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  1. Is it surprising when some of the reported areas with high cases include Bradford , Rochdale and Leicester
  2. I think Sikhs are seen in a better light generally amongst foray in UK than in India where a lot seem to think we are ‘thick’ or clowns do educated types in India think the same as well ?
  3. Just nicknames then? I have been California and most second or third gen seem to have western nicknames
  4. English and US soaps are even worse for dirty storylines though in general
  5. That’s like saying Punjabi film industry is better because it is less than bad rather than actually being good
  6. Why do you post all these non-Sikh threads here and not in the Politics/Media section ?
  7. @jkvlondon (and any others who have an interest in health) It is ironic I am asking here but how bad is the use of screen for our health ? relevant question because a lot of us require screens for our work and they are an intrinsic part of our way of living now
  8. Who’s the Indian geezer?
  9. I think that's how a lot of people get married I've seen too many issues in arranged marriages, but these days it would not be the like virtually forced marriages of previous generations
  10. Did you have an arranged marriage ? I know of a lot of unmarried people in arranged marriages
  11. It's a difficult one, who knows if it would result in negative karma for ourselves if we do something like that . It should really be the Gurdwara that should decline it
  12. What do you mean ? What do you think could happen in the UK, and why would Punjab be unaffected? What type of work do you do ?
  13. No, I’m not surprised by any ‘damage’ that technology can do
  14. Are you sure? Manga is the stronghold of Sikhi in Punjab. Most Khalistanus from there. Malwa has land and population equal to Diana and Majha combined or more, so it is difficult to label whole of Malwa as honegenous
  15. I don't think it is much to do with 'common sense' I think we should keep an open mind about anything we do not immediately believe
  16. Nothing ‘outdated’ about it. Society is changing gradually and generally not for the better
  17. Find it strange how they talk about deporting him back to India, does anyone know more ? Alice Ruggles murder: Trimaan Dhillon to serve minimum of 22 years 26 April 2017 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-39709160 Share this with Facebook Share this with Messenger Share this with Twitter Share this with Email Share Image copyrightNORTHUMBRIA POLICE Image captionTrimaan Dhillon claimed Alice Ruggles' death was an accident A soldier has been jailed for life for breaking into his ex-girlfriend's flat and cutting her throat from ear to ear. Alice Ruggles, 24, was found fatally injured at her home in Rawling Road, Gateshead, in October. Lance Corporal Trimaan "Harry" Dhillon, 26, denied murder at Newcastle Crown Court, saying she had fallen on a carving knife during an argument. Sentencing him to a minimum of 22 years, judge Paul Sloan QC said the murder was an act of "utter barbarism". The court heard the Edinburgh-based signaller with 2 Scots became obsessed with graduate Miss Ruggles - originally from Leicestershire - and stalked her when he realised she was moving on after their intense relationship ended. Dhillon claimed she died as a result of an accident when she leapt at him with a carving knife. He told the jury they had been struggling, that he had tried to disarm her and she cut herself when he blocked a lunge, and the knife stuck in her neck when she fell to the floor. The court was told Miss Ruggles, who had complained to police about Dhillon's behaviour, was found on her bathroom floor on 12 October and had bled to death. Dhillon had climbed into Miss Ruggles' flat through an open window and set about murdering her, probably kneeling on her back and holding her head up to slash her throat at least six times, cutting through to the spine. She suffered 24 injuries, including defensive wounds, while 6ft 1in Dhillon suffered none. The jury was played a frantic 999 call by Miss Ruggle's friend Maxine McGill in which she described finding the 24-year-old "covered in blood" and named Dhillon as the killer, calling him an "absolute psychopath". Media captionA short clip from the 999 call made by Alice Ruggles' housemate In evidence, Ms McGill claimed her friend had complained to police about Dhillon's obsessive behaviour but that she felt she had been "palmed off". Northumbria Police said at the time no-one knew the level of threat Dhillon posed, but added it had referred their actions to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Image copyrightFAMILY PHOTO Image captionAlice Ruggles was working in Newcastle at the time of her murder Miss Ruggles and Dhillon developed an intense relationship over the internet while he was serving in Afghanistan and she was working for Sky in Newcastle. The jury were told Dhillon soon set about alienating her from her friends, knocked her self-confidence and demanded her constant attention. His previous partner suffered similarly and her ordeal only ended after she took out a restraining order. The court heard when the relationship ended Dhillon stalked her ground-floor flat at night, knocking on her bedroom window and "terrifying" her. He was told to stay away from her by police, but the Indian-born soldier ignored the warning. Sentencing, Dhillon Judge Sloan told him: "Not a shred of remorse have you shown from first to last - indeed you were concentrating so hard on getting your story right when giving evidence you forgot even to shed a crocodile tear." Image captionAlice Ruggles' mother, Sue Hills, said none of her friends or family "will ever be the same again" After the verdict Miss Ruggles' family released a statement through the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which helps people avoid becoming victims of violence, in which they said her loss would stay with them for the rest of their lives. Her mother Sue Hills said: "I just wish we had identified those signs of stalking which, with hindsight, are so obvious. "I would like what happened to Alice to encourage others to seek support if they are worried about someone's behaviour." Speaking outside court, Dr Hills said there were "important lessons to be learned". "We welcomed Trimaan Dhillon into our family and he came across as a normal person," she said. "Unfortunately he was a cruel, manipulative bully who made Alice miserable and took her away from us." Parents of Alice Ruggles worry killer could be released early if sent to India Alice Ruggles was killed by Trimaan Dhillon in 2016 https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/parents-alice-ruggles-worry-killer-4484447 2COMMENTS SHARE By Maia Snow 10:55, 4 SEP 2020 NEWS Enter your postcode for local news and info Alice Ruggles, who was 24 when she was murdered at her home Get the stories that interest you straight to your inbox for free - once a day, every day Yes please! When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. OurPrivacy Noticeexplains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time. The parents of murdered student Alice Ruggles say they are worried her killer could be released early if he is sent to India to finish his sentence. Speaking to the BBC, Alice's father Clive Ruggles said he feared Trimaan Dhillon's minimum sentence could be interpreted as his full sentence if he was sent to his native country. Dhillon was sentenced to a minimum of 22 years in prison in 2017 for killing Alice in October 2016. Why have the police taped off part of your neighbourhood? "If he goes back to his home country, then that would mean that we wouldn't know where he is, we wouldn't be given information every year like we are now, we would just be constantly worried that he'd been released without our knowledge." Alice, originally from Market Harborough, had reported her ex-boyfriend to the police multiple times before her death. Dhillon cut 24-year-old Alice's throat at her flat in Gateshead, in the north east, where she was a student, in October 2016. Trimaan Dhillon (Image: PA) During his trial, the judge described the murder as an act of "utter barbarism". 138238889450 Mr Ruggles also told the BBC that if Dhillon stayed in the UK, the Ruggles family's thoughts and views, and the judge's remarks would be considered before he was considered for release. A Ministry of Justice spokesman said the prisons minister had spoken to the Ruggles family to discuss the case and their concerns. The spokesman added: "While we are determined to punish and deport foreign national offenders, this would only happen where an appropriate sentence is guaranteed to be served overseas."
  18. Anyone know of good Sikh philosophy books which answer all the big & important questions about life ? Like why God created world? what happens after death? reincarnation Etc? Thank you
  19. Most do not return. So probably most are happy abroad
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