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  1. Why would these countries be afraid of India? I'm sure America and Great Britain are stronger than that?
  2. For #2, there is no guarantee that two Sikhs will make their children Sikhs, because of the rise of Atheism. You can see that in the large number of extreme conservative Christian and extreme conservative Muslims who leave their faith, and both of their parents were the same religion. And there is a chance that people born into non-sikh families can become Sikh.#3 I personally know of an interfaith couple that the non-Sikh took Amrit. And both lived lives of Gursikhi better than some monas.
  3. I'm not just talking about India, I'm talking about the mainstream media elsewhere as well.
  4. There are Mexican Sikhs, please don't change it into an interracial issue and stay to the interfaith issue.
  5. He's only making Guru Sahib disappointed. Do I have anything against inter-faith marriage? No, not really, but when someone wants to make Guru Sahib rules unimportant, I just can't stand it! If this couple would like an interfaith marriage do it somewhere outside Guru Sahib darbar.
  6. I am sorry, I misread it when you said "our community" can I be forgiven.for what I said. (Misunderstanding)
  7. I agree with sat, there are people who know enough, but just are not willing to live the Guru's way, rather they want their way.
  8. "Sikhs shall only die for their own religion?" NOT said by Hind Di Chadar. "There is only Sikhs and everyone else is an infidel," NEVER said by any Sikh Guru? According to Judaism and Christianity, the Isrealites are God's chosen people, Sikhi has no such ideology. We pray for Sarbat Da Bhalla. If you want to be a racist, join Judaism, there you can be a racist bigot all you want.
  9. I'm referring to the evangelicals on that website, not you.
  10. If anyone truly knew about Sikhi, the arguments posted were awful and not with much understanding.
  11. Maybe that's because Patkas weren't that known, I'm sure that Paktas came in the late of the last century; most likely the idea just spread.
  12. You do have to take it into context, Patkas weren't popular back then. They became popular when the Indian School system made the Parkas part of their uniform.
  13. Jugraj Singh is the exception, not the rule.
  14. I support the actual smaller Patka, not the Nike headgear. Also my joora isn't changed for certain events. So I would still recommend the smaller Patka because the full Dastar would create more sweat on the Keshas, (personal experience). Also if someone is swimming, I'd recommend the smaller Patka for them also.
  15. I personally do believe in sport parkas, to prevent sweat when doing intense physical activities, just my view on it.
  16. They get their parents to tie it for them, very common amongst people younger than 12
  17. I say it depends on the parents and the child, it's not going to make you better if you wear a full Dastar or Patka.
  18. If you don't care how Kakkars are respected, throw your Kakkars somewhere, you most likely won't because you know what is right and what is wrong.
  19. But you still shouldn't betray Guru Sahib, http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=2050
  20. By literal definition they would be Sikhs in the same way Mian Mir was a Sikh, or Pir Bhudhu Shah. Both were students of the Guru, but retained their religious identities, (Sufi) anyone can meet Vaheguru, but Sikhi is the simplest way. I agree that we shouldn't use the term "Bhagat Bani" because in reality there is only one Bani, "Sach Bani"
  21. well, we have to at least acknowledge that even if Jesus was a "messiah" than it would all mean nothing because he didn't write the Bible. In fact, Sikhi is the only religion,(not cult), to have it's "scripture" (Guru Sahib) written by the Guru themselves. And the only religion which has religious writings only non-members of the faith.
  22. We could debate this for a while, but I'll end by saying, "If the Kirpan falls during your training, just how much will it hurt your soul, that a Kakkar is on the floor?" I have personally experienced what it's like for me when one of my Kakkars falls or something, (by accident usually), and it hurts a lot. (DON'T TRY) this is why I personally would recommend other Shastars than your Kakkar. Train with a 3ft Kirpan if you have to, just don't train with the one you plan on wearing all the time, unless it gets bloods. Just my sentiment, you'll know what's right and what's wrong for you.
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