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    Sat Sangat Ji, I used to have problems also when i tried at the age of around 26/27...used to make excuses when the alarm went off...and even if i got up, i would fall asleep very quickly. Don't feel bad about this...now when i look back it was all part of the evolution process...making the effort, failing, trying again...your love for God/Guru gets stronger...keep doing your ardaas. When the time is right, you'll be doing it with no problems whatseover. Now (at the age of 33) i have been doing Daily Amrity Vela Naam Simran for 2.5 hours for the past 3 months....and i dont even use an alarm clock. I do an ardaas before sleep asking Guru Ji to gently wake me up when 'HE' wants me to do Simran and MArit Vela....and you know what, you get woken up at the right time...for me i get to sleep at about 10.30/11pm, and get genty woken at around 2.30/3am everynight. I couldnt sit for longer than 30 minutes doing simran, now 2.5 hours goes very quickly ... never give up...everytime we fall, we come back stronger the next time. Do not bother with alarm clocks...All is God, there is no Ego in this...only He exists and He will wake you up when its the best time. And don't feel upset if on the odd day you dont get woken up...sometimes God knows when you need your sleep more. Through your Naam Simran, and Guru Ji's grace...when you start to get your own personal experience of God, you'll never ever look back again
  2. I can only talk from my own experience and descriptions in Gurbani: Method: Naam Simran and Amrit Vela Key: Love, compassion, Forgiveness, Trust, Selfless Service, A deep yearning to understand yourself and realise who/what god is. Method will only take us to the Tenth Door if we have planted the seeds with the Key. But in the end it is also i think your Love and Yearning that God senses in your heart that ignites the explorer in you, that gets you dedicated with your Naam Simran. God bless everyone on their journey.
  3. I would say the experiences you have on the spiritual path will be unique to you i.e. god will know what you need to see and know/learn .... therefore sometimes it's not the best idea to share all your experiences with others. but i have found from my own experiences on the path that there are some experiences that will be similar to others. How do i know this? well, when i would experince something...not knowing what was happening, i would google the experience only to find others are having similar experiences. Also, when you experience something, then return to Gurbani, you realise you're experience things which are described in Gurbani...and then Gurbani takes a whole new deeper meaning...Gurbani evolves as we evolve spiritually. Some souls may not need an A, B, C method or steps on the spiritual path...but gurbani clearly explains the supreme importance of Naam simran and Amrit Vela. Many of the descriptions in gurbani or Dassam Duar, inner vision, amrit, bathing in pool of nectar all come when one turns their attention 'inwards' and starts to seek who they are and who god is. God bless you on your journey
  4. The brain is just part of the human body...sense perception (what actually makes use of all the information and experiences\creates the world we see and feel) comes from the suksham sareer (astral body). Yes malfunctions of the brain can cause visual disturbances and some people may think of these as spiritual experiences...but using Simran you learn to de-tach from the brain, and then de-tach from the mind (which isnt the brain) and we begin to experience our soul (true spiritual experience). On my yet short journey of daily 2.5 hour Amrit Vela Simran, i can say for me the dassam duar and third eye (spiritual eye) do exist. We just need to make the effort to journey within...to become explorers of ourself.
