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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh I've spoken about me wanting to take Amrit at some point soon before in a previous post. I just wanted to know as I do 8am to 8pm is there anyone who does these kind of odd shifts and how do you do the Nitnem, especially around Amritvela. Do you guys feel tired? how so you cope? Also I need to lose weight as well so need to start exercising a bit cos I need to go Gurudwara and don't want to say Waheguru followed by ' OH GODAI DUKTDAI'.(Kknees are hurting) Because with shame, i used to avoid going at all cost and know I feel i need to be in sangat more often. Final Question what is the closest Gurudwara near the City (Bank, Tower hill etc) anyone go near here at all?
  2. Thank you so so much, this gives me more confidence to take Amrit, Seriously it means a lot to me. Classic Singh I will definatly do so in terms of help with the Dastar. I have always enjoyed and been inspired by peoples stories, especially the ones that have been plucked from complete darkness (ie drinking, disrespecting people etc) and taken Amrit...hopefully my story will be the same, not for me but for the Guru to be proud of me, because at the moment I do feel a million miles away. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Hi I need some guidence from the Sangat here and would like to know how to be prepared to become a fully fledged Sikh (AND TAKE AMRIT) I am currently monah and have realised that I am not in control of anything in my life, I have a good Job and other things, but nothing has hit the spot. I have form a young age always thought that I have Kindness and compassion and try my self to be respectful towards people, and to a certain level looked at Guru Nanaks teachings of how he interacted with others and encouraged others to practice their faith, Me and a Muslim friend once went to the Gurudwara and a Mosque in one day and felt we broke boundaries in terms of apposing each other and talked openly how the relations were between Muslim and Sikhs over years and realised that it better to look at the good rather than the bad. In that way My faith in Sikhi was average still compared to what I feel know. I went into the mosque knowing that I will walk out a Sikh in my heart no matter what, Not in the way to apose the them if they did try to force convert me, but the fact that looking at the examples the Gurus and what they did when they were in these situation. I wasn't scared, because I already went to the Gurudwara already and felt strong. At the time I felt I was close to Sikhi, but i look back and realise that it was the fact that I liked the idea of it rather than being a Sikh. I now realise where I thought I was knocking on Gurus door back then, I am infact a million miles away. However now I feel like I want to take them steps. I realise that taking Amrit is not a restriction its more a liberation, it does not tell you what to do it tells you too think more. I.e when people talk about eating meat, although it says you can eat meat (Jatka) generally Amritdharis don't, that way I believe it does not make you sit there arguing or stressing over it, but instead you realise its not necessary to eat meat. I love that because if we make a decision on our own belief then our belief is stronger rather than feeling forced to do it and feeling inadequate, To be fair I had enjoyed meat for many years, but that's the point I enjoyed it, Had it made me a better person? No, has it made Worse ? Probably yes ...why because I felt that it was superior to everything and that it made me a man to eat like a caveman (Cannot I be a man without it?).....see this is how recently i have not eaten meat, that's what I find beautiful about this way of thinking. Sorry about the above but, that was a way I could introduce myself I guess. So at the moment the Hair is Growing and want to wear Dastar and follow Sikhi the best I can. Here are my questions hopefully you can help with, I cant read Gurmakhi? Is this Going to be a problem? I will try and learn but do I need to do this before Amrit? Can I listen to instead if I Struggle? I work and have explained to them what Intend to do, they are cool about it I do long hours (12) Can I read My Paath from the PC, with my shoes off, this will only be the Rehraas. Are there any support Networks in East London? anyone I can talk to for Guidance maybe. Also Will I be able to interact still with my friends/family) from different backgrounds and religions, go for meals in restaurants etc, weddings, birthdays funerals etc? These maybe silly questions but I just would like to have a feeling of what the online Sangat feels?And also makes me feel part of something great!
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