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    Circumcision to prevent future disease Prevention of disease is the second most commonly given reason for circumcision after religious reasons, although the evidence that it has any beneficial effect on future health is very poor. The practice is, more likely, rooted in cultural traditions, although western societies may find this an uncomfortable conclusion. Penile cancer Cancer of the <banned word filter activated> is an extremely rare disease and, in the early part of the last century, was almost unheard of in circumcised men. However, there is some evidence that circumcision ma
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    Hi circumsition is not only reated to islam jews also do it so did the christians before. It is for hygene reasons and its not cutting bit off rather just the foreskin
  3. icuc


    nothing wrong with waxing hair. actually its hygenic specially underarms
  4. so sikhs killed the prime minister is that not a crime which these bodyguards need to be punished for? if some hindues killed a sikh leader surely all sikhs would incite their fellow to kill hindus..
  5. Funny how you start giving benfit of doubt when its your own lol. SEX offender regardless of race or religeon should be in jail for life
  6. Not true As a muslim we have to belive in all the prophets including jesus, moses, muhammed, david, noa, ibrahim, etc ..
  7. i dont as its a sin to drink alcohol
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