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  1. Cause of the content inside of it. Guru sahib wrote so much but people cant understand it, so they try to label it as not guru sahibs.
  2. Singh123456777

    amrit, rehat questions

    Taking amrit is like enetering school, only after learning more and doing more bhagti does a person start feeling the effects of amrit. It also depends on a persons previous karams. This again comes with time and practice. You have to do naam simran and nitnem and concentrate on it. After a while your mind gets in tune with it. Yea just do ardaas, but dont beat yourself over missing it. That just makes your mind depressed No you do not need to go pesh. Pesh is only for the 4 bajjar kurheits No you do not need to go pesh, cause you dont do it with intent. I scratch my beard all the time and hair sometimes comes out but that doesn’t require pesh. Put it either in your dhari or on your gatra No, its good if you can but it is not mandatory. According to puratan rehit a person can go up to 4 days without washing their hair, but if a person wants to do guru sahib seva or be in the presence of maharaj then you have to At work i wear a six inch kirpan and at home i wear a nine inch kirpan. I know some people who do have two kirpans but it is not necessary Nitnem is 5 morning banis and 2 evening banis. The morning banis have to be done in the morning. The 2 evening banis have to be done at night. Extra banis can be done whenever you feel like it People like to debate more nowdays and help as less as possible
  3. According to this guru ji was then born in 1661 instead of 1666
  4. Yea, just how saroops before 1698 dont have banis such as zafarnamah etc
  5. It came after 1699 and it turned into 33 swayie. Then when guru sahib reached hazur sahib guru sahib wrote another swayie and it became 34 swayie
  6. In my honest opinion, havan is just sargan form of bhagti just as doing aarti aarta with divas etc is another form of sargun bhagti. Even chaur sahib, ghee, jot etc is all sargun form of doing namaskar to sargun saroop of maharaj
  7. Singh123456777

    Punjabi Singers and Music

    Sidhu moosewala ftw
  8. Singh123456777

    Superstition and Miracles in Sikhism

    I say its all bhamanvaad. Taking amrit, bowing to guru sahib going to the gurdwara, waking up to eat etc
  9. There are sakhis of baba deep singh doing havan etc. Singhs used to do havan with chandi paaths at night before going to do jung
  10. They were missionary compared to the sanatan views that other sikhs had.
  11. there are places in puratan granths where it tells of sikhs (such as baba deep singh)doing havan etc Ill post up the brahm kavach bani where it talks about havan

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