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  1. jas_singh84 "1st of all under no circumstances should you be sitting alone with girls.ive seen situations like these too many times before.and very often one or both parties is doing something wrong. " ---------- in the same hall, behind the gurbani ji- man and woman sit together !!! at the same time as naam simran!! they open the back section and allow couples to sit together!-------- Maybe there is a reason provided by Guru Ji for this. You said it came to you when your avastha was growing. Maybe this was an attempt to bring down your ego in front of sangat so you do not get big headed. take it as hukam. ----------- Read my 1st post carefully !! This has been happening for a long time- nothing big headed about that !! i would say approx 2-3 years now. I tried to hide it. Your comments seem to be very rude.
  2. I havent myself come across strong point where men and women are to be seperated. However following the rules and accepted that we have mistakenly broke it and repent should be acceptable. The point here being is humiliated, threatened and accused in front of ALL sangat is not right. So now i am cult member? his 'chela'?? If they had some common sense, they could have kindly asked later. This is about the uncontrollable hand movement. They have committed a big sin by stopping all sangat concentration!
  3. Thankyou for the replies......... appreciate it all ! We have a Hindu friend who said that in the mundhir we encourage people rather than ignore them.Maybe if it is bad - it will go! Otherwise it will increase and maybe of positive effect. We will be attending the mundir to seek advice.
  4. thankyou sangat ji, yes the girls sitting was a big mistake......youngest was 12. There is a guy who shakes like he has electrical shock !! during naam simran. Many persons reactions cannot be controlled. A hindu friend of mine......very close to me said.....it happened in Mundhir too and we in Hinduism help and pray that person more. We dont discoruage them. We even sit next to them and pray- who knows if it is bad it will leave. If it is good we then encourage further help. We shall ask the pundit ji also.
  5. No it does not happen in ardas....just sitting down naam simran!
  6. THANKYOU sangat ji for your feedback....... Khalsa ji since you were there here let me reply to your post; I think I was there when this happened. "I know some of the things written in this post is a blatant lie." - i have admitted our mistake since in Gurmant class all can sit together? my 12 year old cousin was only one who wanted to sit next to me..... "The girls were sitting on the men's side, when they could've easily sat on the men's side, and they were all the way in the back, which already gives a bad impression." i 100% agree......they didnt open the back area.....this time for more sangat to sit there? "The Singh did the right thing by coming to the mic, and scolding the girls since they could've easily sat on the Men's side, this is anti-gurmat, and is not excusable." i 100% agree - they should also scold in same manner at gurmat class and behind when other room is open "And it serves as a lesson to anyone in the future for men sitting on women's side and women sitting on men's side, Guru Sahib serves as a equilibrium, and a mediator, thats why it has been like this." we all know that so lets make it equal in ALL rooms everywhere!!!!!!! "Well, about your "hand" I can't comment on it, but I would suggest not to sit with bibian when clearly there is room on both sides. " many times ladies sit in hallway as you know......but anyways the main point here is insulting me .....when we fully accepted the other mistake. There is NO lie in my post since we accepted the other mistake
  7. Dear sikhnet memebers, I really dont know how to begin but let me make this simple. I have been attending xxxx Gurdwara for many years, did some powerpoint projects where youth loved them. Then also did naam simran which i really was not aware of. . As with most sikhs, i let myself go and repeated 'waheguru waheguru ' I got better and better with Guru's kirpa. However during which time i felt energy in my hand which started to play with me. And this happened everytime i did naam simran which indicates something good. Many times i hid it. Now many other youths join me, which has increased to a member of 12-15 persons mostly girls. Even our Gurmant teacher is surprised where i get this 'team' from' which is of course guru's kirpa. Now we encourage each other and look forward to every naam simran. On other hand...the hand has started playing even more by even opening itself and facing Gurbani ji. Many times i tried controlling it but cannot- so i let my free and join waheguru ji. Today, July 01/05, one or two younger girls decided to sit with me since there was less room they sat on male's side. (in Gurmat class in presence of Gurbani ji male/female may sit together but not main hall. Naam simran was finished and one sikh father abruptly spoke on mic and announced that there is a guy 'put his hand down or else well put his hand down for him'. He said 'that guy is sitting with a bunch young girls'. Then two Sikh men came up and one yelled ' hey bhagat man what is your problem?' in front of sangat. I put my head down and closed my eyes. Meanwhile the girls moved away...youngest one is 13 which in many cases is allowed. The sikh man on mic announced 'we had this kind of nonsense before and dont want it again'. ( incident 2 years back when a sikh man use to play with arms and legs in naam simran then formed a cult- who then made false claims of his powers, however was later threatened to stop and finally left Canada) All sangat was looking at me...i closed my eyes and controlled my anger. 'okay they have right to inform girls to move away and go to man's side but they could have asked me nicely to come to another room and explain why my hand moves'. They did not need to inform whole sangat and 'attack' me! This is an insult and embarassment. All 15 persons felt anger and shock since they announced it during the naam simran! The girls questioned 'i have seen man shaking as if in electrical shock during naam simran why not stop him?' Some have uncontrollabe head movements like as in 'heavy metal concert'. I also questioned 'what about baba Fareed who hung himself while in bhagti? the crows thought he was dead, why did Sikhs accept that?' 'what about babaji nand singh who tied his hair to a tree so he couldnt sleep and perfomed bhagti- why do our sikhs accept that'? So my hand movement which is not controlled by myself, which causes no harm is a direct violation? Sikh history shows examples of various ways naam simran was perfomed. Near river, upside down, shaking, head movements, body movements etc.... Today my uncontrollable way was directly insulted. I was insulted. They should not have announced infront of whole sangat! They could have questioned me alone. Making threats like 'we will come and put it down for you during the naam simran and not right'. I informed one Gurmat class teacher 'no wonder we are losing the youth, our sikhs only like to complain!' They should be happy that a team of 12-15 are attending gurmat class and naam simran. Most girls have become veggie, dont drink and look forward to naam simran every Tuesdays and Fridays. I have informed Gurmat teacher 'i will not attend since i have insulted in front of whole sangat and so will the 15 team members that come with me' 'we would rather go to church at least we dont get this kind of treatment and no wonder our Sikhs wonder why our youth is changing faiths'. I am not asking for us to dance! yes we abide by the rules of Gurdwara as in dress and speech code. But today i feel so embarassed. would love top hear from your point of view!
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