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  1. You need to expand your horizon beyond your bedroom... Whilst I agree that Jatts are not 100% homogeneous, a strong percentage still are, and accordingly it is very easy to distinguish from a sample group whom are conclusively Jatt. The Jatt obsession by the masses is quite a insight into the psyche of the non-Jatt. Anyhow I digress... Jatts should be put down en mass like the rabid dogs and scum they are, only then will the "Khalsa" panth be truly pure.
  2. Virk is a prominent Jatt clan, Jatts are an ethnic people found on the Northern Indian subcontinent. Jatts are diverse in religious affiliations and are Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. In this case these individuals are Muslims, nothing to do with Sikhs so please delete or move this thread.
  3. I came across this video, a Muslim discourse about the concept of Reincarnation, I found it interesting as it is a respectful refute against Reincarnation without mocking or belittling the Dharmic religions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nhkquy9KAA The salient points from the Imam are: Not being able to remember our past lives and the mistakes accumulated, hence how can we learn from our mistakes and ensure we don't repeat them. Surely this is unjust and that if Reincarnation was real then we should be able to remember our previous deeds. An evil doer who is given a life of a worm or bac
  4. That's the problem see, Jatts are not a caste, they are a people/ethnic group based on common ancestry. Jatt's do not feature in any caste system. The Hindu caste system never really gained much of foothold in Punjab due to it's geographic position being the gateway to the Indian subcontinent with constant marauders and invaders from the West. There does seem to be a constant infatuation with Jatts on the forum, which is a shame as it takes the spotlight away from more pressing and important subjects that should be discussed.
  5. None??? That's simply not true, a quick list of a few: Shaheed Major Baldev Singh Ghuman Shaheed Bhupinder Singh Kooner Shaheed Sukhwinder Singh Sangha Shaheed Harjeet Singh Dhillon Shaheed Dr. Gurnam Singh Buttar Shaheed Balbir Singh Khaira Shaheed Satpal Singh Dhillon Shaheed Jagjit Singh Gill Shaheed Baljinder Singh Sekhon Shaheed Harmindar Singh Grewal Shaheed Meharban Singh Bhuttar Shaheed Pargat Singh Samra Most Singhs used the names of their villages as is quite common by eminent personalities from rural villages, but that doesn't mean they discarded their ancestry.
  6. Absolutely nothing wrong with using your family name. Separately, excellent factual statements by Cisco_Singh.
  7. The author of that article unfortunately is a minority in a so called "nation" of over 1 billion, but nevertheless it was refreshing to see a non-Sikh giving some insightful context and rationale for Beant's assassination.
  8. I too fear that in a few days everyone will be back to carrying on with life as normal. Bhai Sahib continues to release inspirational letters everyday as messages to the Sikh nation, but these are not being communicated properly or being contemplated. Any Sikh who celebrates this latest development as a victory should be ashamed, victory can only be declared when we reach our final destination - KHALISTAN.
  9. I 100% agree with all your comments, like I have already mentioned in a different thread, Bhai Sahib's message is to the youth of Punjab to come under the Kesri Nishaan Sahib and carry on the fight for Sikh freedom. Bhai Sahib has sacrificed his entire life in selfless service of the Sikh nation, the biggest shame to us all would be that his sacrifices, like many others, are in vain as we do not want to endure hardships carrying on this mission, instead choose to forget and carry on with comfortable lives. I am very worried about the future of the Quam. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD
  10. I would like to offer the Sangat some personal thoughts on the current situation in Punjab pertaining to Bhai Balwant Singh Ji Rajoana. Bhai Sahib’s sister has today communicated a letter written by Bhai Sahib in response to the plea of clemency being filed by SAD (Badal) and SPGC. http://timesofindia....ow/12421469.cms The contents of this letter along with the rejection of the title of “Zinda Shaheed” are extremely profound. Why? In an era of Kalyug where people have one of the following agendas: Accumulation of personal wealth Greed of positions of power, status or authority
  11. Not bad at all, I think he's on the gear though, which is a shame. Whereabouts in Punjab is this guy from?
  12. Don't give this guy any undeserved publicity, him and Sunny Hundal are two peas in a pod. Just delete this thread, Bobby Friction and Sikh in the same sentence shouldn't be allowed.
  13. Getting married in India is infinitely more challenging than getting married in the West despite any contrary opinions. Girls of loose or questionable morals in the West conduct themselves pretty much in the open and is common knowledge, as opposed to girls in Punjab showing a face of decency in public but privately a different story all together. There are a couple of things I can recommend when attempting to get married in Punjab: 1) Make sure that you have relatives that you can trust, a very difficult task nowadays, people always have an ulterior motive for their actions. 2) The younge
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