents at the Gurdwara Sahib where bibiya instead of doing path and naam abhiyaas stand there gossip. There was one incident when I heard an older bibi talking about disgusting and vulgar things while making prashadeh. Ghor Kaljug Ah Gaya!
  17. Lol whats wrong with Englandee Pagg or 5 AM Amritvehla? Or restaurant eating?
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