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  1. Recent attack on Sikhs in Delhi on 15th Aug can be taken as genocidal impulse .
  2. Guys this question still exist why we were attacked , why there is hate and what we can do to changes this hate against us ?
  3. Muslims are trouble maker no doubt about it but why we are silent on grooming of sikh girls by Hindus ?
  4. BLUE IS THE SIKH COLOUR; NOT SAFFRON BLUE IS THE SIKH COLOUR; NOT SAFFRON Today some one posted a magnificent poem on turban. But alas! the poet was not aware that ‘saffron’ is not a Sikh colour. Blue and yellow have been Sikh colours but the 10th Lord approved blue colour for Sikh worrier’s uniform and flag. Brahmin scriptures consider blue as the colour of Shudra the depressed ones. Similarly ‘iron ‘ has been considered the metal of shudra. Thus Guru wishes that his Sikhs identify themselves with the low i.e humility. Friends will be surprised to read that in 1932 the Akal Dal passed
  5. Dawah Mission Southall tomorrow! meeting at Abu Bakr Masjid Southall Broadway 1:30pm. Want to give dawah to the Hindu and Sikh comunity? Join us tomorrow in shaa Allah https://www.facebook.com/MissionDawah They have done this in the past too and if i am not wrong it was black convert who was insulting Sikhs in Southhall and surprisingly there was no protest by us are we prepared this time ?
  6. Not just anti Sikh riots but also in Babri Masjid demolition and Gujrat riots . Just check you tube videos of Babu Bajrangi talking abot riots in which u also see Jain persons in jail accepting killing Muslims .
  7. I think u Jains have lost your separate religious identity thats why you always talk Anti Muslim and Anti Sikh. You people should know when Hindu radicals are done with Muslims and Sikhs u people will be next .We want equality and Justice and we doubt we will get in Hindu India . Why u people dont raise voice like Sikh against Hindu marriage act and recognizing of our communities as separate religion .
  8. Veere Sikhs faced so much humiliation during the Punjabi suba , see below this one is from ex IAS officer Gurtej Singh There was a poetry recitation session in the school hall to which several Hindi poets had been invited. This was during the days when the Master was talking about the Punjabi Suba in all seriousness. I had noticed a lot of hatred for him and for the Sikhs in general in the air. I had to face jeers and hostility on many fronts. At the Ambala railway station the clerk issuing the tickets had treated all the Sikhs in the queue most contemptuously. He made us all step aside so th
  9. Guys i want to know what type of relation we Sikhs have with Jains in India ? I have seen many Jains in Hindu org like Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal . What can be done to make them understand that we are not against them and as a minority like us you should support us against Hindu gunda raaj.
  10. That Master ji was against the conversion of dalits to Sikhi
  11. Myth no. 1 On pages 101-13: Kapur Singh claims that the British offered Sikhs their own “Sikh State” and Mohammad Ali Jinnah offered them “an autonomous Sikh State within Pakistan”. However, the ignorant, naïve, and inept Sikh leaders like Master Tara Singh, Giani Kartar Singh, Baldev Singh and Maharaja Yadvinder Singh did not respond positively to explore these offers. Thus, they are responsible for rendering future generations of Sikhs subservient to Hindus. His claim is based on the information he got from newspapers, press releases, and his own conversations with Jinnah, Maharaja Bhupinde
  12. AMRITSAR: Tension gripped Bhikhiwind town in Tarn Taran district on Janmashtami day after some unidentified persons vandalized a temple and damaged the Shivlingam. Following this, the market remained shut in protest. According to reports, a few days ago, the market committee's land adjacent to Swami Shambu Dev Kutia was auctioned for Rs 2.05 crore. The land was purchased by Akali leader and block samiti chairman Sukhwant Singh Chak. It is alleged that the temple wall was constructed on the auctioned land. On Wednesday, a group of people came and razed the wall and damaged the Shivalingam and
  13. Man who fought in Gurdwara Sudhar lehar , fought Muslims for Punjab and also for Punajbi suba is a spineless leader ? Truth is we need someone like Master Tara Singh who can take stand . Tell me one sikh leader who did so much for the panth ? Except Sant Bhindranwale nobody comes close to Master Tara Singh . Why there is hate for him just because he was a born Hindu or he was from Rawalpindi to whom most pindus called bhaapas .
  14. Its all rumour nothing else , where are lakhs of Dalit Buddhist who should have converted with Ambedkar ?
  15. It was Gandhi who was against Dalit joining Sikhi not Master ji, more on Master ji
  16. I want to know why a man who fought for Sikh rights and home land is not respected in Sikh community ? Why Sikhs have negative views about Master ji . Please go through this book and you will know what he did for the panth http://www.scribd.com/doc/36619916/Master-Tara-Singh-Souvenir-1981, its time we should start repecting the man who raised his voice against injustice and discrimination .
  17. I dont how many of you know abount about anti sikh violence by Hindu mobs during punjabi suba movement , this shows what is coming for Sikhs in 1980's and early 1990's. http://centralsikhmuseum.com/punjabi-subha-movement/ Violence and Opposition by Hindus Hindu leaders and media greatly opposed the Sikh struggle and started labeling them as “traitors”. Several Hindu organizations and leaders such as RSS, Arya Samaj, Lala Jagat Narayan, Khushal Chand, Lal Chand and many others openly spoke against Sikhs and started threatening the Sikhs to stop their agitation. The entire Hindu media start
  18. Veer ji this man has insulted Mata Sundari ji how can we just ignore him ? Legal action should be taken this man .
  19. I am from India and want to buy book Chakravyuh: web of Indian secularism written by Gurtej Singh
  20. Bijla veer ji would like to see your reply too and in you website also
  21. Ajit Vadakayil article is the most insulting , racist full of lies . Some of the points he mention are : http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2013/07/unknown-history-of-sikhs-and-sikhism.html The Queen Bee could NOT deliver justice to the poor Sikhs of 1984 , who were massacred . But here they are successful in amputating Sikhs from Bharat Mata, under pressure from separatist Canadian Sikhs . In 1905, Arur Singh, manager of the Golden Temple , on being goaded by the British ordered the removal of all Hindu idols from the precincts of the Golden Temple. Till then the Hindu Brahmins had presi
  22. We have to adopt same policy convert poor people and help them to settle down in punjab just what Zionist do.
  23. He is behind all these riots or fight back what ever you want to say. http://youtu.be/vWFQ7-awVMg
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