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  1. I would also like to read English version of Suraj Prakash, if available in hard copy/book, then even better.
  2. Does anyone have any further suggestions to best,simple Katha in English?
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2761062/Bar-manager-stalked-ex-boyfriend-apologised-letter-weak-jumping-death-bridge.html Bar manager stalked by her ex-boyfriend apologised in letter for being ‘weak’ before jumping to her death from bridge Kamaljit Sidhu suffered months of harassment from ex-partner Ryan Dey The 29-year-old plunged to her death from motorway bridge over M6 near Birmingham She had split up with Dey a week before she died, an inquest has been told Lorry driver refused to accept relationship was over and stalked her on social media Dey was jailed in April for stalking and causing serious alarm or distress Coroner for Black Country, Robin Balmain, records verdict of death by misadventure A woman who was stalked by her ex-boyfriend left her family a note apologising for being 'weak' hours before she fell to her death from a motorway bridge, an inquest has heard. Kamaljit Sidhu, 29, died on October 25 last year following months of harassment from her ex-partner Ryan Dey. She died hours after plunging from a motorway bridge over the M6 near Birmingham in the early hours of the morning. The bar manager was seen sitting on the ledge holding onto a gate while drinking from a bottle of wine shortly before she fell to her death. An inquest heard how the 'bubbly' 29-year-old had appeared happy on the day she died. But her attitude changed when she saw Dey - and her friend Wioletta Zawislak told Smethwick Coroner's Court that Miss Sidhu had 'crawled into the toilet' to hide from him. Ms Sidhu, known to friends as Kam, had been in a relationship with Dey for 18 months but she split up with him a week before her death in October. But the lorry driver refused to accept the relationship was over and stalked her on social media and bombarded her with late night calls to her home. In April, Dey, 23, was jailed for two years after he admitted stalking and causing serious alarm or distress. Dey had threatened her when she wanted to end the relationship, subjecting her to a long campaign that included sitting outside her home in his car sounding the horn. The inquest heard three young men saw Ms Sidhu, from Great Barr, sitting on a ledge drinking wine above the M6 before letting go and shouting 'no, no, no'. She later died of multiple injuries. Family members later found a note attached to a bottle of moisturiser that said: 'I loved you all. I just got weak. Sorry. x.'. Recording a verdict of death by misadventure Coroner for the Black Country Robin Balmain said her actions on the bridge were 'inherently dangerous'. He added: 'This is a young lady who was troubled clearly. 'She had earlier suggested that her family might be at some risk if she went home. What happened is tragic.' The court heard that Dey had harassed Ms Sidhu in the last few months of the relationship before she was driven to split from him. He had stepped up his campaign of harassment during the last week of her life, the court was told. Dey stole her mobile phone while they were together and even hacked into her Facebook account to find out who she was talking to. He also threatened to reveal personal secrets to her family and rang her parents' home so often they were forced to change their number. Earlier Miss Zawislak told the inquest: 'She was really happy and laughing until she saw him. 'Then she crawled to the toilet to hide from him. She was terrified and shaking.' Speaking after the inquest, her sister Narinder Kaur said: 'Kam said to us that whatever he says he will do, he will do. 'We still do not know what happened to her between 2.30am and when she was seen on the ledge at 4.34pm. 'It's disappointing because there is a large gap there. No-one knows what she was doing or who she was with for those two hours. 'We were hoping to find out what happened then during the inquest, but we didn't. We think there is more to it. Seems like the parents fault. If they had brought her up with more conservative, Sikh values, wouldn't have happened
  4. I will also vote UKIP. They are straight-talking, and tell it how it is. Britain doesn't need to be in the EU, the EU parliament is very corrupt. Also, immigration levels do need to be controlled and a points-based system seems a good idea to me. Nigel Farage: EU response to migrant boat crisis would bring jihadis to UK http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/apr/28/nigel-farage-eu-response-to-migrant-boat-crisis-would-bring-jihadis-to-uk
  5. I interpret no snobbery whatsoever from what David Cameron said. He was simply making a point and used Greece as an example of a failed economy, and therefore how not to run the economy.
  6. Just listened to half of the Andrew Norfolk interview with Bhai Mohan Singh. Definitely a 'must' listen for any Sikh (and other communities) living in the UK. 50 of 53 men persecuted for child-grooming in groups at the time of the interview in 2012, were Muslim, majority of these Pakistani/Pakistani Kashmiri/Mirpuri
  7. http://singhsabha.intheteam.com/modules/page/Page.aspx?pc=19&mid=21308&pmid=0 One of their sponsors is : http://www.ogradysirishbar.com/ I cannot believe this. It would be fine if this was a 'Punjabi' football team, but it is linked to a Gurdwara!
  8. Is this disrespect to Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh ji? http://www.redbubble.com/shop/randhir+vaheguru+throw-pillows?ref=shop_product_refinement http://www.redbubble.com/shop/randhir+vaheguru+tote-bags?ref=shop_product_refinement
  9. How did you have time to put all these links?
  10. Am going to read some of these books
  11. BBC Question Time from Barking earlier this year. Watch from 2 minutes.
  12. These books by Ramana Maharishi seem interesting. But does anyone know of anything similar written by a Sikh?
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