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  1. LOL rule of the law da lagda. where is your rule of the law when unarmed blacks get shot dead by white cops? where is your rule of law regarding the 100s of sikhs beaten in various assaults across america because the rednecks think they are muslims? you USA Sikhs need more anakh and need to fight back against the rednecks who attack you. and theres plenty of islamic fanatics in your country soon they will turn their attention to Sikhs and I pray to Vaheguroo most Sikhs in the US are not delusional ostriches lke you who bury their head in the sand to the dangers. Also, its not hate, its realism
  2. clearly your not from the uk. if you dont know then dont comment. very soon these lot will cause problems in your contry of residence, but your types will be too busy saying things like "omg why did you say paki?? omg do you not know anything about sikhi??"
  3. 1) kakaars 2) funding your training out of your own pocket for atleast 3/4 months, mma usually involves traing 7 days a week and sometimes more than once in a day all this whilst holding down a full time job and for the fight all you get is ticket commision and about £200 (some promotions give just ticket commision i.e how many tickets the fighter sold, others no commision and around a flat £250) i dont know how it works in boxing but with mma a few freinds have tried their hands at it and seeing how hectic their life becomes would make anyone think forget it, impossible if you have a family too due to the time constrains. 3) Regarding the army- why join an army that fights for a corrupt government? Its much harder to "make it" in mma and boxing than it is in football and thats pretty hard anyway. that being said, mma training for the sake of fitness and self defence is one of the best and higly recommended, theres tonnes of classes in midlands, london areas and even a couple up north that the UK Sikhs are doing. search up on Lions mma, they the biggest one.
  4. be aware of the fat ones who talk fairy tales or make outragous claims (pehowa, iqbal patna, thakur singh) the ones who raise doubts ( ghagga, dilgeer, spokesman, shivteg etc) the ones who give it too much pump (daduwal) the obvious ones (udokhe) and the ones who werev always crooked from the start (darshan ragi)
  5. yes its true his name was harish kochar, one muslim is also among the dead
  6. its the mona brigade who have done the alternative rally on the 1st, literally a bunch of patit nobodies who came on the scene just last year out of nowhere and claim to represent "normal Sikhs"
  7. i aint personally vouching anything. what im saying is stop being a keyboard conspiracy theorist. a video made by some yout who runs a fb account? really? i did not say i know them, what i am saying is go ask them yourself, ive given you the location, what more do u want? and use your brain, if anyone came out and said "i know them" dont you think they would be the first to get picked up? again like i said before, people like you have NO IDEA how these things work, so do something positive and dont speak about stuff you know nothing about. and ask yourself this, was the shooting of riberio in romania also the work of RAW, what about the beating of gill in belgium. they still have his turban from that beating. maybe the mughal darbar incident was also the work of raw, because surely other Sikhs cant do something that you yourself are unable to do. right? ridiculous mentality from ridiculous people that chat sh1t all day on forums and facebook. (not solely aimed at yourself). before speculatiing about something positive that has happened just remember, not every mission is succesful, how many attempts on bhajan lal where there? two attempts by Singhs on rajiv gandhi, an attempt on zailu, three attempts on bitta. all this the work of RAW too is it? think before speculating
  8. you want proof? go to southwark court on 19 september for the sentancing that will be your proof. then you will realise not everyone passes the buck when push comes to shove. wrt the Movement this was the best thing the UK Sikhs have done since Bhai Gurcharan SIngh Khalsa and Bhai Hardev Singh Bapu joined the Kharkus in punjab in the late 80's. also the killing of darshan dass. and just because no one from YOUR circle knows these Gursikhs doesnt mean no one else does.
  9. are you stupid? read my post again, stop speculating, get your head out of your backside and realise that people like you know NOTHING about how these things work. I said that he did NOT fight them off like he has been saying and told you why it didnt work. if people like you bothered to think before speaking the Quam wouldnt be in half the mess it is. Sant Ji is shaheed and alam killed thousands. whats that got to do with anything?
  10. and also he didnt "fight them off" like its said on the media. alarm was raised as soon as he was grabbed, both by him and his wife and the public came rushing to his aid immediatly.
  11. try and do something like this first then you will see how difficult it is. step away from the keyboard for a day and perhaps people like you will realise.
  12. ^someone does a mahaan seva in an attempt to honour the panth in the highest way and you get people like that trying to discredit them.
  13. Thanks For the replies. Now for serious questions. Is there problems regarding discrimination/racism in Rome? And how many Sikhs in That city and the location of the gurdwaras in The province of Rome?
  14. Gurfateh ji. Thinking of going Italy this year. One question that has been bugging me is, is the buffalo mozzarella over there suitable for vegetarians? As it seems that's what they use on pizza which would be a staple. Thanks in advance
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