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  1. the only thing i wanted to point out was tha nihungs under baba santa singh je did rebuild akal takht using gov money, which was later torn down by the panth AGAIn and rebuilt by singhs and baba thakur singh je bhula chuka maf
  2. thas craz scenery real nice pics veer je real nice thnxs for sharin bhula chuka maf
  3. in bball i think a smallkeski is ok wat if u gonna wrestle? keski aint happenin wat of u gotta wear a helmet for some people small keski wont work if it can, go ahead it think the main idea is if keski can work in a situation, in a sport, great but if it cant, patka is no problem bhula chuka maf
  4. ok w/e topics done jus read undithee diniya bhula chuka maf
  5. kirpan, usually people tie around there dastaar, but i jus wear another kirpaan, one i wear only in shower, a normal kirpan and i oput on my regular kirpan after kanga, tie it to ure kirpan or keep in ure head, caus i do keshi ishnaan daily i tie it to my kirpan kesh r gonn b washed most likley if not, keep in a little keski i guess in the washrrom u shudnt have any problems keepin em clean and they shudnbt bother u when u sleep, i move ALOT and i never have problems i just move my kirpan wit me when i sleepion and jus tie a small keski when u sleepin bhula chuka maf
  6. resepct to jaspaul singhs opost agree 100 percent honestly guy dont forget the whole point o sikhi and us bein here and the whole goal of everythin jin PREM keeo thin hee prabh paeeo remeber, bhagath fareed je, bhagath kabir je, many others did not wear full bana, etc. they were brahm gianis guru je has given us dastaar great wear it wit pride, its from out guru but if u need to do something wear u cant wear dastar, and beadbi of dastaawr cud happen, u SHUD always wear something tha wont come off and to say sikhi comes first and whoever wears the commando patka, patka, w/e is break
  7. ooo crap cant belive i ddint see this guy i didnt kno it wa sure bday:D happy bday guy, hope guru je keeps on doin kirpa on u and uk suks;) canada rules haha bhula chuka maf
  8. you die ure soul is passed into the court of dharam rai and judged based on ure karams u either: get a HORRIBLE joon like some nxt ant or something u get a good life as a human if u good, get a chance to do bhagthee and the ultimate goul of every soul is to merge into god which is achieved ni the human joon by doing bhagthee and meditation on god our soul merges into the creator forever we become one bhula chuka maf
  9. i personally have encountred ghosts and i aint makin it up but who cares bout em lion king was right please READ UNDITHEE DUNIYA and randip singhje, u havnt disproved ghosts u jus disprove superstition and wat is superstition then? trying red strings on ur ehand for no reason is superstition but when gurbani cleary says ghosts is a joon, and when many crediable people such as bhai sahib, sants9 RELIABLE TRU SANTS, not fakes) have said they seen em too, somthin happenin then guru granth sahib je is our guru but guru je also said tha the whole point of sadhoos is to help us on our pat
  10. lionking nailed it dont really matter to us but i still suggest everyone to read undithee duniya very good read bhula chuka maf
  11. man patka is ok and those commando styles are way tighter than normal patka they aint comin off great for sports, contact stuff, etc. bhula chuka maf
  12. umm i dunt think so u can get it at sacha sauda bhula chuka maf
  13. how the hell r u gonna read tha and say tha has something to do with panj dooths? its clear wa gurbani means whoever at there end thinks of there house, will be reincarnated as a preth, a ghost was so hard about that? and the way the shabad is written there is no metaphors in this shabad the whole point is ultimley to tell us to remeber akaal at the end, or there gonna be problems before neone keeps on postin, i think this topic can be ended if we all jus read undithee duniya by bhai sahib randheer singh je and gurbani has already given us the answer bhula chuka maf
  14. there asnt ghosts as inthe sence OOO im gonna get UUU, and tha they can fight of the forces of good, and there this constant battle between em etc. as we see in the movies but it is a joon as pointed out by gurbani thas it and a ghost can be <Edited> and do some crazy stuff but they aint nuthin compared to akaal people here first before postin shud REALLY reead bhai sahibs book undithee duniya u can even get it in english, and in gurmukhee it has stuff directly related to ghosts, yamdooths, etc. bhula chuka maf
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