  5. Satnaam Ji, I used to ask the same questions a while back. Gurbani says ego causes illusion of being seperate to god and that god exists on the inside and outside of us..i.e. he's everywhere and is everything Gurbani says if you want to find and experience god and know who/what you really are you must look within a(n)thar vasath moorraa baahar bhaalae || Deep within the self is the secret, but the fool looks for it outside. 117 so Guru Ji says look within if you want all your answers how do we look within? gurbani says "prabh ka Simran sabh to ucha" i.e Simran is the highest action/seva we can do. Start your simran...you'll get your answer to this question.... for me i can now say "god is more personal that any other relationship we have in this creation" When we pray....we are talking to god When we do Simran....we are listening to him suniai saraa gunaa kae gaah || Listening-dive deep into the ocean of virtue. 3 suniai laagai sehaj dhhiaan || Listening-intuitively grasp the essence of meditation.3 close your eyes...listen to your mind chattering...learn to ignore it...then listen to yourself within. John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" gurbani: guramukh dhhiaan sehaj dhhun oupajai sach naam chith laaeiaa || The Gurmukh meditates on the Lord; the celestial sound-current resounds within him, and he focuses his consciousness on the True Name.512 This sound current exists within us all...the inner guru/shabad but we are so attached to the outer world we cannot hear it....thats where simran comes in. guru Ji's instruction above "celestial sound resounds within, and he focusses his consciousness on it" jis dhaa jeeo paraan hai a(n)thar joth apaaraa || The Divine Light of the Infinite Lord, who owns the soul and the breath of life, is deep within the inner being. becomes an explorer of your inner self
  6. I think this is what we'll find...that there never was a seperate me and god...we were always one...just the illusion of seperateness created by mind and ego. Once we start to explore our own consciousness we'll be able to comfirm this ourselves. People think the journey to sachkhand will take us to such a far place. I think it occurs all within us...we dont need to move anywhere...just close you eyes, start to seperate yourself from the chattering mind and start to really look and listen to what lies within...withdrawing attention is what it's all about. very exciting journey i must say
  7. When Guru Said "there is no hindi, no muslim" i think he dismantled the boundaries created by mans religion. maybe if Guru Nanak Dev Ji came today he would say "there is no hindu, no muslim, no sikh" ... who needs names associated to religion... we're born sikh...all of us ... sikh: Seekers of truth, learners, disciples. and i'm pretty sure when we all progress on the spritual path and attain sachkhand we will also not call ourselves by any religion...then there'll be one religion of love which all creation is part of...no religious names and boundaries required. So i'm not surprised that bhagats didnt label themselves as muslims or hindus .... but one thing they all were is 'seekers of the truth' and they became true khalsa at the end of it...i.e. complere pure beings..
  8. Satnaam Ji, Thanks for the video. It's true about the experiences...you get used to them...the wow factor comes in at first...then it just becomes normal. The feeling of this enerygy pulse through the body is still great...but as quickly as it comes, i quickly forget it as just like what you say...those experiences isn't my goal...the goal is to realise god/my true self, thats what i'm thirsting for. There are many other experiences i've had recently so it's been quite intense - but it's amazing when you go back to gurbani and find referneces and guidance to do with what you've experienced....things like inner sound etc. Anyway, i hope everyone on this forum is spending time doing their naam simran....i cannot speak highly enough of this tool that god blesses each and every one of us with.
  9. SatSangat Ji, As mentioned above we can read all we like but we must go and experience ourselves...the proof is in the pudding as they say. Personally i have been doing daily naam simran for 9 months now...slowly building it up from a small amount of time and very distruptive active mind....to being able to focus between the eyes very well, ignoring the mind (because it will always chatter) and doing 2.5 hours simran during amrit vela (amrith vela has been done for past 2 months daily). Once i got into longer periods of naam Simran with good concentration....usually after about an hour of Simran i started getting pulses of energy, intense in the heart/chest area, that spread out to finger tips and feet like a wave...once the wave went, a subtle vibration could still be felt all over like ripples in the water. This would normally happen 2-3 times during a 2 hour simran session.. Last night this happened over 20 times...very blissfull experience...there were moments i felt i was falling asleep, then another wave would come and energise me and keep me awake. Other more advanced naam simran souls told me this was Rom Rom simran...i.e. every cell in your body and your subtle body (suksham sareer/astral body) doing Simran. During the day at work...my mind wants to know what it was that i experienced so i start searching the internet....but deep down i know i should just be greatful of all of it and just keep moving forward and not getting attached to the experience itself... It is just an experience....attachment/desire/ego etc can all grab a hold of us on the inner path....enjoy any experience...then forget and move on
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