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  1. Sorry but the so called "Aryan invasion" is a myth. Indians do indeed have some genetic diversity but that wasn't from invaders. The caste system in India has lasted thousands of years and it pretty much means that Indians are the most racially undiluted people on Earth. Rather than refute my point about Brazil you took the moral high ground with no proof of your own. Sorry, but the truth hurts. If you love race-mixed losers so much then go enjoy the dangers of Brazil. I don't care how "offensive" my views may seem. All I care about is the truth.
  2. The media are pushing this degeneracy with garbage like Bend it like Beckham. Mixed-race filth are a sub-humans. Just look at Brazil which has a huge crime rate. They want Indians to mix out because they know we are the most resilient to it. It's not a coincidence that the royal family suddenly found some supposed Indian ancestry. The gora elite want Indian women in particular to marry out because they know that it is the most effective way to commit genocide against us.
  3. Yet Wikipedia has been overrun by Muslims who make out that it is a myth. I don't care how "nice" any Muslim you know. Not one of them will lift a finger to stop this.
  4. I've also been on Wikipedia and despite my sincerest efforts, I have been unable to get rid of the lies calling forced conversions of Sikhs as a "myth". The author of the book being used as a reference on the love jihad is this Katy Sian who claims to be a Sikhs but her treachery is endangering countless Sikhs by propagating historical ignorance. The most astonishing thing in this video is that there are uncle tom "Sikhs" who make it seem like Sikh terrorism was far more "effective" than Muslim terrorism!
  5. @Legal Singh perhaps you have not heard about the plight of Sikhs in Pakistan or in Afghanistan. http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2032514,00.html If you honestly think that Muslims will give you such respect and protection than by all means, go live in a Muslim country. Unfortunately the Sikhs who do live in Islamic hellholes are resigned to suffer and only the lucky ones can flee. You do know that Guru Arjan Dev Ji was murdered by Muslims? Perhaps you should learn more about Sikh history and particularly about the Sikh holocaust of 1746. Muslims have and are still trying to w
  6. @ LegalSingh If you knew anything about Islamic history then you'd reconsider who the real 'facists' are. Muslims have continually persecuted Sikhs and continue to do so. The EDL are the ones taking the abuse, their leader has been hospitalised by Muslims and there have been at least two serious terror plots against the EDL. Those 'muslim women and children' have no problem becoming suicide bombers. Without a shadow of a doubt the biggest threat between the EDL and the Muslims are the Mohammedans.
  7. I agree with what Johnny101 has been saying. Might I also add that if the Rohingiyas are so innocent, why will no other Muslim countries offer them sanctuary? Bangladesh went so far as to shoot at Rohingiyas trying to pass through. http://www.rfa.org/english/news/burma/refugees-06202012193820.html
  8. Muslims will destroy guduwara, mandir, church and temple alike. It's what they do.
  9. Typical Dalsingh101. Always pretending like Muslims aren't the biggest threat to our religion. Props to Mohinder Pal for creating such a indepth, and to-the-point article. But I think things are only going to get worse before something changes. Muslims will undoubtably do what they always do; cause wars. Just like in Chechnya and Lebanon. Then ths issue could be ignored by no one.
  10. I really hope India isn't built on a bubble. But then again what isn't? These days you got to just make money where the opportunity arises, even if it is short-lived.
  11. For me. Labour- pro-Muslim and sharia = anti-Sikh (Tony Blair's sister is a convert) Conservatives- anti-non White = anti-Sikh (Enoch Powell) Neither of them deserve our support; they are both dangerous to Sikhs.
  12. I watched it and I was disgusted to find Dr Misra speaking as if Sikhs were divided on the issues of these atrocities. She is just a mouthpiece of the BJP; just another sneaky Hinduvta agent trying to deny the wrongdoings of Hindus. I am glad we had someone as articulate and well-spoken as Dabinder Singh to stick up for us.
  13. @ dalsingh101 Is it a generalisation to say they are Muslim? Exactly what religious group do they belong to? But if the "its only a minority" argument helps you sleep then you're in for nightmare.
  14. They're too scared to admit its Muslims doing the raping, instead its "Asian" gangs.
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